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I like elves as rogues.. not sure why. I also like to give them bows... which seems to have worked out well for me so far.


current character:

female wood elf..  from Aedyr (can't remember if that gives you anything. So far it's given me dialogue options.)

*()=buffs from gear. currently level 5.


11 (12)

18 (19)





I've dumped most my skills into mechanics and stealth but have 2 in lore just so I can throw some low level spells.


So far I've taken


Blinding Strike

Crippling strike

Deep wounds

Shadowing beyond.


I've enchanted my bow and armor a bit. Bow has Flame, +1 accuracy and is fine.. It is a fine bow. Armor has +1 con... because I thought it'd do more than it did. It's also fine.


As I've stated in other posts. She has the highest kill count and has scored the largest damage against an enemy out of all the characters in my party. She has twice as many kills as the fighter who has the second highest kill count. I'm unsure of how this has occurred since I'm not paying too much attention during battles as to who killed what.. but I find it encouraging.

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What kind of stats makeup would you use for a melee rogue?


There is one example of one of my rogue builds in beta, although Escape ability don't work currently as intended so it you could think to replace it, but in other hand patch that fixes it should come out this week.



You can also do bit more defensive stat line by dropping constitution and intellect to boost your perception even more and possible to put some points in resolve.


For dual wielding rouge or supper accurate single weapon (dagger, rapier, and spear are excellent choices for this because of their accuracy bonus), build you should switch might and dexterity. Also you should look bit different talents and abilities and races. 


Main points for melee rogue

You need some defensive abilities if you don't want to get knock outed often.

Intellect don't matter as much as it does for ranged rogue builds as you don't usually really on your own status effects to get sneak attacks but instead of you focus in flanking enemies and hitting enemies that are inflected by status effects from your other party members spells and abilities.

Slower weapons (two handed weapons) benefit more from dex than might. 

Fast weapons benefit more from might than dex.

Itemization is king. 

Athletics or/and survival are important skills, as you they give you ability to benefit from temporal bonuses longer (rest, night of pleasure, food) which aren't insignificant in this game (although they also aren't necessity, but they make life easier).

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[...] although Escape ability don't work currently as intended [...]


Could you elaborate on that? What does not work? How should it work?

Is it only that it doesn't break the engagement? I'm feeling i got smacked a lot even before "escaping".

My main character is an assassin-like rogue and feels more like a kamikaze fighter than an actual assassin. I'm basically just cannon fodder.

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I'm going to be messing around with a Hearth Orlan dual wielding battle axes with as many accuracy and upgrade-to-crit talents as humanly possible, base stats 18/8/18/8/18/8. The main idea is to do as much massive crit damage as possible. 

It may or may not be as effective as some other rogue builds, but it seems fun. I'm only playing on Normal, first playthrough and I just redid my PC because of the double click equip bug. 

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If you're going to do a ranged rogue, may as well be a cipher instead.  Actually, cipher is just better than a rogue in every way.


Well, it's up to team set up and what you want to do with class slot.


Right Now I restarded a second PoTD mode with


Sit1+2 "tanks": Fighter / Off Tank Paladin (the order that gives the feat +8deflection on lay on hands)


DPS utility: Priest (the order that give +10precision with blunderbuss) + chanter ( recharge song)

Heavy DPS: Rogue + Cipher 



The whole ranged set-up have the fast recovery feat for ranged weapons.


Cipher and Priest are both Island Aumaua for weapon switch.


Chanter is a death Godlike couz I love+int on utility chars 


Rogue is a wood elf didn't wanna bother with extra switch AND you have that super sweet fast xbow in the shop of the game, so why not? ;)



Characters are min maxed (paladin required a bit of theorycraft and I'm still not sure if I got it right) but for the "team arrow" the stats are quite the same: cap might cap int cap dexterity 10 cos 1 dump stat.



Working very well so far, even if I think it's quite a common set up :p



Cipher and Rogue do have nice sinergies, since cipher has good debuffs (imba flank spell anyone?) and a good mix of aoe/single target nukes. Rogue instead is the best single target cookie cutter in the game, and that can help a lot in some fights IMO.

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I gave up on my dual-wield Rogue and stuck a unique pistol on him instead. Now he's back with the other gunners, much safer, and probably doing as much if not more damage.


If the gear, talent, and spell situation changes to give him a lot more survivability, he can go back to hovering around the front line. Or I might just bite the bullet and stick upgraded full plate on him. High Dex and the TWF talent cancels out plate's recovery penalty.

Exoduss, on 14 Apr 2015 - 11:11 AM, said: 


also secret about hardmode with 6 man party is :  its a faceroll most of the fights you will Auto Attack mobs while lighting your spliff


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