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  1. I would disagree with your conclusion. The game, in my opinion, does a pretty good job of Not telling you what man should and shouldn't do. You have many possibilities of supporting animancy and the ending is all about you performing a godlike act but you get to decide what that act is. The discussion, to me, seems to be more about Iovara's place in the story and the artistic implementation of her, rather than being about allegories. Anyway, this is too meta for me so I better stop. Exactly. It asks the question, when has man gone too far? How do you draw the line? What is ethical? What is right? What is ok or not ok for animancy to research? Iovara's place is clearly one of returning the world to the way it was before Engwithan's changed it.
  2. LOL @ people bringing a real world agenda into the game then accusing it of the same thing. Jesus.. (pun intended) 1. The "Gods" in the game were created. This doesn't mean that there is no "real" God(s). 2. Inovara preached that the Gods were fake. She did this because she thought the truth was more important than a lie. 3. Her heresy allowed for there to be a real God, but because the Engwithans wanted people to worship the fake gods they sacrificed everything to create, they tortured her to death and threw her in a pit. The theme is not that "God is dead", but rather MAN should not play God. This is evidenced by the fact that you spent the entire time trying to stop a guy who PLAYS god with the lives of everyone around him.
  3. My thoughts were that the wheel (and souls) predated the Gods, but that soul "problems" did not necessarily predate the gods. I suspect the creation of the Gods led to all sorts of wacky stuff happening, like soul fragments, awakenings, watchers, and all the other miscellaneous catastrophic metaphysical problems plaguing Eora.
  4. I used a water-skin at the beginning of the game to clean off a stone face that had a troll's moneyshot all over it. *Shudder*
  5. Watch out guys, we got a philosophy major in this bitch. He gonna learn everyone how they 'posed to be thinkin'.
  6. Eothas is dead! I can't help but think that an ending option "to the series" will be for your benevolent aligned character to use essence to take the place of the dead Eothas. Or, conversely somehow destroy all the "Gods".
  7. What frustrated me the most about the ending, was that I couldn't cast the "Gods" down. I'm hoping to do that in a sequel though.
  8. Let me tell you how to wizard at low levels. 1. Make sure you have rod, scepter, or wand equipped. Wizard go BOOM stuff on groups of enemies. 2. Use arcane assault. Wizard go BOOM stuff on groups of enemies. 3. Is hard fight. Cast spell to burn bad guiz until fight easy. Wizard go BOOM stuff on groups of enemies. Congratulations. You is now wizard. Go forth and make BOOM.
  9. I'm tempted to ask how you discovered that all spiders are straight, but maybe it's better not to know... So far the male spiders only tried to web my female party members, and the female spiders only tried to web the male party members. Also, none of the spiders are rainbow colored.
  10. I'd just like to say, I would also like a gay spider option. I think its absurd in 2015 that all the spiders in game are straight.
  11. The issue seems to be that the longer you play the game, the longer both loading AND saving is. So, if you cut out the autosave, you save time because you won't be loading and saving every time you zone. Even still, the game is unplayable for me. With all the constant zoning, I am looking at loading screens more than I'm looking at the actual game.
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