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  1. There will be No mod support in the game. MikeyDowling of PR just confirmed in the Discord. Edit: Note that there is a part 1 to this which was posted 10 minutes earlier in the same Discord chat. See Ethics Gradient's post. But this was the reply given to the question about modding.
  2. I am really happy to see so many people asking for this on the forums. I am lucky that I can play first person games. I just really don't like it. A lot of the people posting here don't have a choice. They just can't do it because of motionsickness. I especially hope for their sake that Obsidian adds third person to the game. It would be a shame if a lot of long time Obsidian fans who have played all their other games might be unable to play Outer World with the change in perspective.
  3. Why pre-order when I can wait a year or two until the modding scene has been properly saturated? Not to mention bugfixes. It is an objectively superior experience.
  4. While I loved VTM:B, I didn't get as much replayability out of it as I did with a game like New Vegas. having a world I can just go out in and explore and enjoy is just something I get more replayability out of than a more story focused game like VTM:B. In VTM:B you can't just ignore the main story as an example. While in NV, you could do just that, and go off on an unguided adventure. Many different adventures played differently many times. As opposed to the same adventure, played differently many times.
  5. It is pretty obvious with the trailer that they are trying to appeal to the fans of Fallout New Vegas. A game which had a third person view available. One that many took advantage of. Myself included.
  6. Please! This is something RPG fans like and desire. I don't play Skyrim, New Vegas, Fallout 4 or any other RPG in first person. I require third person to fully enjoy a roleplaying game. Lack of third person is one of the reasons I will skip out on Cyberpunk 2077.
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