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  1. This is the feedback I'm looking for. @SilchasRuin I only have the speed bonus on the dual wield. There are a lot of hidden numbers in the spreadsheet. The attack speed is multiplies by the bonus. I will add might damage and sneak attack to see if it makes a large difference. If I dual wield maces do the DR numbers stack?
  2. Dual wielding with the rogue just feels broken. You take extra risk fighting in close quarters with little added benefit. Two handers just do so much more damage.
  3. Hey guys. This is a damage calculator I have been working on to compare weapons. Basically you just enter the stats for two weapons. Put in adjusted accuracy and the damage reduction and deflection of the enemy. It will give you comparative DPS. I built it to figure out which weapons were best for my dual wielding rogue. What it does is simulate 1,000 attacks with the weapon, adjusting for crits and grazes, and then multiplies the damage by time. Change any yellow fields to rerun the simulation. Keep in mind this is an early version. It does not currently account for the following fac
  4. It should be customizable in the options so you can choose what you want displayed in the combat log. I also really like how it shows you the damage calculation details when you mouse over it.
  5. This is a great improvement. Combat is slower (as it should be). I feel as if I really need to use my abilities wisely to prevail. The quest system seems to finally be working. It does seem much more difficult but I really don't know the classes well enough to fully judge it. I'm sure once I improve my tactics it will get easier. I fell with this build we can finally give some real feedback on class balance.
  6. Some of this can be solved through itemization. If they give us bows that cause status effects (chance on hit) the faster attacking weapon should proc more frequently. I do agree with both of the above suggestions.
  7. I mostly agree with this though I do not like unlimited inventory space through the stash or any other means. It should be bigger though, perhaps 20 items per character. I also wonder how characters leaving the party will be affected. If a character has a ring of awesomeness equipped and leaves the party do you lose the item? Does it go to the stash?
  8. One thing I do not like is the red filling the character portrait for stamina. Depending on the portrait colors this is sometimes hard to see. Could we have the option for a stamina bar beside the health bar?
  9. I have not tried it myself but I suppose "Into the Fray" is sort of like a taunt. I do really like the engagement system too.
  10. I would like a taunt as well. Short of that perhaps an ability that slows a target who breaks engagement. A front line fighter should have some tools at their disposal to keep enemies on them and away from ranged characters.
  11. A quick question for clarification. If you are casting a spell and are interrupted is it simply delayed or cancelled?
  12. I think item comparison is a must. I'm not sure why anyone would not want it.
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