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  1. so mechanics it is. LOL. im sorry, but as much as i can not wait to let the wife have it, and get on with my pillars play through, the things that do not make sense are mounting up. At least the game is fun as hell!
  2. So. what affects finding items that are hidden. in order to find items i do know you need to be sneaking. does perception the attribute help find items? and what speeds up the time to discover a hidden item more perception or? does it matter how many chars have perception or just having one near maxing always sneaking the best way? or does nothing actually matter and you just need to be sneaking?
  3. Personally, i feel this game will be played better without the use of guns. they hit 2 hard, regardless of the redic reload times. ammo should have been implemented and be stupid expensive or rare. i suggest to avoid running more then 1 char on gunpowder as in the BB, having 2 doods even, annihilated most of the competition, and made the game, even on hard, 2 easy. obviously positioning and skill usage mixed in, but when u get the hang of stuff, way way way tooo deadly. maaaaybe as the game gets higher levels it will scale, but it seems that the damage these weapons put out, is ... wooooo!
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