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  1. I'm seeing four things: 1. Engagement seems to set up when you use an ability. For example with Swashbuckler Eder, if I Escape into the middle of the enemies (ghetto charge!) Engagement triggers correctly and boom a bunch of enemies are Engaged. But if I walk up to the same position and attack, it only Engages the one I attacked automatically. I can then add Engagements but clicking on nearby enemies. Weird. 2. You can Engage enemies outside your turn but you have to actively click. Ie if Eder is next to someone but hasn't Engaged them, despite still having more Engagements available,
  2. Once a turn minor action would be decent and balance some abilities better without making the game vastly more complex, though I don't think it is needed, strictly speaking. As some who has played pen and paper RPGs for thirty years, I would say tabletop rules generally are a bad point of comparison. TT RPGs typically have one player per character, and a very small number of combats, which means more complex action system can work. As for AP, if I wanted to play RtwP on the slowest speed and/whilst pausing constantly, I already could, and every AP suggestion so far has amounted to that
  3. Quite. I'm not sure why this notion is so difficult for some people. Obsidian aren't using description because they are obtuse or unwilling.
  4. I'm just completely blown away that the OP thinks the only solution here is a full party of MC Bleak Walker Wizards.
  5. Yeah it's mystifying that people are having difficulty with this concept. Pillars 1 was successfully because it was pitched as essentially "Baldur's Gate for the modern age", and that very specifically included certain elements like a high fantasy setting, RtwP combat, 6 attributes, classes, races, and so on. Had they done something else, and say, gone with the above but with turn-based combat, there would have been a huge amount of grousing and complaining, and the KS would probably have made significantly less money - quite possibly half as much or less. At the time, in 2012, the ide
  6. It's hard to guess what aesthetic exactly they're going with other than retro, but it doesn't look like conventional raygun gothic to me (whereas part of the original FO aesthetic was pretty on-the-nose raygun gothic). The stuff after the Auntie Cleo ad looks slightly too retro for raygun gothic (though not way too retro), but more to the point, the gun after the Spacer's Choice ad looks like something from the 1980s or early 1990s visual-design-wise, though the ad it is in retains the strange faux-1870-to-1920 advertising style. EDIT - Aha it's basically La Belle Epoque (with influences f
  7. That's how I play with them already anyway. The real change will be that now I'll fret a lot about "wasting" charges etc. It's similar to the way some people hoarded per-rest resources in the first game. It's a psychological thing. I don't use figurines that often but when I do use them I don't want to fret about maybe needing them worse later in the game. Yep, I struggle intensely with using anything consumable in RPGs, and always end up with an endgame stash flooded with items I was saving for "a harder fight." I just want to say to you guys: YOU CAN BEAT THIS! You don't ha
  8. Oh we understand the approach perfectly. The problem with this is... it gets old ? You're constantly using the same 5-6 spells In the BG series you actually had the *choice* to specialize your caster or not : - wizards vs - specialized wizards for bonus casts vs - very specialized sorcerers The problem with the current incarnation of the mage/priest system in POE2 is that you do not get to make that choice. Sure, Grimoires are around to help offset this specialization a bit and allow you to swap some spells in combat, but this is... I don't know, tedious ? I, f
  9. PoE 1 did manage to do this quite well though... I can see the benefit of certain design changes, but the current system restricts my playstyle in a way PoE 1 never did. I'm sorry, not actually sure what the "this" in your reply is referring to. Certainly it didn't really offer a choice of playstyles, if that's what you're suggesting.
  10. Yeah and I mean trigger is often misused but if there was ever anyone it was appropriate for, it's Aloth, man. I love that dude but holy **** does he object to an awful lot of things, like so many things. And this whole deal where he hates tradition and loves duty makes sense given his background but sure is hard to navigate around, given how often the two tend to be tied together.
  11. In my game, he approves / disapproves in conversations occasionally but his approval rating is stuck at zero (after playing for about 20 hours). It might be possible that his approval is just building up extremely slowly but others who somehow managed to get it to 1 or 2 have reported sudden drops to zero. So sth seems to be off one way or the other. Unfortunately, there's no official info or acknowledgement about this issue yet. I suspect this might actually be that Aloth gets both positive and negative stuff a lot and thus hovers around zero. For me at 14 or so hours in he was still
  12. You're being incredibly misleading here, to the point where I wonder if you're like 20-something and just talking about a time you never knew, based on fragments of articles you read about games. The sequence of events you outline is flatly untrue. I say that as someone who has been playing CRPGs and P&P RPGs since the 1980s (and still plays both). Yes that makes me terribly old. The "mass market"/"casual audience" stuff absolutely never happened. That is a complete fantasy, and basically from MMORPG culture, where MMORPG fans like to claim any change is "dumbing down". In the
  13. I only just heard about this change because apparently I'd been missing my updates! But I just want to say YES! YES to this system. This is perfect and I kind of feel like coming to after so much hard work really kind of vindicates my long-held and probably misguided belief that AD&D2E's multiclassing system (which was basically similar to this, only with more limits and eccentricities but also triple-classing) was the greatest multiclassing system of all time (GMCSOAT).
  14. The original system was great in a lot of ways, but I think people do need to accept that it wasn't flawless, and main problem was not comprehension, at least as far as I can tell - I mean, I'm sure some people had that problem, but I think the problems run a bit deeper. Specifically, the other problems with Health/Endurance are: 1) One character being on low health means you have to consider resting, even if everyone else is fine. This is somewhat out of your hands, unlike spell usage. It's not really an exciting or interesting choice, either, it just encourages a bit more use of resting
  15. I agree but with double the amount of voice, they will presumably be increasing the number of presets, so hopefully it'll be fine.
  16. To be fair I think there is SOME doubt. The main issue that makes Pillars not always look as good as the IE games is the greying fog-of-war, which wasn't present after you'd explored an area in IE games. I am really hoping they get rid of it, at least optionally, in Pillars 2 - I'm genuinely fine not knowing exactly how far I can see if the upside is that the environments look more beautiful.
  17. I wouldn't be surprised as well but i'd be disappointed. The big problem of affliction removal is that they can be reapplied 0.5s later equally easy. Got poisoned by a spider? No problem, you drink an antidote and you're fine! Half a second later spider hits and poisons you again. You've just wasted your round and and antidote, congratulations. Liberating Exhortation sounded great but didn't work as well because it wasn't suspending afflictions gained after it was cast. Enemies with afflictions on hit could ruin this mechanic, i hope Obsidian will not let that happen. T
  18. This seems like very sound advice (unsurprising given your awesome builds btw! ) I have tried both those things and it was SO HORRIFYING good god. First time I went to do Raedric, I don't remember my level, but like, he literally killed my entire party in the first ten seconds of battle. And I wasn't bad at the game, I was just not, as a certain person from WoW might say, "prepared". I still have like Vietnam-esque flashbacks to the Skaen temple too, good god. It was a bloodbath. Yet the same thing a level or two later? Pfffft. With Raedric I'd eventually managed to do it at low level
  19. From playing Pillars 1, one option I'd really like to see that should be pretty easy to implement in the AI scripting options that were getting is: 1) Allow characters to be set to intelligently switch between melee and ranged weapons. I mean, I don't want them to default to this, but I want the AI to allow for conditionals like "If you have a loaded gun, fire it THEN switch to your melee weapon and go in" and "If you are not in combat and have an empty gun, switch to it and reload it", and most importantly "If you cannot reach your target (or any target) because people/things are in t
  20. Replaying Pillars 1 right now, I can definitely see the attraction of 5, because good god, the number of times the characters are sort of tripping over each other is pretty high. I really pray they've improved the long-term pathfinding too, so we don't get characters running back and forth, or refusing to take "the long way around".
  21. I can see that as my main character is a priest of Eothas, this game is going to be particularly challenging in terms of deciding what happens. Can't Eothas and me buddy up and take over the world or something? I'm sure the big dude has some good reason for that whole Waidwen trip and y'know stealing my soul and all that, right? Re: diversity, well, this game is focusing on an area that's subject to colonization. I'm sure the main colonizing power will be Vailia, but just look at our world's history - wherever there's a main power, be it Spain, France, England, Germany or wherever, there a
  22. I kind of like the idea that he's been travelling around punching Leaden Key faces the whole time since we left him. Oooh I wonder if there will be a good way to MC Wizard/Monk...
  23. No, it's not. It would be perfectly reasonable to give these options to all players right from the start. Just give people some "expert settings" for an individual experience, if they want so. Most people want their first playthrough to be the best (and many people don't have more time than for one) so why not giving everybdoy more options? There is absolutely no need to make these things dependent on superficial "achievements" and to only make this stuff available for a second or third or whatever playthrough. If anything this update punishes people who don't go for achievements and who d
  24. Pretty sure it means someone like Eder, Aloth, etc. as they don't tend to mess up terminology like that. Normally you'd have to go round them up, and some of them might be quite "deep" in the game, so this would let you just have them with you. It would require extra dialogue, but not a whole lot - they'd just be kind of un-reactive until you got nearer where they would appear and you might lose a "get the companion" quest (which wouldn't matter as much on a second play-through).
  25. Is this explicitly confirmed? It seems like if only two Paladin orders, and only two gods, both out of several available, got subclasses, that'd be a little messed-up. Wouldn't it make more sense for the subclasses to be role-based, rather than order/diety-specific? I mean, that's how AD&D did it with kits. Josh has said on SomethingAwful, I believe,(Ropekid is his handle) that the Orders and Deity's will be Subclasses. Whether they are consolidating a few Gods under 1 subclass and the rest into the other, or like PoE1 they are retaining a handful of choices... I am unsure. That
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