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  1. I had the same issue and could not find any other solution than alt + F4 too... But thanks to your post I know now how to get the character window ;-) Was it documented somewhere and I did not see it ?
  2. [Disclaimer] Maybe this falls in the known pathfinding issue but it seems somewhat specific to me so I report it. [Description of the issue] I have remarked this only in the Dyrford Ruins atm. With the group selected, BB Rogue in near the closed door. I click with the cursor in Open Door Mode. BB Rogue does not move, door opens, but the rest of the group starts to backtrack as if to go in front of the door as if not opened yet. This is reproducible every time I open the door. This is the position just before. After clicking, as you can see the other characters are r
  3. How is working the Continue Button? I choose Continue tonight expecting the game to load my latest save from yesterday night but it did select another game from an earlier Character. From the first character created still with save actually. So I have opened the Load Game window and there is this small transparency bug when you have too many save that appears. [edit]: One other thing, the saves are sorted by name of the zone and ascending time. I would suggest to sort them by descending time only.
  4. I had these invalid objects message in the conversation in the Inn. Do not think I have seen it reported elsewhere. I would not be able to remember what dialog options I had chosen before.
  5. Is Sid really plucking her lute ? Maybe it has fireproof strings ;-) Small thing but I find it strange
  6. Some UI issues I have : It took me long minutes of searching to finally find the F option for the Party Formation modification menu! Would it be possible to add right click on the Formation button to open this menu? Also can the 4 formation sub-buttons show a representation of the actual formation it correspond to? rather than always 6 in 2*3? Right Click for help is nice, but there is no ok/close button on the information panel that appears. Could be ok if the right click again on the panel would close it too. For the moment the best option is Esc Key but that requires 2 hands to ju
  7. Writing my first impressions before playing again tonight so this is just with around 1h of play. First thing is this is a beta ! Wow great news ;-) I mean that I was probably expecting a more polished product by seeing the Gamescom vids. Suppose this is the demonstration effect which is the same for all software being video games or SFA ;-) But yes this is a beta and playing it will be to help the product being better and not just take some fun of it. This is nice. I choose the beta add-on to be able to help... Second thing is I am a little disappointed. The game is great, really
  8. Is it possible to rename a note? I can create multiples Untitled Note but I have not found the way to rename them... Just a minor point for a great idea as I am really found of the possibility to take note in games
  9. It is possible to dup any item equipped by a character. Just double-click the equipped item to make it move to the character inventory. Then click another portrait on the right side panel and click back on the first character portraits. You will have the item still equipped and also in your inventory.
  10. Just to let people know... I am downloading right now... already the 19th in CET however ;-) 2.9Gb to go
  11. Garder suffisamment d'humour pour ne pas perdre l'esprit au nom de la raison.

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