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  1. Sorry for not clarifying, I want to play a melee Rogue. Someone who actually beat it on POTD with a Rogue so I can get a good sense of abilities to take and others to pass on and what the attribute spread is.
  2. Looking to start up POTD on 1.05 with a Rogue. Can anyone give me a good build with all attribute spread and such?
  3. My Method (tested on the beta patch, should still work on patch 1.03 because 1.04 did nothing with this ability). Basic gist of the method: Save the game when you have it off, load it, turn it on again-save it, load it, rinse and repeat till it fixes (i.e. save the game when the all of the effects are gone in your char. sheet). Turn ON Reckless Assault Save the game Load the game Turned OFF Reckless Assault Save the Game Load the Game Turned ON Reckless Assault AGAIN (check your character sheet, you should STILL see the duplicate suppressive effects of the ability whenever you turn it back on) Save the game Load the game Turn OFF Reckless Assault (turn off the ability, but ALSO check if the duplicate effects go away in your char. sheet. Turning it on will make them ALL appear. Turn it off, it should go away. This is when you need to save (with it off). Save the Game Load the Game Success: No more stacking of the ability. I just messed around with the method suggested by the devs. As you can see, what I did was turning the ability on, saving/loading. Turning it off, saving/loading, and it worked after that. So the order is a bit different. You will know it will be fixed when after loading the save, check by turning the ability on. ALL of the suppressive effects you see stacked will appear in your character sheet. Turning it off will make them ALL go away. THIS is when you need to save your game. Load it. And walla, fixed ability. I might be able to make a video about this to demonstrate as I have the old save with the bug. Developer Suggested Method: 1. Load your most recent save game. 2. Turn off Reckless Assault. 3. Save the game. 4. Load the game. 5. Turn on Reckless Assault.
  4. ??... You will have the ability to opt-in at your own discretion on Steam.
  5. Patch Notes Update from Brandon Adler: "Just so everyone knows, I am going to start a special beta branch in Steam tomorrow so people can start playing the beta build if they would like. I will post more info about it tomorrow, then link it to this post." _______ No fix on Rogue's Reckless Assault ability that stacks and can't be turned off (Patch 1.03 didn't do jack for it ok...). My rogue does 1000 dmg and gets 1 shot so I still can't play. Yay.
  6. Reckless Assault modal ability for Rogue is still not fixed? wtf
  7. http://www.shacknews.com/article/89004/obsidian-ceo-discusses-pillars-of-eternity-its-early-success-and-its-first-expansion Excerpt: "Urquhart fully recognizes that even though the game is out there, there is still work to be done. That includes upcoming patches, with Urquhart noting that 1.05, in particular, set to introduce some quality of life improvements. This includes allowing players to change portraits, balance tweaks, and other adjustments based on player feedback." "...What it looks like we're going to do, because this kind of expansion can take a while, we're going to split the expansion into two parts. It's going to be one full story that will go from part one to part two, but it's going to be two parts and anyone from Kickstarter that contributed will get both parts. They'll get the full expansion, but the best part is that they'll be able to play it early. We should have an announcement coming up soon." My wishlist: Make the game harder (Act 2 & 3). Balance the classes and weapon types Less bugs Stronghold buffs (e.g. resting bonuses, loading times, make it feel more alive, more quality of life improvements across the board) Reduce XP gain (make getting level 12 an achievement) Better AI. Harder encounters. Make it tactical. More higher level enemies (lv.12, hell make some level 13 monsters for ****s and giggles). More Monk-specific glove items Actually, re-balance the entire unique weapon/armor system. Make those enchantments on unique weapons/armor UNIQUE and super powerful like those seen in BG2. Rebalance the skills in the game. Make Survival, Stealth, and Lore more worth it.
  8. Is PoTD difficult in later levels (Act 2 and onwards)? I'm considering to restart my game after patch 1.04 hits. I wonder if Josh will address this difficulty issue we all are concerned about. I want the game to be a challenge, not a snore fest through fights.
  9. They should let you customize the bonuses. Max of 4-5 bonuses per "custom rest". You pick the 5 bonuses for your bed and then rest and you get all those. The bonuses are dependent on which upgrades you completed. Everyone wins. Ez fix. Get on it Obsidian. Thumbs up. Start working on it!
  10. http://game-maps.com/PoE/Pillars-of-Eternity.asp Best resource so far.
  11. I haven't played Pillars since 3 days after its Release because I'm still affected by the infamous Reckless Assault modal ability for the Rogue that gets bugged out as ****.
  12. Yeeup. I stopped playing Pillars 3 days after release because Reckless Assault is still bugged for my Rogue and Hard is too easy and XP gain is WAY TOO HIGH. So yea, waiting for patch 1.04 to address this.
  13. It really isn't that hard to refrain form posting useless comments like yours in a helpful forum here where posters are open to answering people's questions.
  14. Reckless Assault still bugged, still can't play...sigh. Also, companion attributes are still not retroactively changed. Lame.
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