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Mod Support?

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Even if they state that they won't provide any mod support, the Unreal Engine 4 is very easy to mod in general. Modders will always find a way to implement easy modding tools in the near future

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I am sure Obsidian knows that Fallout New Vegas is still one of the most modded games out there, and I doubt they would not support mods with this one, however this is on a completely different engine and from what I have gathered, without the dev tools, UE can be a bit of a pain to create mods for.

Still, it would be awesome to have some kind of confirmation from the developers.


My immediate concern is their affiliation with Take Two. Who isn't exactly well disposed to the modding community given their recent legal experience with the likes of Black Hat GTAO modders the likes of Menyoo....



OTOH Civilisation series traditionally has near full mod support, and it's 2k as well. As Ethics Gradient noted, they don't like mods that eat into their bottom line or product perception, not mods in general.


As others have said, there's a big difference between no mod support and no mods. So long as Obsidian doesn't obscure the file formats (as did happen in Alpha Protocol, for example, meaning pretty much zero modding possible) officially unsupported and responsibility for disclaimed so don't ask us for help if you stuff up class mods seem fairly likely given UE4.



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Kingdom Come Deliverance is not a AAA game and has no official mod support, but there are over 500 mods at Nexus (not all of them worthy of being called that, but still...).


One of those mods is a TPV camera that works well for when the player is on horseback, a horrible gaming situation to be in if you are prone to motion sickness.  However, once off the horse the TPV looks terrible: the avatar animations are awful and control of the avatar is not adequate.  So one can see how much work needs to go into a TPV, I appreciate that, but doesn't make it more palatable as a player prone to motion sickness.


What I imagine is the case here, is that a TPV mod can be made and not be perfect but help us out.  But if the devs say they will provide a TPV and it isn't perfectly executed, well, there will be hell to pay...

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