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  1. So I figured it out. It was connected to a mod that I had subscribed to.
  2. Yeah can't seem to find much info about it. So it might be new with 4.0. I did find a thread on steam but there was no solution there either. Hopefully this thread makes the devs aware of it.
  3. Having an issue with Grog. I have the grog effect on permanently not matter how many times I rest. I can't remove it from my inventory. I also never drank the grog when resting just got it when I right clicked on the grog to see the stats in my inventory. anyone have this issue or know of a fix. Its very annoying as i am going for a + action speed build.
  4. I really hope that this is modable. If they are targeting the fallout community then modding should be a cornerstone in the game engine. I am def looking forward to the game tho.
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