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  1. I fail to see the problem. You are rewarded for finding a great swrod early andnow your character can carry it and make it his. Think of every fantasy character and their weapon. Anduril. Twinkle. Sword of Truth. Etc... they are all found relatively early and the hero sticks with them. Noone of those weapons are found at hte very end of hte story. None of those weapons are replacable throw-aways. The heroes in those stories dont' go trough 100 weapons beore settling on that one. Because games and stories works in different ways. It is more easy and interesting way to develop a character if u familiar with his weapon. Thats why heroes in stories ussually getting the strongest weapon on the start (Excalibur, Agies-fang etc) and stick with it, rather than change noname weapon after each fight. But in games, especially rpg, "dress the Barbie" was always one of the most interesting part of gameplay. Boooring - almost nobody wants to stick with 1 weapon for whole game, so why should they cripple their game for 99 people just to please one. Its because BG1 was capped on ~7th level, and according to DnD rools its is something like avarenge middle-age adventurer, so you couldnt possible get some epic items. U certainly should. And not one item in every slot, but few in each, so u can make choices during game - "ok, i will encounter dragon next, so i should change this ring for fire protaction one". Or should play with vorpal sword with low dmg but with nice onehit abillity, or should i pick this with greater basic damage, or maybe i should pick this with improve haste ability ... etc.
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