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  1. Developers confirmed once again today that it is not open world. Loading between smaller maps instead of a continuous world. People will probably sweep it under the rug yet again though and continue coming up with unrealistic expectations >.> (sorry ive seen too many dumb youtube comments lmao)
  2. So far they've said you can only do a semi-pacifist playthrough because of some robots that you are required to kill at some point.
  3. Because having a compass has nothing to do with making the game feel like an actual place. Nor dies it have anytging to do with actual design quality. You're not going to argue this about Baldurs Gate having a mini map, or Zelda games. And the devs know this lol Wide open spaces with lots of foilage and randomly spawned enemies is always easy to get lost in regardless if how well people know the area. The irony here is that people call getting lost bad design but in a real life forest it's quite easy to get lost in too... Unless you have a phone/compass which has actually saved lives
  4. I don't think the areas are really going to be big enough to get lost in, even without a compass. The devs have made it clear that this isn't the kind of RPG where you're going to be traversing wide open landscapes where you can't tell one wooded area from the next without landmarks. It's definitely looking to be a more intimate/handcrafted experience that relies more on the mechanics, characters and overall whimsical nature of the game.
  5. That's like saying all games should have an alternate option to appeal to every player which would just ruin the game. Sometimes a first person game is a first person game, and a third person game is a third person game. They devs can NOT cater to every single person's wants, they have a tight budget.
  6. While all great ideas, what you're suggesting simply isn't in the budget for a 'AA' title, especially the planetary rotation. The optimization needed to make that work would be costly in and of itself, which would leave them with less money to finish implementing the important things like choice and consequence. They aren't receiving any funding from Microsoft on this project, since it is part of a pre-existing contract with Take-Two Interactive's publishing label Private Division. At this point the budget is set in stone, they have to stick to their plan.
  7. It wasn't just implied, he straight up said that stuff like Third Person and Mod Tools weren't in the budget. But, realistically, this is Unreal Engine 4 so there WILL be mods :-D
  8. I always say if you want a third person game, find a third person game or one that is advertised as both, don't go and complain because some other game isn't EXACTLY how YOU specifically want it to be. Obsidian is working hard and with a set budget. They have to prioritize so they can afford to add what they consider to be the most vital features to their game.
  9. So the last three decades of RPGs don't actually count as RPGs is what your saying?? Because about 75-80% of them have no romance system.
  10. They said that the different areas open op the moment you get the ship. So it appears to be a non linear game. I literally just said that lol There's no such thing as "hybrid" open-world. A game is either open world (one larger interconnected area that can be traversed without loading screens) or it isn't.
  11. I think they said that a lot of the areas become available right off the bat when you get your ship, so it definitely won't be too linear :-D
  12. As far as Obsidian has let on, it's not open world but instead it's split into smaller explorable areas that will have loading screens between them. Also, the ship is supposed to function like the one in Mass Effect where you can explore the interior, load to other areas and chat up your companions, but can't directly pilot. This doesn't mean it's linear though, from what has been said it's actually very non-linear. Too often it is assumed that "no open world = no exploration" when that is simply not true.
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