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  1. Of course. Which is why I've made my suggestions. They're mostly simple things they could fix now or after release. From what I saw they're in QA phase.
  2. So I've seen the demo and the trailer you released and I've some initial thoughts. I have made suggestions for you before and so I know you listen. I actually suggested the hardcore switch for New Vegas back in the day on the Bethesda forums. I think I went by a different handle though. I've been following your work and buying all your games since then. Please make Chris write some books. I digress. First I think that the faces all look too similar. It's a problem you had with New Vegas as well. I believe the problem is that you start from a base model and sculpt them. (Eventually since you now have the backing, you should get into mocap. Just look at how good it can be with Tomb Raider's Camilla Ludington who became Laura. They double as the model for the characters in this way. It's possible Microsoft already has a studio for this. Another option is to take the resident evil two remake route where they hired different VA and models to base the characters on. You see the trick is to use real people.) Until then I'd recommend playing around with the eye depth, check bones position, the laugh lines, freckles, facial hair, moles, eyebrows, npc heights, and builds (athletic/heavy set/bulky/etc). These are relatively minor changes that modders have been doing to Bethesda games for years. The other thing that bothers me is the camera. You are a disembodied arm that's only about a foot long. It's either your field of view slider or the camera position. It would be nice to have some arms and legs with good shadows. This is something that would be cheap to fix as well. It would be good prep for if you ever decided to rerelease as a vr game. The shadows themselves seemed to me to need work. They seem to be lower resolution maps and quite static. You're a space game. It would be cool if you came up with planetary rotations, moon cycles, and solar cycles that are all unique for e planet. The day night cycle and star type might mean a different cast of shadows and set a different mood. Imagine being on planet that orbits a red dwarf. It would have to be quite close to the star to be in the habitable zone. Maybe it's just barely in the zone and as such is quite cold, frigid, and dry. Or perhaps the planet is low mass and is tidally locked to the star. Which would create a permanent day and night cycle with extreme biomes. Lots of fun with weather and lighting are possible and there's much here you could do too add to the atmosphere and story of a place. The controls look okay, but it would be nice if switching to melee wasn't necessary. Just have a melee button. If you don't have a melee weapon equip, it could be a weapon bash or nothing. I think this would be more fluid to combat. And if there's a heavy and light attack for melee you could just make a hold vs press deal. Your companions sometimes get killcams I noticednoticed, but I hope this is optional. In nv you gave three options as I recall. None, within field of view, and cinematic. I always used the within fov. It would also be nice if we could toggle the floating damage text. It breaks immersion to me and I always turn it off. I noticed you don't really give a lotlot of orders to them. The a.I. Could be a bit smarter. In nv we had the companion wheel and that allowed us to control their distance, aggression, weapon type, and other tactics. The game could use a cover system. The solution I gave Bethesda that was cheap was to use the animation the npc's use and have it to where when you go up to a wall and aim you do that. Although obviously Deus Ex is what you want to aim for. That's all I could tell without guessing as to content. Like weapon mods, weapon & armor degradation/maintenance, etc. Hope this helps and I'm rooting for you. And please don't let Microsoft steal your soul! Lol.
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