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  1. Truly disappointing. I'm guessing this is a fairly certain indicator it won't come out on GOG at all, which is what I was hoping for. Definitely won't be supporting Epic's craptastic exclusivity practices.
  2. Unless you're just killing time, a completionist run can be done in about 150 hours.
  3. I'm amazed at how many views it's getting. More than some of the AAA devs when they announce a game. It shows gamers are hungry for something unique.
  4. Hub style areas with lots of variety and intricate level design. Also lots of explorable interiors.
  5. I'm fine either way. Romances can be hard to get right. I understand why they didn't do it.
  6. Just signed up to say the game looks very promising. It's great to see old school design in a AAA title. This and Cyberpunk 2077 are now my most anticipated releases.
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