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Xbox Games Showcase 2023, here we go!

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I'm excited for it, but there are a couple things that are slightly disappointing.  These are all assumptions, but they are ones I had originally, and this just solidified my assumptions.


I think you are going to be a set character.  Probably no race or class choice.  You also have a backstory, which is just a preference, but I prefer the clean slate character.


Aside from that it looks good.  I just get tired of the "chosen one" character.  You're special right away, even before knowing the controls! Congrats

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There is a brief interview with Carrie Patel in XBOX Extended Showcase:

Nothing really groundbreaking and most of it was mentioned in written reviews but:

1) there will be returning characters from PoEs (Deadfire especially) - I suppose that would suggest the game takes place after PoE2, though I assumed that to be the case, due to Aedyr invasion of Living Lands being teased in PoE2 DLC3.

2) Narrator from the trailer is Kai one of the first companions you meet

3) You are not a Watcher but have a unique soul connection (?)

4) The game will consist of interconnected open zones - game is similar in size to Kotor2 or OuterWorlds. I wonder if we will have some kind of world map and travel from place to place (ala. PoE1) or will those maps attempt to create more of a feeling of an open world.

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Honestly I'm not unhappy with what I heard in the interview. However, what I do NOT want is The Outer Worlds with swords and magic. I hope that the playable spaces at least offer the occasional random encounter or have some interesting places to explore off the beaten path. I'd like the world to feel more dynamic, with NPC schedules and some intermingling/infighting amongst the enemies. Not the bizarre sub-MMO style we had with TOW.

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