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  1. Thanks for your suggestions guys. Here are the ones I have found and/or modified so far: Note that these portraits are scaled to the standard portrait resolution of 210x300, and you will need to make your own thumbnail (73x86) in order to use them in the game. Myself I haven't decided which one to use yet.
  2. I didn't find any of those Dwarf portraits to be appropriate for my character, but thanks anyway!
  3. Hello, so of course I am planning my character already and I'm considering a Dwarven Rogue (muhahah!) only I'm worried there won't be any decent portraits in-game so I'm hunting around for a decent one on the net. Having some trouble, most Dwarf portraits have axes, plate armour, etc. Elements I'm looking for in the portrait: -leather or cloth-style armour preferably, prefer not big shiny plate armour -daggers or pistols preferably but not too fussed -not too old, I don't want to role-play a corpse -beards are ok -not too ugly -not a bookish type preferably, my character is a backst
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