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  1. lulz @ "dated art style" Prolly had to make an excuse to not give it a 10 I bet.
  2. Changing the "Download Region" in your steam settings seems to have fixed it, but I only downloaded 1.6 GB, but looks like I have everything.
  4. What exact version of the game do you have? Hero/Champion/Royal, did you buy it on Steam or where, did you upgrade it, did you activate a backer key? My version was a Kickstarter Hero edition, I activated it on Steam with my backer key, then I upgraded it to Champion edition on Steam. I see all the DLCs listed, almanac/soundtrack/wallpapers/ringtones etc. but when I go to install them all, Steam only downloads ~20mb of data and only the Cook Book appears in the steamapps/common/pillars of eternity -folder. I suspect the Cook Book works only because it already came with the Kickstarter Hero edition. same issue but i upgraded to royal edition
  5. I made a thread in the new subforum Technical Support about this.
  6. I redeemed my 'Kickstarter Hero Edition' key from the Obsidian Backer portal website on Steam. I then downloaded the game. Afterwards I bought the Steam 'Royal Edition Upgrade that cost $45.00. It says I own all the Royal Edition DLC content in my game library for Pillars of Eternity and they are all "check-marked" in the square boxes, yet when I go into the game folder I don't see any of the Royal Edition content like the Wallpapers, Strategy Guide, etc. All I have is the cookbook. I have started a new game, restarted Steam, verified the game cache integrity, and re-installed the game. Still nothing in the Pillars of Eternity Steam folder. I don't see my content. Help me. I have attached screenshots to let you know what I looks like on my end.
  7. I sent a Steam Support message so idk...might hear back in a year or so.
  8. So I redeemed my Kickstarter Hero Edition key from the Obsidian backer portal. Downloaded the game. Bought the Steam Royal Edition upgrade, and it says the content is "installed" in my game library. However, there is no Royal Edition content items in the steam folder for Pillars of Eternity. I only have the cookbook. I made a new game, exited steam, re-installed the game. Nothing. I even verified game integrity, nothing either.
  9. Just re-downloaded the whole game after deleting it and still no content in the folder, despite it showing up in the DLC list and saying it's installed. Also started a new game afterwards. Nothing. It says the DLC is installed in the game library, but I don't see it in the game folder contents...wtf
  10. Redownloading the game. Will update you guys in 16 minutes...zzz.
  11. "for the majority of us, the items show as DLC in our library since you looked into it, THANK YOU FOR THAT! <3 . but the problem now is that when we browse in local files there is no trace of them" This is my problem atm. Need help.
  12. Nope doesnt' work. It says I have it installed but I don't see anything in the game folder..
  13. Update from a Dev on the Steam Forums (I know right wtf?): =TRR= Major_Dillz (developer): I hear that it should now be available. For those of you who started playing, you'll need to exit Steam and restart it, and then restart your game if you want the pre-order stuff. The pre-order stuff is granted on new games. Sorry for the inconvenience! http://steamcommunity.com/app/291650/discussions/0/618457398960645032/
  14. I downloaded a 21.7 MB update, but all that did was give me the Cookbook. I upgraded to the Royal Edition, I don't see the digital prima guide, guidebook, etc. at all in the folder??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  15. People are having the same problem on Steam forums. http://steamcommunity.com/app/291650/discussions/0/618457398960645032/ OBISIDAN HELP! Where is my digital goods?
  16. I redeemed my Kickstarter Hero Edition from the Obsidian Backer Portal. Then I bought the Steam Royal Edition upgrade and I don't see my goodies!??!?!?!?!?! WTF??????
  17. Gamefaqs is not a hardcore PC site. GameFaqs is the console equivalent to the Steam Community Forums. In other words, avoid at all costs cuz there be trolls everywhere. I agree that Gamefaqs is console focused but the mood there, IMO, is more friendly than Steam forums. There are still a lot of trolls but man the Steam forum for PoE is ridiculous. Literally every other thread is someone trolling about price, SP only, no romances, graphics, Obsidian's reputation (which is great), etc.The best forum to discuss this game with intelligent, like-minded people, and has moderation is right here, the Obsidian Forums. I'm ignoring Reddit and NeoGaf because more uninformed people and they are too lazy to come over here and participate where the real meaty discussions are.
  18. Gamefaqs is not a hardcore PC site. GameFaqs is the console equivalent to the Steam Community Forums. In other words, avoid at all costs cuz there be trolls everywhere.
  19. Sock, what changed concerning the mechanic about the Ranger's shared HP with its animal companion?
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