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  1. I would guess Cold damage, which is a sparsely used new damage type in the DLC.
  2. One that I haven't seen listed anywhere is Compulsive Spender. It increases merchant/vendor prices by 20% and is acquired by buying lots of items.
  3. Meh, the only problem I have is the scaling of Lock Levels is just way too aggressive. I thought it was pretty silly to find a Lv. 150 lock in Cascadia at Lv. 16. I would literally be unable to unlock that door by myself without investing nearly all of my accumulated SP in to lockpicking by that point in the game. Doors and terminals at the very least should cap at 100. (Don't really care about loot containers: there's already arguably too much loot in the game.) That said, I don't really consider the investment itself to be much of an issue. You have 330 total skill points at cap. Having one Unlocking skill leaves you with 180 for other skills. That's at least two other decently leveled skills. (And the group competency system means you'll have usable secondary skills too.) The Virtuoso perks, especially for combat skills, are hardly required to be viable in combat. Again, the issue is just super high level locks being too common.
  4. The only good player "romance" in a videogame is with the crewmates in Saints Row 4. Because it's just a proposition for casual sex; which means it's actually believable. (And perhaps a bit on-the-nose in regards to how Sex is so often used as the conclusion to the series of small favors that make up the "romance" path.)
  5. The games format of traveling to locations and hubs via the ship certainly makes it ripe for expanding with additional content, unofficial or otherwise.
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