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  1. After patch i look at my paladin stats and she still have to much deflection. So i strip her to find out that her shield give her 40 deflection while in shield description he should give 16+4 = 20. I tested with other shields and they all give extra 20 deflection. Is this a bug, or Paladjena have some secret talent for shields that i miss? On other characters this shields works fine.
  2. what? his level 1 spell "Slicken" is like the most strongest ability in the game, bringing bosses and dragons on the floor in huge AoE and duration. I meaningly stop using this ability, because how overpowered wizard is.
  3. Just in sake of fairness - this tomb-stories easily are one of the worse things in game, and even old-school community on this forums asked to remove them all in several threads. People protecting this particular joke like their own child, not because joke is good, but to oppose social justie warriors and dont give them even an idea to use social media to correct game content by their choices.
  4. yeap. BG didnt have crafting, while in PoE you can make any item matching your needs. Looks pretty close to DA:I, maybe not as good but still very solid.
  5. Can someone explain why carnage better with fast attacks? I dont see difference between lets say 1 hit for 20, or 2 hits for 10.
  6. realllly? No sense? So because of mechanics u can see invisible string of booby trap, but u cannot see grip of the sword behind a chest?
  7. For me its about RP part also - its hard to really attach to 6 guys, there will be always 1-2 who just meh. Also increased difficulty will make feel everyone in your party much more important which would lead to even more attachment to your characters. I will play party of 6 only because i love character intereactions in dialog and personal quests, but when i will learn it all i can see how party of 4 is more interesting to play.
  8. i read it - overall just praises, but also said that companions not as good as in Planescape.
  9. They don't matter in that they're not actual reviews of the game. Sure, the user score will influence consumers, but the user reviews that are up now, before release, aren't reflective of the quality of the game. Well, they gave 100+ copies to streamers so this user reviews can be pretty reflective. By i said this just to make a point, overall - yes small sample+before game release = doesnt matter yeat.
  10. From reviewers it would be in ~90 range for sure. From players i'd say if the game is not multiplayer orientiert they always give fair grade. So i hope for 85+, but if game doesnt deserve it they will grade it less.
  11. Great example of premade against custom is BG 2 against IW 2. No matter how much you love IW it would never be even close to BG, where companions bring so much to the table.
  12. and how about actual gameplay - cipher, wizard, rogue, berserk, druid - are all of them interesting to play, or some of them are borring and repetitive?
  13. As a side note - we will have fighter, cipher, priest, wizard, chanter, druid(?) coompanions. Did i miss someone?
  14. 100 (plus the difference between accuracy and enemy defense) tnx. So if your accuracy = or less than enemy defense you dont have chance to crit?
  15. every roll over 100 is crit. So what dice does game roll?
  16. Yeah, its horrible. I'm 100% sure Obsidian regretting putting this into price goal. Too late i guess, damage already done. But option to turn it off would be life-saver.
  17. We paid money, we apparently saved that company and what now? Some 12 years old youtuber is playing before those who saved company? Priorities are kinda weird in here. You paid money for game to be made, digital copy, backers beta and whatever other stuff in your price list. I didnt see price goal, where backers decide what marketing policy should Obsidian use. At this stage youtubers/streamers >> backers, thats why they get copy.
  18. So many IE fans, and noone name their character Abdel? Shame on you.
  19. I'm hoping this is the case. Or like a Death godlike showing up at a backwards village and suddenly being blamed for all the ills that have befallen them. it would be not too logical to me. When you name someone with different appearance as "Godlike" you would think that this people are above others not below. I think if people blame Godlikes in all their problems, they wouldn't be called "Godlikes" more something like "Cursed".
  20. It is normal for people to hate successful things. And when this things are also super popular, its almost prestige to hate them.
  21. So now you start saying obvious things. Yes, there more than one way to play the game, but it doesnt make gimped stat-wise characters less gimped. You lose your bet then. And i dont see how your accusations are relevent to this topic.
  22. So, i didnt play BB, and i cannot really figure out what class should be my main - too many options. So, speaking only gameplay wise - which classes you think are interesting to play and which are just borring?
  23. its say more about game difficulty, than viability of companions. Anyway i will never agree with argument - "its ok that companions are gimped if i can finish game anyway". But if you can beat the game without significant problems then they... aren't gimped? No, they are. It just means that game is not challenging enough to punish you for their poor stats.
  24. its say more about game difficulty, than viability of companions. Anyway i will never agree with argument - "its ok that companions are gimped if i can finish game anyway".
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