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  1. What's the update with the Ranger and animal companion's shared HP? Didn't they change that?
  2. Steam doesn't typically do midnight releases. If anything went wrong on Steam we wouldn't be able to get it fixed for close to eight hours. Steam says 1 PM EST for us. You guys need to that ASAP.
  3. Sensuki's videos are now in the NeoGaf |OT| for this game. Maximum Exposure has begun.
  4. Yeah this. Is it 12 or 1PM EST??? Dude 9AM PST is 12PM EST Dude Steam says 1 PM EST.
  5. Dyrwood: deer-wood Aedyr: A-deer A lot have trouble pronouncing Aumaua: ah-mao-uh
  6. I pm'd the NeoGaffer who is doing the |OT| (official thread) and suggested he include Sensuki's videos there for MAX COVERAGE. Hopefully he pulls through.
  7. Monks don't have to be "pure" tanks, just give them lighter armor. They can DPS machines or great tanks. Depends how you want to play them.
  8. They talk about multiple chanters twisting together for "bonus effects"? Any idea what that is or is that just outdated or removed from the game?
  9. Here's the manual: https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steam/apps/291650/manuals/pe-game-manual.pdf?t=1427236869 Go to page 33-34 of the manual (page 19 in PDF form). Here is the excerpt in question: "Chanters can string any number of phrases together into a chant that can be used in combat, with each phrase taking effect as it is chanted and lingering for several seconds after the phrase ends. This allows the chanter to combine overlapping bonuses (or penalties), something which is known as twisting the phrases. Multiple chanters can twist their phrases for bonus effects, too. Note that chants are free actions, in that the character can speak them while attacking or moving or using items." Can anyone clarify exactly what they mean? I haven't dabbled with the chanter much in the Backer Beta. So if 2 identical chants are sung at the same time, do they stack or what? What are these bonus effects they speak of? This is first time I've read about this "twisting" mechanic. So now I'm confused. Is this like some outdated feature that got pulled or what?
  10. Sadly no, I just downloaded it completely and can't access any extras. I also looked it up in the steamfolder, but its just some encrypted files.Dam
  11. Anyone confirm if you get access to the extras from the pre-load (Guidebook, Almanac, etc)?
  12. Ok this manual is SEVERELY outdated. Must have been made when the backer beta was released last year, ewww.
  13. Diablo 3 on release was just as bad. Also, from what I read MCC (Master Chief Collection) is also incredibly unfinished.
  14. The most buggiest game I've played was Battlefield 4 on PS4. Holy ****, game doesn't even COMPARE to the bugginess you discover in Skyrim, Fallout, etc. Game was unplayable and broken Day 1 and has been for way too long.
  15. I used Haeveron (sp?) BG2:EE guide on GameFaqs for my last playthrough of the game. Pretty good, but a bit biased towards power-gaming the system like picking a fighter/mage etc.
  16. I wonder how the Total Biscuit "WTF" video will be handled. Hopefully he reads the Cyclopedia at least.
  17. That would require a brave soul to sift through YouTube/Twitch Archives that contain crap tons of spoilerific content to find the skill bonuses. Also, most YouTubers/Streamers don't even know how to access the Character Sheet. Your best bet would be to ask Sensuki since he has the Press Release copy.
  18. The Kotaku writers didn't even read the manaul nor the Cyclopedia it seems. It also seems that they're unaware of forming custom formations. Custom formations are amazing when you go into a dungeon as it helps greatly with positioning through the corridors.
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