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  1. I have been playing the game since day 1 and I am still nowhere near finishing it (first playthrough). I try to complete every quest/companion story/map there is.
  2. Shotgun consumes only 1 ammo yet produces multiple pellets per shot. (btw - grenade launcher consumes multiple rounds of heavy ammo per shot to produce a single grenade) I wonder if it's a bug or an oversight - for a shotgun.
  3. Same here. Not a single CTD just a micro bug with companion equipment stat display. Well done Obsidian!
  4. Two-handed melee weapon warrior (that sometimes uses firearms also) with high charisma, so I guess it will be a good hearted warlord.
  5. Congrats indeed! I bought pre-sale because i like the studio's previous work and I am indeed very satisfied with the game so far (cca. 4 h into the game).
  6. Oi! This isn't Postal game by default. I don't even imagine going around murdering everything just for the sake of it. Game should drop a whale on your player character
  7. I like bestiaries too, compact/funny ones with included models are the best for my taste.
  8. I like to read various stuff that enriches the game world. Half action, half conversation/reading sounds just about right to me.
  9. Diamond means that the item is pristine and has increased durability, it is mentioned in tutorial msg when you first pick up such item.
  10. Is it just me or is anyone else actively avoiding various videos / trailers / announcements / info about game mechanics, to prevent spoiling the start of a game and possible tainting the game experience. I made that mistake with Fallout76 (don't flog me please, I got the game as a present) - where i got 50% of said info just by watching youtube stuff about the game. I'm instead waiting to jump into the 99%-unknown TOW pool.
  11. I'm replaying New Vegas, hopefully I will finish all DLCs. And I'm very anxious to start a melee oriented char (maul zem!) in TOW and play a hero in my first playthrough.
  12. Bethesda got much help from ID (FPS oriented studio) so the combat is quite fluent and organic and thus enjoyable (even more so with AI mods) but they took it so far that they developed the combat aspect in favor of a roleplaying.
  13. The «look! A dead bird!» «*looks to the sky* where, where?» dumb should be enough
  14. I think they said that a lot of the areas become available right off the bat when you get your ship, so it definitely won't be too linear :-D Yay! That is exactly what I needed to hear, thank you my good sir!
  15. Well, you're going to be disappointed because so far, from what we've seen, the combat is the worst thing in the game lmao I just hope this is the Alpha combat system - a lump of coal still waiting to be polished into a shining diamond
  16. I found that 105 FOV works great for me. It creates slight fish eye efect but I can easily ignore it 99% of the time.
  17. God, yes, I support the idea from the OP with all my heart. I find quest markers as a poor excuse/patch for bad quest writing and composition. I works fairly well in MMO, but is absolutely terrible in singleplayer games.
  18. Thank god there isn't gonna be romance. I would much rather see well done combat and dialogue. Any ingame romance is just meh, pointless and empty.
  19. Hmmm, level zones create a linear effect if done poorly, but level matching can be an even more horrible RPG experience. So I guess I would like to see professionally done level zones
  20. I would actually like to see a more complex lockpicking system in a form of a minigame. I really liked Oblivion's and moderately liked Risen's approach to lockpicking.
  21. Just send the crate to my adress. I will make sure the devs know it was meant for them
  22. Just send the crate to my adress. I will make sure the devs know it was meant for them
  23. I like the kotor2 vibe too, and as a buff for melee stuff I'm shaking from anticipation and hope to wield some wicked melee weaponry (hopefully with some kickass moves and animations).
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