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  1. [DESCRIPTION] Found the stash of loot on the body/skeleton outside the Ogre cave. Looted it. When leaving the cave again while in Stealth mode, or when entering Stealth mode outside the cave, autopause is triggered. But the hidden object has already been found. [DETAILS] 1) Go into Stealth mode outside the Ogre cave when first arriving there. 2) Find the skellie with the hidden stash, and loot it. 3) Enter the cave. 4) Exit the cave either in Stealth mode or activate it immediately upon exiting. 5) Note that the game will autopause even though you've already found this particular hidden object. [EXPECTED BEHAVIOR] I would expect that once a hidden object has been found, it would not only always remain visible to the party, but that it would not trigger a further autopause when in Stealth mode upon entering the area again.
  2. Bug Description: In the Ogre cave, while transitioning back to Dyrford Crossing, game freezed in the loading screen; alt+tab showed me the crash pop up. Steps: Not sure that it will happen again but: -Use the Cave savegame in the attached file; -try to get back to Dyrwood Crossing via one of the two exits; -wait to see if the area transition goes well or freezes. Expected Behavior: The game should let the party travel from an area to another without crashes. Files: Here you'll find the Dump Crash, the DXDiag, the Output_log and the Savegame directory. https://www.dropbox.com/s/li8fiotrxkw527k/2014-08-31_130132.7z?dl=0 My Specs: OS- Win 7 Ultimate 64bit SP1 CPU- AMD FX-9370 RAM- 2x 4GB DDR3 @ 1600MHz GRAPHICS- Gigabyte AMD Radeon HD 7870 2GB GDDR5 playing with a LG TV 1920*1080@60Hz PoE installed on a Samsung 840 SSD If you need other info, just tell me.
  3. Several Issues to report, some of which I have already seen, but seen no saves/log files associated with them. The first being my inability to return to the town. 1. When I attempt to enter the town from several separate(not at once), the game gets stuck on the loading screen. The cursor changes to the movement cursor, and I am able to enter the menu and exit the game normally, but not save the game or load it. This first happened when I tried to enter the town from the old broken down tower after going through the ruins and all those skaen cultists. What I did following that may have caused my second and third issues. I have attempted returning to Dyrford from the broken tower and the forest, neither of which have succeeded. I have not attempted to got to the gorge. 2. All of my save game files are listed at 0 seconds of play time. This is something I may have caused. When the game first got stuck with a black screen and the loading logo at the bottom right I attempted to enter the menu. The game let me, and I subsequently tried to both save and load over all of my saves in an attempt to get out of the black screen from within the game. It was after this that I noticed the change in time played on my saves,but none of them were written over. 3. The BBRogue is no longer able to unlock anything. Before the first attempt to return to the main town, My rogue was able to unlock several doors/chests that I am no longer able to unlock. In fact, I was unable to attempt to return to Dyrford through the secret tunnel because I was unable to unlock the door after I went up the ladder to the broken tower. I attached the log file. It won't let me upload the save games. Here's a zip file of them from my dropbox(Sorry if that isn't allowed. Also, sorry If I wasn't descriptive enough. Not really good with words.) The saves should be before events which I have described. I have also been losing items, but I really haven't kept good track of that. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/47459361/Saves.zip output_log.txt
  4. Basically, whenever I exit a location in Dyrford, the map is center on the NW corner, near the bridge / initial spawn location. This is pretty annoying. Didn't see it reported, so here goes the report. To reproduce 1) Create game 2) Walk to Mill 3) Enter Mill 4) Exit Mill 5) Notice the map is not focused on you, but next to the bridge Expected behaviour Map should be center on CHARNAME location when exiting a location.
  5. crash on leaving the apothecay's house. 1) in starting village, went into apothecary's house 2) exploring house 3) taking coins 4) clicking on door to get out 5) loading screen 6) got the crosshair but only black screen 7) crash report error report attached error.txt
  6. The caves beneath the start village. Where you enter it from the "Trigal's" shop. When I want to go up the ladder in the caves. I got this message from the game in a small window: Fatal error in gc : GetThreadContext failed
  7. Tagged as 'Area', although I don't think it's a good fit. Anyway... [DESCRIPTION] Upon going through an area transition, there are a number of times where the party will be facing the 'wrong' way, in that the front party members will be facing the transition with the back ones furthest into the new area. As if they all switched positions when going though. To clarify: Party goes through a transition from area A to area B. Upon entering area b, you'd expect the party to be in their formation with the front guys furthest into area B and the back guys closest to the transition back to area A. [DETAILS] I've noticed this in a couple areas. To reproduce, just go through the transition from the Ogre cave to the body, then back into the Ogre cave. When you get into the cave, your back-row squishies will be furthest in and closest to the danger (spiders). Noticed it as well when transitioning from Dyrford Village to Dyrford Crossing (Once again, your squishies are closest to the beetles when you arrive at Dyrford Crossing). Also noticed it upon transitioning from Dyrford Village to the Gorge area (where the lions are). [EXPECTED BEHAVIOR] I would expect that when the party goes through a transition in a specific group order that they'd be in that order - facing into the new area - when they arrive.
  8. I've noticed at a certain time in the morning, the water in each area does not behave correctly in relation to the lighting in the rest of the background. This is most evident in Stormwall Gorge. 1) At night, the water is an intense blue colour, which could be by design, but nevertheless looks strange: 2) At around 6am, the rest of the map begins to lighten, but the water not only doesn't lighten accordingly, but actually begins to darken: 3) At around 7am, the water begins to brighten from the darkened state into a natural light: Ignoring this bug, the daytime and nighttime water looks great in most areas except nighttime in Stormwall Gorge. It would be great if the intense blue in the first picture above could be tweaked to look more convincing.
  9. It's possible I'm missing something, but it sure feels like a bug. To reproduce: 1. With two wall symbols lit, but before heading to see the vithrack, have two party members stand on the floor symbols. => Observed: they light up. 2. Head to the tunnel to meet the vithrack. => Expected: the symbols go out when the characters move off them. => Observed: they stay lit. (May be intentional, but bear with me.) 3. Murder vithrack, despoil corpse of soul vessel, loot adra spear from sarcophagus. 4. Return to room with floor symbols. => Observed: floor symbols are still lit. 5. March two party members to stand on the floor symbols again. => Observed: nothing happens. 6. Wield adra spear, keep soul vessel in inventory (attempted to equip it in the shield slot but no luck), march up and down the dais. => Expected: something dramatic happens. => Observed: nothing happens.
  10. [Description of the issue] While exploiting the move between areas to double itmes for selling [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Started a new game, selected nothing other than the first choices -> Male Human Fighter - etc 2) Killed the people outside the church thing -> ie. the first people you see besides your own crew 3) Took their stuff, went into the church took the scroll in the jar, went out again. 4) The (now) dead guys stuff was back again, so rinse repeat. 5) Kept doing that until the game crashed, which was around the third time. [Expected behaviour] Well obviously I was trying to exploit the game bug ;-) But it shouldn't have worked in the first place. [Other remarks / Comments] I also equiped the stuf when I first found it. [Files] I have got no Savegames I have got no Screenshots Crash dump attached DxDiag attached [special] My computer is not top of the line, I have included the DxDiag file DxDiag.txt 2014-08-23_234646.zip
  11. Just noticed this while exploring the Dryford ruins. While holding tab and then panning the screen the outlined objects that can be opened do not pan correctly. The result is the outline moves faster than the actual background image. So they're out of sync. edit: Also appears to effect Scouting Circle.
  12. [Description of the issue] Upon reentering the ruins beneath Stormwall Gorge, a loud crashing audio sound plays and the stone head asks you to approach and speak despite the player no longer being able to interact with it. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Load linked savegame. 2) Move party to ruin exit and transition to Stormwall Gorge. 3) Transition back into the ruins. 4) Note loud crashing sound. 5) Note the following in log from stone head: "Approach and speak your will" and "Approach and make yourself known to me." 6) Note that you can not interact with the stone head. [Expected behavior] The stone head should not ask you to speak with it upon returning to the ruin. I also think that the loud audio sound playing each time you enter may be in error, though I'm not completely sure about that. [Files] http://www.upload.ee/files/4223517/quicksave.savegame.html DxDiag Attached DxDiag.txt
  13. [Description of the issue] In the Ruins beneath Stormwall Gorge, although the symbols in the question rooms are still illuminated, the corresponding floor symbols in the ritual room no longer illuminate when stepped upon. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Load linked savegame 2) Verify that the wall symbols in the question rooms are illuminated. 3) Move characters on top of the corresponding floor symbols in the ritual room, note that they do not illuminate. [Expected behavior] The floor runes should illuminate when stepped upon. [Other remarks / Comments] I should note that they did illuminate at one point and that after a few area transitions and save/loads they stopped doing so. I should also point out that the adra-cored spear disappeared from my inventory at some point, though I'm not sure if that has any effect on the runes lighting up. Even when I did have the spear, the soul vessel, and the runes were illuminating correctly, I could not get the ritual to work. walking my Main Character with the spear and soul vessel in his inventory up the steps onto the dais did not result in a change and didn't allow him to put the weapon into the urn when he walked back down (as I believe is supposed to happen?) [Files] http://www.upload.ee/files/4223517/quicksave.savegame.html DxDiag Attached DxDiag.txt
  14. When I want to go to the barred window on the first floor the south east room in Dracogen inn. My main characters get stuck at the wall near the doorframe to room and he keeps walking/running into the wall. So the path finder is broken as I see it.
  15. [Description of the issue] Was in the inn in Dyrsford. Just in front of the bar is a morning star on the floor. Can't pick it up or interact with it. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] Not sure what caused it. I don't recall seeing it on my first play-through, and I didn't drop a weapon here? [Expected behaviour] If there's a weapon on the floor, I should be able to pick it up. [Files] Screenshot attached. Look just in front of the bar next to highlighted character. Sorry, no save game to attach!
  16. [Description of the issue] I believe I am completely unable to advance due to the culmination of a number of bugs. I could however be missing something. I have linked to my savegame file later. At this stage, I've 'completed' every quest except finding the elf. I say 'completed' due to this bug: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/67573-quest-or-quest-items-bugged-cannot-complete/ I have cleared out the temple to the point where I've found the event that refers to a pit and mentions a grappling hook. There are several doors in the temple that show the locked icon, but which I cannot open (I have the skull key, but I doubt it's supposed to work on them) and I don't get any mechanics too low messages in my combat log for them. I do not have a grappling hook because I bought two at first and when I got the dragon egg, I had BB fighter climb up unsupported and then use one to lower the egg. However, this removed them both from my inventory. The store does not have a 3rd one for me to buy. I went to talk to the tanner and confronted him about the ogre. He attacked me. I killed him. Again, I cannot open the door in his tower. It shows the lock symbol, but I don't get a mechanics failure note in my combat log. So, I don't know if I'm missing something or which, if any, of these are bugs (pretty sure the losing both grabbling hooks was a bug, but I also think that I could have validly used two: 1 to climb and 1 to lower, but maybe I'm wrong). [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Load the savegame from here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/74672307/PoE%20Bugs/Can%27t%20Continue/6b44430218a64d308246d0c575513a74%20TrygilsCurriery%207862707.savegame (link instead of upload because the site won't let you upload savegame files) 2) You're in the tanning shop. Try to open the door (if you're supposed to be able to). 3) Investigate the lack of grappling hooks in town. 4) Go to the temple and try and advance there.r attacks [Expected behaviour] That I be able to do something... [Files] A link to my output log is here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/74672307/PoE%20Bugs/Can%27t%20Continue/output_log.txt Note however that this is the first time I've copied over the log and therefore it contains the entirety of my events for all games unless it clears itself at some point.
  17. [Description of the issue] When I first entered the dungeon under the partial statue & skull puzzle, the fog of war (or lack of) allowed me to see hostiles walking around in rooms on the other side of walls, and much further away than I would have expected. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Enter the dungeon 2) Straight away, I can see enemies and rooms 3) Moved into dungeon, and could see behind closed doors [Expected behaviour] I would expect that my party would not be able to see around corners or through walls (or doors) to see enemies who were outside our field of vision; especially in a previously unexplored area. [Other remarks / Comments] Apologies if this is how it's meant to be, but it seemed like I had magical vision of way more than I would have expected. I don't recall this behaviour in IE games? [Files] Attached some screenshots Img 00001 - You can just see my party's circles at the top of the screen, and you can see how far down and around corners you can see upon entering the dungeon. Img 00002 - Party is completely off screen, and you can see enemies waiting in undiscovered rooms. Img 00003 - Party moved slightly into dungeon, and can see everything inside the round hall behind closed doors.
  18. I'm experiencing a dramatic framerate drop each time when entering the dungeon in Stormwall Gorge. All the overworld areas and other interiors have run at a silky smooth 60fps. The framerate drop also appears to affect the speed of the screen scrolling - is scrolling speed tied to frame rate? If so, this needs to be corrected. My system: intel i5-2500k @ 3.3 GHz 8 GB RAM ATi Radeon HD 6950 2 GB Windows 8.1
  19. [Disclaimer] Maybe this falls in the known pathfinding issue but it seems somewhat specific to me so I report it. [Description of the issue] I have remarked this only in the Dyrford Ruins atm. With the group selected, BB Rogue in near the closed door. I click with the cursor in Open Door Mode. BB Rogue does not move, door opens, but the rest of the group starts to backtrack as if to go in front of the door as if not opened yet. This is reproducible every time I open the door. This is the position just before. After clicking, as you can see the other characters are running backwards. [steps to reproduce] If need be I can provide a save game, just in front of this particular door in order to reproduce. [Expected behaviour] Nobody moves (or the closest to the door moves to be near enough to open it) and the door opens.
  20. New game, Barbarian, got to the Cave and 2 characters died mortally (BB Fighter and BB Rogue), I fled the Cave with BB Wizard and BB Priest into the Dyrford Crossing. When I entered the Cave, my BB Wizard and BB Priest were out of the map (with GUI showing where they were) and I had BB Fighter and BB Rogue in my party. Attachments: - Save File after events. - output_log.txt - Screenshots: Traveling to Dyrford Crossing (before bug), Setting up fight (before bug), After re-entering cave (after bug) Steps I took: 1- Didn't start any quests right away. 2- Went to Dracogen Inn 3- Listened to Lord Harond and Dengler. 4- Went upstairs and talked to Nyfre 5- Went outside and defeated Medreth 6- Went to Dyrford Crossing 7- Went to Cave 8- BB Fighter was taken out in first Spider fight to the North (0 Stamina), and came back afterwards "glitching" or "jittering". Stuck. 9- I thought "If the character dies I can leave", so I lured the Spiders from the East to deal with the BB Fighter (both got killed in the attempt though) 10- Left Cave with BB Priest & BB Wizard (during combat) 11- Entered Cave again, and now had BB Fighter & BB Rogue in my party slots. Expected: Losing a character dies it should be permanently (stop/kill all code running it), and the BB Fighter should "wake up" without stuck-bug.
  21. It is possible to read the description flavour text if an item is within a certain range. Regardless of whether the character is in the same room as the object. 1. Enter Dyrford Ruins 2. Click magnifying glass from location pictured below 3. Character paths to area close to magnifying glass but not in room. 4. Flavour Text Displays [Expected behaviour] Area Flavour text should only be visible if within the same room as location being viewed / within the visual range of character The only place that I have noticed that this is in the Dyrford Ruins (picture attached). This is a result of clicking on the magnifying glass and allowing the character to path to the nearest location wherein they stop and the description is displayed. Possibly would not occur if room doors were opened and character could path more correctly to it.
  22. I was playing, adding notes in the journal as I went along, specifically to explore and bug-test Dyrford Village and instances. Saved and loaded in every area inside Dyrford Village. Crashed when I was trying to save next to Merdreth. I never leveled up or engaged in combat (Killed some NPCs but they are one-hit kills). All of the steps should be found in the Journal (Notes). Asking you to check and see if my Journal entries are recorded/saved when you open them. They are more or less observations and I tried to write one for almost every action I took. Attachments: - Save File folder (Latest date-time save file has ALL notes). Saves from ALL areas in Dyrford Village (Interior+Exterior) - Crash Folder (an outlog.txt file is in there) - output_log.txt (not sure if same as^ but I included this as well) Screenshots of various instances in the Note section of the Journal: - Character Class (It felt smooth with the Paladin in terms of disappearing gear and similar, still some gear disappeared. This was much more frequent when I made a Fighter and an AH Companion. Then again, I did more actions and combat and quests) - UI Tooltip in the way - Leaving Dyrford Village to Dyrford Crossing (South-East) leaves vision radius when going back to Dyrford Village (persists across saves) - Boar Madness - Map Artifact for a millisecond when opening - Save Game and Load Game on 2nd Floor Inn weird (Several tries and repeats makes it possible) Sorry for not following format here, but I sort of did in the "Notes" section in-game.
  23. I just entered a house. It may be placeholder graphics but the interior floor plan looks nothing like the exterior. First the shape is off. Second there is a huge chimney outside but no fireplace inside. Pics attached.
  24. I just wrote down some of the bugs I've found so far, sorry that I'm not following the right format of reporting the bugs - I couldn't really understand how to do it correctly with the bugs I've found so far. - Changing tab in the settings menu removes all category texts. - When levling up to second level the "marked pray trait" got no icon (ranger). - The animal companion's portrait next to the main hero's portrait is white until it get's in combat. - When using the scroll on the mouse while in Temple of Breath with Celby his shadow moves back and forth. - In the inventory screen the "W" of "Weapon Sets" are sometimes covering the stats of the character. - Sometimes after talking to NPC's in the Inn some of the party members are stuck running into walls until you move them far away. - When the party wiped I experienced that they just kept rising up again and the enemies kill them over and over again with no defeat pop-up. - After loading a save I can't use any of my main hero's abilitys. - Can't seem to use any of the Wizards spells. (If he's supposed to have any) - After loading a save my party took no damage until a creature died. - The Ranger's companion appears to have a full red icon after loading a save. I will use the right format for reporting bugs in the future, sorry for that.
  25. Update by Josh Sawyer, Project Director Welcome! First things first: if you have backed Pillars of Eternity but not yet completed your order on our website, please do so as soon as possible. Even if you have an all-digital order, we need information from you to make sure you get everything you are supposed to. If your backer tier includes an NPC, item, portrait, or other custom piece of content, an early response will make it easier for us to work with you on your designs and preferences. As always, we appreciate that our backers have made Pillars of Eternity possible and we want to ensure that you get your money's worth. Broken Age As most of you know, our friends at Double Fine have their new adventure game, Broken Age, coming out today. Double Fine and their Kickstarter adventure game paved the way for all of the games that came after - including Pillars of Eternity. If you are fans of the adventure game genre (or just fans of good games from indie studios), show them some love. You can find more about it on their website. Update Engwithan ruins sitting atop some cliffs. Things are going well at Obsidian on the Pillars of Eternity team. The artists are putting the finishing touches on the second of our two big cities, Twin Elms, and the environments look fantastic. Our designers are busy implementing narrative and quest content, in some cases returning to earlier areas to fill in cracks and flesh elements out more. The character artists are almost done taking all of our highest-priority creatures to alpha level and are starting to look at the second string of creatures and variants. Animation is right behind them, creating rigs and alpha animations as new creatures come online, and we're finally returning to our main character animations for a second pass. Programming continues to chug away at user interfaces, AI, and zany spells and many other items on our long list of features. In short, we're well past "the hump" and the game is looking and feeling better every day. Heavy Hitters In most RPG parties, there's a character type that focuses on dealing death to VIPs in the enemy roster. They are the heavy hitters, the characters who cut enemies down one-by-one with precise, overpowering attacks. We've previously talked about one of our heavy hitters, the cipher. Ciphers alternate between powerful mental attacks and the physical strikes used to power them. They are the only "caster" class that focuses heavily on individual enemies, in large part because their abilities all require an external concentration of soul energy to serve as a power source. In contrast to the cipher, the rogue and the ranger are more traditional, but just as deadly. Rogues rely on the vulnerability of their enemies to inflict devastating attacks in close quarters. Rangers coordinate their strikes with the help of animal companions, creatures with whom rangers form lifelong bonds. Outside of direct combat, rogues and rangers share a skill emphasis in Stealth and are commonly the sneakiest party members. But while rogues also have a specialization in Mechanics (most often to lay traps and deal with ones placed by their enemies), rangers focus on Survival, which improves the duration of many consumable items. Though the three "heavy hitter" classes have different styles of play with different strengths, they all excel at taking enemies down in the shortest amount of time possible. In Pillars of Eternity, the designation of a character as a "rogue" signifies their vicious, brutal style of fighting, not a propensity for theft or deception. More than any other class, rogues exemplify the adage that the best defense is a good offense. If fighters are the disciplined, reliable, well-trained units that hold the line, rogues are the shock troops that attempt to break through that line to take out vulnerable units before they can effectively retaliate. When pinned down, rogues can suffer from their weak defenses, but ideally they carry their momentum from one target to the next in short order. All rogues start with three abilities that allow them to immediately dive into heavy-hitting: Finishing Blow, Reckless Assault, and Dirty Fighting. Finishing Blow (Active) - Full Attack. This ability gains power the more damaged the target is. When the rogue uses a Finishing Blow, he or she makes a full attack at the enemy with his or her current weapons. The attack is made with an Accuracy bonus and does +50% damage if it hits. For every 1% under 50% Max Stamina the target has, the attack does an additional +3% damage. 3/rest. Reckless Assault (Modal) - In this mode, a rogue's Deflection is lowered but he or she gains a bonus to Accuracy and damage with all weapons. Dirty Fighting - 10% of the rogue's Hits with any melee or ranged weapon are turned into Crits. This occurs after the initial attack roll is resolved. The resulting shift is displayed in the combat log. As rogues advance, they gain access to abilities that allow them to maximize the damage and afflictions they can dish out to their targets. They can also learn a variety of tricks to help them get out of trouble when the going gets tough. Sneak Attack - Sneak Attack applies bonus damage to the rogue's ranged and melee weapon attacks when the target has any of the following statuses: Blinded, Flanked, Hobbled, Paralyzed, Petrified, Prone, Stuck, Stunned, or Weakened. It also applies to any target the rogue strikes with a weapon within the first 2 seconds of combat starting. Escape (Active) - Escape allows the rogue to break Engagement and safely move away from their current location. The ability must be targeted on open ground to which the rogue has a clear path. When activated, the rogue immediately breaks Engagement and swiftly moves to that location. 1/encounter. Crippling Strike (Active) - Full Attack. Inflicts extra damage and the Hobbled condition. 2/encounter. Coordinated Positioning (Active) - You are able to instantly switch positions with one target within 1m. If this is an ally, the switch is automatic. If it is an enemy, the maneuver is an attack against its Reflexes (only succeeds on a Hit or Crit). The switch is immediate and cancels Engagement (if any) on the rogue. 2/encounter. Adept Evasion - 50% of all Grazes against a rogue's Reflexes are converted to Misses. Blinding Strike (Active) - Full Attack. Inflicts extra damage and the Blinded condition. 2/rest. Deathblows - Against any target that is afflicted by two or more of the conditions that can allow Sneak Attack, rogues do additional Sneak Attack damage. Resident heavy-hitting rogue, Edér. Rangers are expert sharpshooters with any ranged weapon. Though they traditionally rely on bows and crossbows, some use firearms or even magical implements. Regardless of their choice of armament, even novice rangers can strike swiftly and leave severe wounds that quickly wear down an enemy's stamina and movement. They are assisted in their efforts by their animal companions, incredibly tough and loyal creatures who share their lives (literally) with their masters. All rangers start with the following three abilities: Animal Companion - The ranger begins the game with (and can name) an animal companion that fights at his or her direction. This companion shares Health and Stamina with the ranger, i.e. if either one is damaged, the same pool is reduced. Both the ranger and the animal companion die if their Health is reduced to zero. Animal companions have high inherent Damage Thresholds that allow them to run interference for their masters. Wounding Shot (Active) - Only usable when ranged weapons are equipped. The ranger's shot inflicts a continuous damage effect and Hobbles the target. 3/rest. Swift Aim (Modal) - This mode increases the ranger's rate of fire and reload with ranged weapons at the cost of an Accuracy penalty. At higher levels, rangers gain abilities that increase the effectiveness of their attacks and the coordinated use of their companions. By tactically applying the synergistic benefits of the ranger and his or her companion, players can lock down and quickly overwhelm powerful enemies. Defensive Bond - When both the ranger and his or her animal companion are subjected to an area effect attack, they gain +15 to the targeted defenses. Marked Prey (Active) - The ranger can designate a single target as his or her marked prey. He or she and his or her animal companion have a damage bonus against that target until combat ends. Once designated, the target cannot be switched. 1/encounter. Predator's Sense - The ranger's animal companion gains a damage bonus on any creature suffering from a continuous damage effect, including those caused by Wounding Shots. Stalkers' Link - When a ranger's animal companion Engages a target, the target is automatically Flanked if the ranger has a ranged weapon equipped and is opposite the target. Takedown (Active) - The ranger's animal companion will knock the target Prone with a Fortitude attack. 2/encounter. Defensive Shooting - When using ranged weapons against any target that is Engaging the ranger, the ranger's Accuracy is increased by 20 and his or her Interrupt rating is improved by one category. Master's Call (Active) - When the ranger issues Master's Call, his or her animal companion will immediately move back to him or her at increased speed, gaining a +20 bonus to Concentration and defenses against Disengagement Attacks. Any enemy it comes within 1m of is automatically attacked (Fortitude) and knocked Prone if the attack succeeds. 2/rest. In addition to the abilities listed here, ciphers, rogues, and rangers can gain access to additional class-specific abilities as well as Talents. Some Talents can be taken by any character, but many are class-oriented and can be used to distinguish or emphasize one character from another. One cipher's Talents may emphasize his or her physical attacks while another's makes his or her Focus use more efficient. One rogue may maximize his or her advantage against a specific type of affliction; another may improve the frequency with which his or her offensive abilities can be used. And while rangers can always benefit from improving their marksmanship and special attacks, investing in the durability and abilities of their animal companions can safeguard the ranger against disaster. Pillars of Eternity's heavy hitters all differ in how they bring the pain to enemies, but we hope you enjoy the concepts and mechanics we've presented here. As always, these are our current designs and implementations, but will be adjusting them in the months to come. We will be doing three more class pair updates in the future: The Leaders of the Band (chanters and priests), The Front Line (fighters and barbarians), and The Mob Rulers (wizards and druids). Let us know what you think of today's update and please vote on which of the three class pairs you'd like to see covered next. As always, thanks for reading and for your continued support.
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