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  1. So like, I don't really feel a difference between Defensive and Aggressive for the party AI auto-attack settings. Which is the optimal set up for each companion? I currently have it off for my personal rogue since he's micro-manage heavy. I'm clueless for my companions though. Currently have Eder as tank, Palegina off-tank/DPS w/ Flames of Devotion, Aloth+GM+Hiravias for ranged AoE CC/DPS. Any tips? I'm on POTD btw.
  2. Well that guide is 100% legit and nailed it.... until the first balance patch anyway, and WM P1... WM P2 is already being worked on. And balance patches don't affect quest resolutions anyway, only bugs.
  3. No, what I meant before is I've only previoulsy played this game up to Caed Nua. I currently restarted a new playthrough now and never saw this "Strange Illness" affliction at the beginning of the game, and I tried resting thinking it would go away. But I guess you just have to progress to Cilant Lis now. Sorry for the confusion.
  4. ? I've played up to the stronghold, so you can spoil me. I was wondering if this is like a bug or what? I want to know when it'll be removed.
  5. Tried resting, doesn't get rid of it like a normal knockout injury would. I even completed "Moment's Respite" and I'm in the cave map. Tried to rest there, still doesn't get removed. I got the springberries too, but I can't use them? Uhhh.............
  6. Just got the springberries, but I'm still affected by the "Strange Illness" injury at the beginning of the game?
  7. Ok so the affliction (Blind) is checked through reflex, and the damage part of the spell is checked through Deflection? Makes sense now.
  8. Example, look at Blinding Strike for the Rogue: It says: Target: Blinded for 10 sec | Accuracy vs. Reflex User: Full Attack | Accuracy vs. Deflection, +25% Damage I don't understand this accuracy part??? Can someone explain this?
  9. My friend only plays co-op games, but I agree with my friend that every game in co-op is much more enjoyable than by yourself. Pillars of Eternity is not an exception here either. I would love to play with a friend in online co-op in Pillars 2 and make decisions together and fight together.
  10. The only quest I havent done is Raedrics but isnt that better to do at a higher level? Honestly this fight is total bull**** with fighting in a small room vs insta kill fan of flames excluding the ****ing fire immune fire blights zzzz
  11. Lv 4 party with me as a Rogue, Eder, Durance, Aloth, and Kana. I've wiped 10x. I don't know what the **** to do in this tiny ass room with with fire blights and Maerwald 1-2 shotting entire party with fan of flames. I'm about to give up...
  12. Possibly today. I was out on Friday so I am checking to see if anything major was reported over the weekend. If nothing was reported we will do the update sometime in the next few hours. Awesome news, thanks for the reply!
  13. When can we expect the official 2.02 release Brandon?
  14. Ever since the White March Pt. 1 came out, they added 2 more levels. But the IE Mod only nerfs experience to level 11. Can someone who works on the mod please modify all the XP Nerf Tables to accompany the new levels so I can start a new playthrough? Please?
  15. This. I distinctly remember getting that rank every time at that conversation (the caravan trader) in the unpatched launch version, and pretty much one other rank every time I made a choice up to the inn (didn't play that version further, decided to wait for patches at that point). Once it got patched rank ups became really rare, maybe 1 in 5 or more choices. Given that you even get the tutorial popup this still does look like a bug. I was about to start my new playthrough after 1.05 came out, noticed this bug, and decided to uninstall this game since every bug I encounter annoys the hell out of me. Reckless assault bug made me quit the game since it came out.
  16. I noticied this too. You're supposed to get 1 rank right off the bat here (even the tutorial popup tells you so as well) but the character sheet is blank for that.
  17. Race: Whatever you want to play as. I use human. Stats: 16/8/16/14/10/14 for combat-oriented character, 14/8/14/14/14/14 for roleplaying purposes. I used the 1st template but I favor the latter because there is an abundancy of +2-3 attributes items, allowing you to choose most dialogue options. Talents and abilities: [1] Blinding Strike [2] Two Weapon Style [3] Reckless Assault [4] Savage Attack [5] Deep Wounds [6] Deflecting Assault [7] Dirty Fighting [8] Vicious Fighting [9] Crippling Strike [10] Whatever you want [11] Deathblows [12] Weapon Focus Gameplay tips: - Combat auto-pauses set to: Enemy Spotted, Party Member Finishes Ability, Combat Start, Target Destroyed, and nothing else When your party spots an enemy, the game will pause (Enemy Spotted). Switch to Scout Mode. Reposition your group. Start the combat by shooting with your highest damage ranged weapon for a free Sneak Attack. The game will pause again (Combat start). Switch your weapons to melee and the combat-time to Slow. Always use your X Strike ability (In my case, Blinding Strike and Crippling Strike). Switch to Normal speed whenever you feel comfortable (2-3 remaining enemies is a good number). - Party composition works well with 2 tanks in the frontrow along with you. They will soak the damage for you, engage enemies, and help you to flank. The best companions for these roles are Éder, Pallegina and Kana. I've built Pallegina and Kana as Two-Handed fighters before, but I didn't like so much. The purpose of that build is to deal more damage, and you are a damage dealer, therefore I rather build them all with Weapon & Shield style. The best candidate for a TH of these 3 companions is Pallegina. She'll need a weapon with +Draining to assure sustainibility in the frontlines, more about this below. - I love weapon enchantments like +Accuracy to increase your Sneak Attack Criticals range and +Draining. At least one weapon with life leech will make sure that you don't rely on your companions so much and can be a lifesaver. DR bypass is not necessary when you hit as a truck, and they don't work well with Lashes. - Always set a trap before combat. If you don't like how traps work in this game, simply sell them. - Invest in Athletics, Mechanics and Stealth. 3 points in Athletics is enough, for everyone. 8 Mechanics is enough if you find the +2 Mechanics +1 Dexterity gloves. The remaining high levels (11-12) traps in the game (very few) can be set off by your party members or be disarmed with the help of other bonuses (+3 Scroll or +1 from Inns). Extra Stealth is always good. You can set the skills to 3/8/8 and invest the remaining points in Lore/Survival if you want extra dialogue options. - Pick Weapon Focus at level 12 to make sure you are comfortable with your favorite weapons. - A good tank, Durance and a Debuff/CC caster (Aloth/Grieving Mother) are your best friends. See a pattern here? Rogue, Fighter, Priest, Wizard. Durance will always buff your attacks and can save you with fantastic spells like Withdraw or Consecrated Ground. Champion's Boon is simply ridiculously good for you. Aloth can Debuff/CC with spells like Slicken and Curse of Blackened Sight. These spells give afflictions that will allow you to Sneak Attack. Add Expose Vulnerabilities for free extra damage. - Give Durance the Interdiction tree line (all 3 Talents) and focus in +Burn/Ranged damage Talents later. Always open your combat with Debuffs like Interdiction/Curse of the Blackened Sight/Phantom Foes. - I haven't finished the game yet (PotD - Act 3), but I simply destroy everything on my path. My party composition during Act 1 & 2 was: DW Rogue Éder & Itumaaki Pallegina/Kana Durance Sagani Aloth/Grieving Mother And for the beginning of Act 3 I'm using DW Rogue Pallegina & Itumaaki Hiravias Durance Sagani Grieving Mother Don't worry so much about Min/Maxing. The rogue is a great party leader and a fantastic damage dealer. I assure that you will crush your enemies no matter what race/attributes/Talents/Abilities you get, even on PotD, so worry more about roleplaying. This is great thank you so much. This is exactly what I was looking for. Much appreciated.
  18. I'll try to be a bit more specific. I want to play as a dual-wielding rogue that flanks enemies after my tanks have engaged the enemy. I don't want to be "tanking" or using a shield.
  19. Yea was thinking the same. What level were you when you got to Act 2 (if you are that far in) if you don't mind me asking?
  20. So 1.05 cut bounty quest XP in half. I was wondering with the IE mod, which Nerfed EXP Option would be best to use on POTD. 25%, 50%, or square progression?
  21. Thanks for the suggestions guys. I'm not too keen on using the hearth orlan. Is going a death godlike doable?
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