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Found 21 results

  1. If Fallout New Vegas happend in real life which faction would you join and why and which weapon would be your workhorse
  2. Fallout New Vegas has always been on the top of my list when it comes to gaming and especially in the fallout franchise and I really miss the feel of those types of fallout games developed by obsidian and interplay. I was thinking after a video I saw that the next fallout game might come out anywhere from 2027-2030 because Bethesda wants to continue with their other new IPs. I thought since the success of Outer Worlds there might be a possibility to reacquire the license or at least for just another game. Also just a thought since the van buren project was scrapped with many of its story elements still intact it could serve as a basis for a new game. Best case scenario obsidian gets Bethesda’s attention they give them the license for a game and they buy it from them but anything down that road would be awesome I know a lot of fans and probably the majority are hoping for this. I hope obsidian sees this
  3. Obsidian please I beg of you make a new fallout game. I’ve recently gotten into fallout and my first game was new Vegas I was amazed, the story was the best i’d played in a video game ever. So I got fallout 4 to see if it was as good as new Vegas and I was very disappointed, so now I’m writing this. Please make a new fallout, get the ip from Bethesda make it the obsidian entertainment passion project. Bethesda knows that fallout right now isn’t in a great place. fallout 76 was a total dumpster fire and fallout 5 is a few years out. So what would lift fallout right from the gutter a game by the best to have done fallout. They realize fallouts not in a good state so I need you to beg to get the ip. we the fallout community would go head over heels for a new fallout by you. Bring the reputation system back bring back skills like lock picking don’t put us on a path have us walk the wide wasteland of Seattle or Denver or Detroit have us meet interesting factions have ZERO brotherhood of steel have better graphics than current Bethesda tiles. Those are what we want as a community and I hope the og creators from interplay are still there to make the world they created happen and show that fallout is obsidians game not Bethesda’s. And thank you if you are a dev reading this thanks for all the games you have made for our entertainment
  4. Starts at 7 minute mark and ends at around 53 minutes. Rest of the time is spent on Q&A.
  5. Hey everyone! Your friendly, neighborhood, marketing drone here with what I hope will be an eye-opening insight into gamers' thoughts on DLC. First off: a big thank you to everyone who participated in our survey. Hearing your thoughts helps us understand your opinions better, and make better games. Background For those who don't know, on October 4, 2017, we published a survey, asking some key questions about players' preferences regarding DLC, and a bit about their backgrounds, as well. As anyone at Obsidian will tell you, I am big on data, and have been pushing for stuff like this for a while. So, hey, thanks for making me look good with the absolutely huge response we got to the survey: Forecast Response: ~12,000 - 18,000 Actual Responses: 55,035 Sources: Kickstarter/Fig Backers, Obsidian Forums, Obsidian Newsletter, Reddit (big thanks to the awesome humans at /r/projecteternity and /r/Fallout!), Twitter, Facebook, and from many of our wonderful developer and publisher colleagues. The survey ran until October 20, 2017, and we thank everyone who participated and all our partners who assisted us! For those who missed it, here is the amazing survey background art we used, as created by our Community Manager, Aarik Dorobiala (presented here in 1080p for those who want to use it as a wallpaper!): A Note on Sampling Methodology The statisticians among you will have noticed that our data-gathering methodology was not blind, and that's an important thing to call out. Because we didn't use a random sample of our customers or backers, but rather went to specific areas and allowed those populations to self select, we know that some of the data in this survey will be skewed toward those specific population groups. For our purposes, however, that's fine. We are interested in engaged gamers who are likely to be interested in our DLC (and DLC secularly), and we were willing to sacrifice some methodological precision if it meant driving more participation in the survey for this go-round. The fact that the survey got more popular than we ever imagined is a bonus, but it also means we need to take these results as directional, rather than strictly determinative, since the populations who responded to the survey may or may not be representative of the total population of RPG fans out there. -- Section 1: Demographics While the first section of the survey asked about DLC preferences and the second, optional, section asked about demographics, I nevertheless want to show the demographic results first, so readers can understand a bit about who answered these questions before they see how the questions were answered. The demographics section was 100% optional, but it's not clear that everyone understood that. Although we did have some folks opt out of certain questions by skipping them, we may have had significantly more if we added an affirmative opt-out answer choice to every question, which is what we will do in the future. This was my mistake, but one of the things to think about when you review these results is that I treated this piece at least in part as a "meta-survey." That is, I wanted to test certain questions and methodologies as much as gather data itself, so I can improve our data gathering and survey user-friendliness going forward. Please note that we have omitted a question for the sake of consumer privacy. Question 1: Age We were a bit surprised to see how many of the survey respondents were teenagers, but otherwise, our age demographic for this survey tracks pretty well with what we expect for the "typical" gamer: about 3/4s are between the ages of 20 and 34. Question 2: Gender While we expected that we would get a majority male response, we did not expect it to be this skewed. Only about 2% of people skipped the question, though we were asked why we did not have a third, or opt-out gender option, such as "Prefer not to answer." That was an oversight -- I simply believed people would opt out by skipping the question. Question 3: Country of Residence We were very gratified to have people from nearly every country in the world reply to our survey -- despite the fact that it was only available in English. While the numbers aren't clear on the chart, Germany featured the most respondents from a non-Anglophone nation (2,431), which was almost as many as Australia! Since the map doesn't fully show everything due to size constraints, here's the top 10 countries by number of respondents: USA - 25,089 UK - 3,939 Canada - 3,909 Australia - 2,471 Germany - 2,431 Poland - 1,651 Sweden - 1,412 France - 1,132 Russia - 1,070 Finland - 923 Question 4: - OMITTED Question 5: Preferred Gaming Platform Windows PC was by far the most commonly used gaming platform for respondents, followed distantly by Android Phone, PlayStation 4, and Portable Consoles, in that order. No other system was a major occupier of time for most of our respondents. One thing that was interesting to see was just how much more popular Android was than iOS among our respondent group. One note: our survey was quite popular on the subreddit for PlayStation 4 (/r/PS4), but the equivalent Xbox One subreddit (/r/XboxOne) does not allow surveys, which may have biased console usership results. Question 6: Preferred Purchase Platform Tracking with the use of Windows as the primary gaming platform, it's no surprise that Steam is by far the dominant platform for respondents' game purchasing decisions. Of considerable interest, however, is how high up on the list official console digital marketplaces ranked. This suggests a shift among leading-edge (or "core") gamers toward digital purchasing on console, away from brick-and-mortar or other physical disc distribution. NB: GOG.com's abbreviation should be rendered GOG, not GoG, apologies for the typo in my chart! -- Section 2: DLC Questions This segment consisted of mandatory questions, and just about everyone completed it -- we had less than a 1% abandonment rate on the survey. While there were ten questions asked, we omit the tenth, as it involves internal Obsidian benchmarking, and was originally geared toward a specific consumer-targeted audience, not the much larger audience we ended up getting, so the results aren't super valuable. Question 1: Owned Obsidian DLCs It's no surprise that Fallout: New Vegas, still one of our most popular games, remains the leader in terms of DLC ownership. We also had a significant number of respondents who owned DLC in Pillars of Eternity and, surprisingly, Neverwinter Nights 2, a game that's now more than ten years old. Only about one in ten respondents did not purchase any Obsidian DLC at all. Question 2: Acquisition Method This question got a lot of feedback from the community, and I'll will revise it if we ask a similar question in the future. The feedback largely centered on a few issues: A large number of respondents commented that, while they would not commonly refund/return the base game in order to acquire the Game of the Year (GotY) Edition, they would refrain from purchasing a game at all once DLC of any kind is announced until a GotY or other complete edition is released. Many people felt that the question insufficiently described why or how the DLC was attractive and therefore made it difficult for them to assess the value of a season pass or DLC. Everyone loves sales, so that answer choice could have been folded into the others as a value-add. Question 3: Preferred DLC Features I color-coded these by type so it would be easier for everyone to parse respondents' preferences. Overwhelmingly, respondents want more game content -- that is, they want the game itself to be bigger, deeper, longer. They want to be able to come back to it, or continue on with it. However, there was also a significant number of respondents who were looking for expanded or additional game systems, such as multiplayer (co-operative) or replayable modes such as roguelikes. Anything tagged as "competitive" or "PvP" was not considered attractive, however. Question 4: Quantity of DLC Respondents were very clear here, and their responses track with the bias toward content-based features in the previous question: people want bigger, deeper DLC for their money, not small stuff. Question 5: Influential Factors The most influential factor for the majority of respondents in informing their decision to purchase DLC is price. This could imply that respondents feel that DLC is generally overpriced, that DLC generally doesn't strike them as a good value at MSRP, or simply that gamers are cost conscious. Among the other factors, word-of-mouth factors such as a friend's recommendation or score from bona fide other gamers were the most important in influencing buying decisions. Interestingly, most respondents felt that time between base game launch and DLC launch was not a major factor in their decision to purchase -- this could be interpreted in two ways: either respondents don't mind waiting for deep content, or they feel that they won't purchase new DLC no matter what, until it's on sale. Questions 6 & 7: Price Calibration These two questions were designed to work in tandem. I was looking to anchor respondents at a $45-dollar base price for a game, and then see if raising that base price in a subsequent, identical question, caused them to re-value an associated season pass. Given the structure of the questions and the expected effect of the anchoring, the 7.8% difference in average expected price can be considered not statistically significant. Basically, the base price of a game, alone, was not enough to make gamers think differently about the value of the season pass (and, by extension, other associated content). We got a lot of feedback to these questions that price alone was not sufficient for them to evaluate the value of a season pass, and, of course, that's true. To give some insight into what I was trying to accomplish with these two questions: I was interested in whether putting a change in base price in front of a consumer's face would cause a cognitive bias that might affect his price tolerance for ancillary purchases. In other words, does price alone have a direct relationship to perception of value or further willingness to engage with a product? Looking back on this, was this question the best way to evaluate this heuristic? Probably not. I've had some suggestions for improvements that I intend to incorporate into future question series, and I'm going back to my behavioral economics texts to deepen my own understand -- but I still think the results are interesting, nevertheless. One other note: while our respondents put the desired price of season passes at around $17, in reality, RPG gamers pay about $25 for them (when purchased as a separate product, not as part of a Deluxe Edition or GotY) on average, according to industry sales data. Question 8: Free DLC Pretty clear message here: people like free DLC. 4% of respondents, however, clearly feel that DLC is not good, in any form. Question 9: Genre Preference Everyone hated this question's answer choice structure. I tried something newfangled by allowing people to drag and drop their answer choices in a stack-ranked list, and we got a ton of feedback on it. First, it apparently didn't work on mobile -- sorry about that, I should've tested it better. Second, a lot of people commented that they felt pretty much equally weak on a variety of genres but felt they were forced to rank them better than each other, anyway. This is interesting, though, because despite a lot of these comments, Sports and Casual emerged as the clear losers. You'd think that if, say, the bottom five or six genres (which is what most people said they didn't care about) were equally lousy to people, you'd have a fairly even distribution, since the order of the answer choices was randomized. So, while our respondents didn't like the way this question was structured (and I'll kill it for next time), it is interesting to see that it forced the truth out -- sports and casual games are the least liked. Therefore Obsidian is killing our latest secret project: Lord Bolingbroke Polo 2018. Just kidding, we wouldn't do a casual game. -- Conclusions All in all, lots of great takeaways here, and we'll be using the data internally to ask some even more in depth questions. For example: do people who own Pillars of Eternity DLC also own Tyranny DLC? Do Europeans have different DLC preferences from North Americans? Why do RPG fans hate sports games? There's so much to be learned here, and we are so grateful to our fans for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. We will continue to get better at making surveys, and we hope you will continue to engage with us and let us know how you feel, so that we can try to make the best games possible for you. We know we can't please everybody all the time (this survey proves that), and we're not trying to do that, but if this kind of research can help us get better at making the games we love to make, then our marketing team is doing its job.
  6. OK so this is an idea for a new fallout game called fallout new hope That takes place near Chicago and the great lakes new hope is a Underground city made by vault Tec where the most important people in Vault Tec went to hide from the bombs and Form the enclave east branch new hope is ruled by a group Of human brains Called the trust the player starts out in new hope the first mission in the game is the player has been working for one of the brains doing odd jobs around new hope the brain the player is working for wants to get rid of the leader of the trust so he can become leader when the player gets to the room where the current leader of the trust is that brain tells you he was expecting you he reveals that he is Vault Tec head of research and development and that he knows you are working for one of the other brains in the trust this is where the player gets to make a choice you can make a deal with the brain that is the current leader and a sellout the one you were working for who turns out to be The former vice president of Vault Tec or you can complete your mission and assassinate the head of research and development if you choose to assassinate the current leader of the trust he will fight you the battle will not be easy and if you win the vice president brain blames you publicly and you are banished from new hope but if you choose to sell out the vice president brain you will be rewarded by the head of the trust as four the vice presidents Brain as punishment for his betrayal you the player get to choose a body for him to be crammed into the choices can vary But I was thinking something like one of them can be cyber Dog or a doll Robot anyway if you say the right things at this point in the game you can get the vice president as a companion to help you fight in the wasteland and on your adventures or you can find him later wandering the wasteland anyway so the leader of the trust decides to assign a mission to you he will explain that one year ago they lost contact with the enclave west branch and that he wants you the player to be one of the scouts and explore the land outside of new hope before he sends his army to conquer and restore order to the outside world so basically if you choose to sell out the vice president you get to work for the enclave and if you don't sell out the vice president you get to be an out cast Also the leader of the trust will give you the locations of a few Vaults he wants you to check out in the area also if you travel south near the bottom of the map you should find a medieval style castle built on top of a vault Inside that castle will be the headquarters for the knights of Kansas they will be led by a king and queen OK so that's basically the idea I had four a new fallout game I think this game could answer a lot of questions about Vault tec And it's experiments like you know how in all the Voults the overseer would send reports to the vault tec company about the experiments going on what if all that information was sent to new hope you see the plot I Made up yit Also this gives the fans of the fallout games the chance to explore the wasteland of a part of middle America as you play the game you can explore Chicago the area near the great lakes maybe a bit of Canada as for enemies you could use some of Caesars legion according to new Vegas the legion owns Denver right and I'm sure you guys will make all kinds of animal monsters for the game here is a good idea for a enemy make some werewolfs make them spawn near a forest area by the great lakes well I hope you use my idea and make fallout new hope a real game
  7. Hey bois, I know that FT is not too praised here but I really liked its engine/gameplay. Yeah story (if you can even call it like that ) sucked but I really enjoyed combat in that game. It was kinda Jagged Alience in Fallout universe and I digged that quite a lot. Too bad that its engine was probably not enough modular for mods to get hands on it, I would love to see proper fallout story on that engine, anyone else liked it as well? I played it in Real time and liked it a lot, I think it was one of few games which made both systems fun in one game.
  8. Damn, anybody else hyped for this thing? I'll build myself a new rig once this is released.
  9. you guys and girls should make a fallout new Vegas remasted edition for the games 10th year anniversary in 2020.
  10. Start of old thread End of old thread I remember looking for Daddy in Fallout 3... never found him
  11. Dear obsidian(if you are even reading this) I personally think your fallout is the best.Fallout 3 was bland,had a crap story,and the unique weapons were just small stat boosts with no real special effects or new design.That is why I did not waste any time playing that super boring game.As for Fallout 4,it kinda dissapointed me with the barely profitable and hard to make settlement system and the excruciatingly annoying rad system.The only reason I played it again is because I was looking for something that would make me love it, disappointly I dindn't.As for Fallout New Vegas wow,where can I start.Do I start with the gargantuan amounts of side quests,the diverse and unique special effects and design of unique weapons,or the mastercrafted ending system that took your descisons and bundled them up to create a creative and diverse ending almost every time you played through.The only (and I mean only) things wrong with FNV are the bugs and the graphics.Even with the bugs and graphics I still put a total of 250 hours in it and don't even remember how many playthroughs I have done because I have done a ridiculous amount.If (I really hope you do) make another fallout game,keep everything the same including the great perk system just add, more perks,a different and cool location, and a even better ending system.
  12. Now that Fallout 4 was announced, what are the chances that a new Fallout from Obsidian to come out? I really liked New Vegas because of the writing quality and quest/game design. The fiasco between Bethesda and Obsidian regarding royalties I hope does not impede a future collaboration. Josh Sawyer stated numerous time he would like to work again to a new Fallout game. is there a petition to sign regarding this?
  13. I finally bought the Ultimate Edition of FNV, so a new playthrough is in order. This time with J. E. Sawyer's rebalance mod and a bunch of visual enhancements for flavor. In my quest for cool looking weapons and models I came across this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msd1bzwYuqo While it was tough to find the R.S.A. mod (by Master_Shifu, not featured on Nexus, probably due to legal considerations), I did find an archive that claims to be this mod. But The Rock in DEVGRU equipment is what I really want for my game, and I can't find it Anyone know how this can be achieved? I found references to a certain mod pack called VGU (by dragbody), which apparently features equipment from games like Modern Warfare 3, where this particular armor could've been lifted from, but the mod itself is pretty much impossible to track down. Another mod I found (http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/40661/?) is called Famous People, this seems like a good candidate for having The Rock's face. Anyway, can someone help me out in identifying the mods in the video?
  14. Inspired by a recent playthrough of Fallout 1&2 I had recently decided to introduce my RP group to the Fallout universe, however upon watching the television program Oz and remembering the semi prominent part that the Prison played in New Vegas, my plans changed. Imagine a huge Supermax prison somewhere in the badlands of America, a self sustained metropolis, with wells, gardens, cattle herds, crafts that the inmates practise and the various strata of factions and groups that inhabit it. The Warden and his guards, the Aryan Brotherhood, the Muslim alliance, the Mafiosi, the Bikers, the small township that serves the guards and long since vanished visitors with a bar, a brothel maybe, a general store etcetera. Now set this in the Fallout universe, and theorise what changes might occur after the great silence blanketed the land, this quiet beacon of supreme law and punishment left all alone in the midst of the Wasteland, overlooked by the enemy nukes due to its remote locale. How will the society evolve as life changes due to the new paradigm? Will the various power groups persist, or will they fracture and forget their past? There are numerous possibilities inherent in the setting, and ways that the unique Fallout setting might affect it, such as: Rockerbillies and Greasers having turf wars, similar to the Kings of Freeside. A benign AI overseeing the facility, its circuits slowly degrading, but still insisting on its inane chatter. The Padres, a bloodthirsty gang feared by all whom once served as the prisons chaplains, but whom now weild hog legs and righteous wrath in one hand and holy books in the other, fanatical preachers in the style of Jon Shannow. My minds is aglow with whirling ambient nodes of thoughts cascading into a whirlpool of invention. Do you think the setting has legs? Do you have any advice? Do I start the party as inmates, lost travellers, guards put down? Is the Enclave still monitoring the facility? What part of the timeline do I set it in, Fallout 1, 2 or New Vegas?
  15. I am curious if the 2D backgrounds will be finalised (pre-rendered + touched + post-processed) in a single high resolution and then downscaled either by the engine or come pre-downscaled by Obsidian for lower resolutions OR, finalised in several for a range of resolutions. Surely, this being 2012 and the limitations of IE games being apparent now (namely the resolution inflexibility), I thought perhaps they would opt for a more compatible and maybe even future-proof method than locking the scenes to a single resolution for everyone, regardless of their choice of (or their monitors') resolutions, kind of as though the game were entirely 3D. It would only be common sense at this age. For those wondering, some of the theoretical differences between various methods would be: (0) 2D backgrounds or scenes are made in 3D and then pre-rendered to 2D with best lighting and other effects, then the 2D image is shopped and likely post-processed (in-game effects) for the best result. This is how the backgrounds in all Infinity Engine games were made. They are not 2D artworks as in hand-painted but 3D scenes pre-rendered to 2D images and processed. (1) 2D scenes finalised in a single high resolution and then downscaled by the engine for lower resolutions. + Least amount of work for Obsidian + Smaller file size to download / to ship in discs - High resolution images potential (and very likely) memory hogs, especially for older or low end systems - Quality of downscaling dependent on a number of things (system configuration, drivers) - Loss of detail due to downscaling (2) 2D scenes finalised in a single high resolution and then downscaled by Obsidian for a range of resolutions. + Still reasonably low amount of work for Obsidian + Consistent image quality per resolution across systems + Theoretically the best performance per resolution - Much larger file size to download / to ship in discs - Loss of detail due to downscaling (3) 2D scenes finalised for a range of resolutions + Best image quality per resolution possible + Theoretically the best performance per resolution - Much larger file size to download / to ship in discs - More work for Obsidian (though I'm not certain just how much more: it might be as simple as using presets to do all the adjustments, except several times per resolution, or maybe not) I would just like to know what Obsidian has planned regarding this. And onto my second related subject: I was wondering how feasible it would be for Obsidian to give us an option to rotate the scenes by 90°, essentially meaning that every scene or location would have to be pre-rendered and post-processed four times to get four 2D images of it which we could then quickly switch between to get the best view to our liking. Apart from the budget/time cost of the procedure itself, I believe that the actual scene data itself would be pretty easy to adapt because essentially, they will already be creating 3D scenes (Unity 3D Engine + 3D models for characters) with just the 2D backgrounds and the necessary graphical features to blend the two aesthetically. So basically, I'm just asking: is this something you at Obsidian have ever considered or are still considering? It would only enhance the game, you know, freeing you of the limitations of locked-view and after all, anyone who has played any IE game has to have, at some point, bitched about obstructions. They did this in Commandos 2 & 3 (both 2D games) to great effect. See it in practice: More: As for the toll it would take on Obsidian; take everything I said above about resolutions and multiply it by four. But it would be swell if they did this.
  16. Links to Parts 1, 2 and 3: Feargus Urquhart on South Park, Pillars of Eternity, and More - Matt Chat - Part 1 Feargus Urquhart on Baldur's Gate, Shattered Steel, and Fallout - Matt Chat - Part 2 Feargus Urquhart on the Fall of Black Isle - Matt Chat - Part 3
  17. Hey everyone, I just stumbled across this article and wanted to bring it to the attention of Obsidian and their supporters. Its a detailed, four part essay on why Bethesda should license Obsidian to make an Isometric Fallout game. Would love to hear some comments from the developers! Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Enjoy!
  18. I'm going to make a Fallout fan club for my college, but I need assistance in something...odd. See the highlighted "demands" below: I need help with making a few currencies (for my fanclub); I need 3D models for Caesar (Edward Sallow), Joshua Graham (pre-Burned Man), Legate Lanius (with or without his mask), Vulpes Inculta, High Elder Maxon (any incarnation, but state incarnation somewhere), High Elder Rhombus, Elder Lyons, Elder McNamera, Aradesh, Seth, Tandi, Aaron Kimball, **** Richardson, Colonel August Autumn, John Henry Eden, and Arcade Gannon. Blender, if possible; alternatively, you could just have them doing poses, saved as .png (or whatever), and at any time--no rush, please. Yeah, hope I'm not being too impossible, or however I'm being...
  19. Hello everyone! We are currently streaming Fallout : NV. Unarmed Hardcore is the role we're taking. If you're interested in watching then come check us out! http://www.twitch.tv/dunkxpress Thanks for your consideration! Feel free to ask questions or answer them!
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