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  1. My wizard's grimoire disappeared right at the start of the game..yup...RIGHT AT THE START OF THE GAME. Like...how am I supposed to test the beta...
  2. Yup, I can't play the beta because of this specific bug...really annoying.
  3. Agreed. That encounter with those boars and enemies was super tedious and confusing becausw everything was clumped up together making the targeting even worse than it already is.
  4. "Fighting Spirit - Once per encounter, 5 seconds after being reduced below 50% Stamina, Folk temporarily gain bonuses to Accuracy and damage." It should be Meadow Folk, not "Folk".
  5. 1. Start Game 2. Select Options 3. The Sub-Sections: When clicking on the sub sections labeled Game, Graphics, Sound, then ALL the sub sections dissapear. If you click on the other two sub-sections labeled "Auto-Pause" and "Controls" then all the sub-sections are present. Windows 8.1 64 bit.
  6. Hands down the Monk...followed very closely by the Cipher. I really like the theme of these 2 classes as they are extremely unique twists on the orthodox classes. I'm probably going to be playing these 2 classes the most as I want to give as much feedback about them to Obsidian. Their whole theme and playstyle seems the most fun and unique to me so I want to make sure they get them right!
  7. Josh said in the stream that there will be 4 quests for us. Seems a bit low...
  8. Hopefully someone can answer this. I tried to skim this thread for an answer but no luck. Will there be Steam Early Access for the beta? I have not pledged on Kickstarter, but I REALLY want to get in on the beta and start helping the devs out. Look at Larian Studios' Divinity Original Sin which had backer beta AND Steam Early Access. Will Obsidian give us the option to get in on the backer beta through Steam Early Access?
  9. Can you go into brief detail on how a semi-difficult encounter will play out in a battle in PoE? I'm anxious for a video, but I know that won't happen for a while. I'm just trying to imagine how the classes will play out. Could you give us a text description of a, say, memorable encounter you had so far playing the game? Your tactics, etc. That could be amazing. Thanks!
  10. Garrus Vakarian (Mass Effect Trilogy): A true bro-mance. Your trusted ally, never lets you down. Always has your back. Has conflicting issues to either be a government owned worker or a lone operative. Has a badass voice. And calibrates baby!
  11. I remember one of the developers (I think Josh) saying they were developing Icewind Dale and they thought it would be a 30 hour game when actually it was like 80+ hours. That's why he said he doesn't like giving a concrete number because it'll never be accurate. Especially with a game of this scope. Very FEW games come close to the length, breadth, scope, etc. of Infinity Engine games. With bigger games, you have to extrapolate on a game length if you really want to give some sort of finite number. But in reality, this isn't really the best choice. To the OP, I wouldn't be worried about the game length. Josh said Baldur's Gate 2 was....MASSIVE. And that PoE won't be BG2 "massive" but be "comfortably" within range of it's length. In other words, between BG1 and BG2. Keep in mind, they will hopefully give us an expansion and/or mods will extend the game's length. Replaying the game doesn't hurt either.
  12. I think Josh said he won't give a specific number because it's impossible. Some people can finish a game faster than others. I myself take a long time to finish games since I go slowly and take in the surroundings and explore nooks and crannies before moving on. That said, Josh said it's between BG and BG2 length.
  13. I hope the achievements are truly "achievements" in the sense that you put a lot of effort and time in achieving such a goal. I don't want achievements that are like "reach lv. 5". That is not meaningful. An achievement like overcoming a hard task is good though.
  14. I love sheathed weapons. One thing I wanted in Dark Souls was the ability to sheathe your weapon but instead your always carrying your weapon out. Definitely adds some realism into the game. Just wanna wonder through a city in PoE? Stroll through a village? It would seem weird for you to have your weapons out and talking to NPCs and such.
  15. I just really want beautiful character models and great combat animations. Sure spell effects and all that are really easy to make look nice. But for melee orientated characters like the fighter, I want those sword strikes to have a visual "oomph" to it that's satisfying to watch. It shouldn't be complicated to implement really. Just some visceral combat. I want that hit impact like you get in games like Dark Souls. Feels weighty and good and tangible.
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