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  1. I have a build that I'm using in my 5-man custom party that's similar to what you describe. I have no experience with it yet, though. It's based off the Templar build in the builds sticky post.
  2. but it's missing out the fort debuffs. now i have to pick a no subclass fighter. i feel that the penalty of devoted outweighs the benefits. anyway regarding stats, is a 10 CON fine?You need to bear in mind that many enemies have extremely high Fortitude saves, and thus debuffing their Fort as a method of attacking them with Brute Force isn't as optimal as you might think. The Morningstar modal also comes with a hefty damage penalty, so it's not for 'free'. Brute Force is definitely nice, but isn't the end of the world if you choose to go for a Devoted instead. I've made that very same deci
  3. KOTOR was based on DnD3.5, Deadfire isn't, there isn't any way to gain multiple attacks in that manner because Deadfire doesn't use iterative attacks.
  4. I'm referring to the scaling that comes from character level. The same way the the Blood Mage's regeneration ability scales.
  5. Only a small amount, and if I understand correctly the raw damage doesn't scale with level like the Berserker's does. It can get as high as 30 per 3sec, whereas DAOM's will never go higher than... 5, maybe? DAOM also gives immunity to engagement, which is huge.
  6. The self damage is massive. But if you counter it with Savage Defiance it's manageable.Yeah, but DAOM is almost as good as Frenzy, doesn't come with -10 Deflection, and the Devoted's PEN bonus is just as good as the Berserker's but comes with no penalties. Well, apart from the weapon restriction, which doesn't bother me so much. I'd rather counter actual enemy damage than have to counter my abilities damaging me
  7. I'm ditching Berserker on my Watcher. It's just too much self-damage and too many other drawbacks for stuff that a Devoted can get for free. The fact that DAOM gives 15% Action Speed, which is almost as much as Frenzy but is way less self-damage, is also a factor.
  8. Agreed. I tried the new monk sub with blood mage and dumped str and maxed res. That was the most boring half hour I've ever played. It wasn't tanky enough to survive and brought little to the table other than just a body with hp. If you're going to build a character at least make it better than the mediocre companions. The fury/blood with str and con as the strong suits does more than half the damage of a full party and soaks half the damage of the full party. I'd say that's a bit more effective. You're taking it to an extreme. We're talking about having Might at 10, not dumping it. And c
  9. I'd take fleet feet instead, but it messes up the multiple use of the staff in long fights. What does this mean?
  10. Does the skill assist that companions give to the Watcher apply at all times? I.E. if my companions give my Watcher a +10 assist bonus to Metaphysics, will that boost the effectiveness of Chromoprismatic Qstaff?
  11. I didn't consider it because I've never single-classed a Rogue before =p Still, I'm not sure that one ability alone makes INT the superior stat
  12. Does anyone have the Beast Of Winter ring Finality's Claim? I'd like to know what the item does. So far I've got: - 25% chance to Reflect Acid/Disease/Frost/Wind attacks - Time Dilation ability What does Time Dilation do? Edit: bonus points if you know where the item Ring of Clenched Muscle is found?
  13. The question was if one would consider max INT on a rogue, not if every rogue should have it. So you wouldn't even consider to max INT on a rogue no matter what? There are lots of rogue abilities where I'd say INT is the most important stat - especially if I go the DoT/AoE route. For lots of rogue builds MIG is fairly unimportant. Still I would consider to max it on certain other builds. You would max INT over MIG on a Rogue? No way.
  14. I just can't see that INT is optimal compared to MIG, DEX and PER, which are extremely effective stats for this class. Any remaining points should go into increasing survivability (probably CON). That said, I wouldn't dump INT either, not unless I was going extreme min-max. Leave it at 10. Or maybe 7-8. But do what you want, it's your game
  15. The problem is, my Watcher is dumping everything into Metaphysics to maximise damage from Chromoprismatic Qstaff. So I can't really do the whole dabbling in lots of skills thing on him... I suppose I could abuse respec.
  16. Speaking of passive skills: I have definitely seen Survival and Religion checks during scripted interactions (when you can send 1 party member). But I haven't seen such a check for Streetwise. As for dialogues: afaik they only assist. Hmm.
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