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  1. 1) I just feel like Mule Kick is a better way to spend resources? 2) Interesting, I'm not sure I agree though because I just finished SSS and in some of the fights Serafen needed every inch of durability I've given him. Maybe because I'm a lazy player, to be fair. I see what you're going for, anyway, but I prefer to have him go all out on defense and leave the offense to my other characters. 3) Yeah I've not used that spell a lot to be fair. I could probably optimise some of these spell selections a lot more. 4) Ah well originally he was using that lightning voulge whatever i
  2. Dunno if this is useful to anyone but I figured I might as well post it here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2220432833 Any feedback is appreciated.
  3. I'm coming back a little late to this, but the physical attacks this character puts out are so effective that it's kinda putting the rest of its arsenal to shame. And the bear is super useful as a resummonable tank. I'm kind of leaning towards abandoning the Bloodmage aspect altogether which is ironic considering I started out trying to complement a caster build, but oh well. Looking at either pure ranger now or something else. Boeroer your Bleak Walker idea is actually really interesting now. Question though: does Sworn Enemy stack with Marked Prey? Edit: it does, sweet..
  4. I mean you say that but upgraded Dragon's Dowry deals 15 fire damage on a 15% chance per attack, it's not insignificant, also there are not many other good cloaks available for the build Trolls Stitched heals 5hp per 12 seconds, DD will deal more than that back to my guy in fire damage right?
  5. I'm using the Community Patch so AA scaling isn't really an issue? so what's the verdict on Ranger, yea or nay?
  6. L01 [PL1] L02 Resilient Companion L03 Vicious Companion L04 [PL2] Gunner, Two-Handed Style (Wizard) L05 Marksman L06 Protective Companion L07 [PL3] L08 Merciless Companion L09 Predator's Sense L10 [PL4] L11 L12 Stalker's Link L13 [PL5] L14 Practiced Healer L15 Driving Flight L16 [PL6] L17 Survival of the Fittest L18 L19 [PL7] L20 This is what i came up with for passives, no idea which Ranger actives would be useful really
  7. Why don't you like AA? I was thinking of using Maia for this build so Gunhawk is an option ALso if you could elaborate on those passives I'd be very grateful
  8. Oh and one other question, Fury Shaper gets a penalty when the totem is destroyed, does this also occur when the totem's duration is up?
  9. Yeah this was my worry, that I'd be losing much from multiclassing and not gaining all that much, however perhaps multiclassing e.g. Fury Shaper is weaker overall, but more interesting? I'm only playing on Veteran, so having the ultimate build is not necessarily the endgame here. Also "You can boost the PL scaling BM regen by quite a bit if you really want to" can you elaborate on that
  10. So I got a Blood Mage build, this is what I got so far (was considering using Fassina hence the unique culture), this is just posted as a reference since it's mostly stuff from the old build that was an Evoker: So as you can see, it's a primary caster that fires nasty ranged physical damage when it's not casting spells, I'm trying to have my cake and eat it basically. My issue is that since I moved from Evoker to Blood Mage there's a lot of empty levels since the Empower talents are useless. So, I considered multiclassing. I want something to complement the ranged attacker style
  11. as a side question, does Rekvu's Scorched Cloak really turn all burn damage into healing? I'm thinking about using it to negate the self fire damage from Dragon's Dowry
  12. ok so in layman's terms if i combine the -20% from garb plus the -10% from acina's am i getting more or less than a 30% reduction
  13. as title, apologies for dumb topic bonus question: can you stack effects that reduce reload time, such as Acina's + Sharpshooter's Garb?
  14. Ah right. I was thinking to have Armored Grace, Contendor's Armor, and an armor-penalty-reducing pet. I'm not sure if Mob Stance would have much benefit then, because I only have limited engagement slots. I also don't know how much DEX would be optimal in this situation. I thought 15 DEX would be best, but I'm not sure. I'd have to reduce my STR to boost it more.
  15. Alright I updated the build again Some thoughts: 1) spare discipline will be spent spamming mule kick or clear out depending on whether im against groups or single enemies 2) cipher focus is on casting affliction-causing spells that are boosted by void helm and the empty soul, any spare focus will be spent spamming puppet master, re-upping borrowed instinct and casting ancestor's memory lategame... if i end up being unable to use up my focus then i'll switch out superior deflection for disintegration or something
  16. Right, so I'll stick with Cleaving Stance. I'll have 0% recovery, so I don't need Mob Stance, and I won't have a lot of Engagement slots anyway. I must admit that Psychovampiric Shield looks ace, but I'd have to ditch Fighter Stances for it. Not sure if that's worth it.. maybe it is? It looks to me like it will be really good against bosses and tough opponents, while Cleaving Stance is just a 'win more' button. Maybe I will go for it.
  17. I assumed that Conquerer Stance wouldn't stack with active effects that increase Deflection and Accuracy Like Paladin auras, right? I also thought that un-upgraded Cleaving Stance would be a great ability by itself
  18. I thought that the resistance talents were really good. I'm not using a Chanter. I suppose they are situational.
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