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  1. Don't you think it would be something if Vault Tec was Responsible fore the Spark that started the Nuclear War in the Fall Out Games
  2. I was Looking around on the net Here And There. and There are a Good number of people who are also Wondering What happened to Vault Tec in the Fallout Games if you Guys make this game it Could Make you A Lot of Money $$$$ p.s its a shame you don't own the destroy all humans Games I Got A great idea on how To Make A Third one. oh well
  3. Obsidian Order Hockey Puck Cut Back on the weed or Whatever Substance you are using. A Spy Net Work L.O.L Its Just A Game Idea The Reason I Think the president OF Vault Tec should Be The Last Boss is because of Fallout 2 only instead of doing What **** Richardson Wanted to do The Trust and Vault Tec's president Just want To Conquer the wasteland With diplomacy or warfare or Both its up to you the player
  4. I was Thinking That the reason Why you can get The V.P of Vault tec as a companion is because you can Find an old Vault Tec Building and inside it is A Big Secret you Only get to see if you have the V.P With you as a companion and The Last Boss in the Game should Be The president OF Vault Tec are you can Help the president OF Vault Tec you no make a choice to help him or Stop Him
  5. Call me Crazy as A Vault Tec employee But in the Fallout games one thing Cross't my mind about the Vaults What was the point of the Vault tec experiments Vault tec New the war was inevitable They had to have A Plan don't you think This Game could answer all most all the questions People have had About Vault Tec and the experiments and be a lot of fun to play
  6. I Made This Profile to give the Makers of Fallout A Good idea fore a new fallout game if I decide to give you anymore of my ideas ill be back

  7. I made This Profile To Give the Makers of Fallout A Good Idea for a New Fallout game if I decide to give you anymore of my

  8. OK so this is an idea for a new fallout game called fallout new hope That takes place near Chicago and the great lakes new hope is a Underground city made by vault Tec where the most important people in Vault Tec went to hide from the bombs and Form the enclave east branch new hope is ruled by a group Of human brains Called the trust the player starts out in new hope the first mission in the game is the player has been working for one of the brains doing odd jobs around new hope the brain the player is working for wants to get rid of the leader of the trust so he can become leader when t
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