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  1. I read in some articles that the game won't be a massive world in the vein of a traditional open-world RPG, an old statement by the publisher mentioned Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice as an example of the scope they're going for, but having seen the game I'm gonna choose to ignore that as it doesn't seem to be a 15 hour game either. So this leads me to thin it might be like VtMB a lot when it comes to scale and size. What do you think?
  2. This is mainly concerning the end of Durance's quest, I just don't understand how the PC and Durance makes the discovery that Magran was working with Woedica against Eothas, and then tried to have all the Godhammer priests killed. I played this game about a year ago and Durance was one of my favorite companions but then ending of his quest left me confused, as you had to convince him Magran tried to have him killed, but I wasn't convinced she did, nor is there concrete evidence that Magran worked with Woedica. I searched this forum up and down but didn't find an answer, so a detailed respo
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