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  1. Intelligence is great in turn-based. Maxed on all 6 of my characters
  2. 1 action per turn, less attacks, possibly, but less attacks means less damage, means more turns, net number of attacks received = same, thus defenses not less valuable, as you claimed
  3. Just because this has gotten terribly boring and I found this on the internet: This was written by William Ewart Fairbairn, in his book 'Get Tough'. Who is he? Interesting, tell me more about this 'dagger', oh internet. Fascinating, now let us return to the words of AeonsLegend: "No one in their right mind would actually use a dagger in actual combat, that only happens in fantasy games where "rogues" are a thing.´╗┐ That stuff never existed in the real world." So on the one hand we have a self-proclaimed internet commenter who claims to have combat experience a
  4. > rogues hardly ever do in fantasy games I mean. In my PnP games I see that kind of thing very often. And it's often the case that a concealed weapon can be 10x more effective than a big, obvious, clunky weapon like a pike. But ok, I bow to your superior knowledge here, I guess I just imagined all the times the party rogue went up behind someone to slit their throat, or stab them through a vital organ. Or slipped a dagger into someone's side when nobody was looking. > Plus it is impossible vs steel plate armor Ah yes, we already established that everyone is always wear
  5. To address your points in greater detail: > Resolve may be a dump stat, but it's nowhere near as severe a dump stat as Dexterity (which you can dump completely with no consequence) That's not the case, there are consequences. There are effectively few consequences because Initiative is not that important, but it's incorrect to say that there are no consequences. It would still be much better to act earlier in the turn if it were possible, just the same as it would be better to have that +Deflection if it were possible. It's just that other attributes are more valuable, in both
  6. > Deadfire is an extremely balanced game in RTWP, and your examples do not in any way prove otherwise. I gave one example, and it was an off-hand one. Resolve is a dump stat for the vast majority of builds. This is because Deflection is a statistic that offers increasing returns as it increases (explained here). It's also because the amount of Deflection you gain from each point of Resolve doesn't compare to the amount of damage/healing you gain from MIG, or the gains from other attributes (aside from CON, which has its own problems). For example, the greatest amount of ACC you can
  7. When you begin casting some abilities, a certain amount of time (measured by what's called Initiative in turn-based Deadfire) pass before the ability is cast. Think of Initiative as being measured in units of time. So an interrupt can prevent such an ability from being cast, and the ability is lost - that is to say, the resource that would have been spent to cast the ability is used up, and the ability fails. However, many enemies that rely on such abilities have quite fast cast speed, and thus aren't easily-interruptable. Sometimes you get the opportunity to interrupt enemies and
  8. I'd like to be the lone dissenter here and voice my appreciation for Deadfire's turn-based mode. Initially, upon hearing of the new turn-based mode, I was extremely sceptical. I figured it would make battles tedious, and slow down gameplay. I imagined all the ways the game wouldn't be balanced anymore. I assumed it would be half-baked. Now those assumptions weren't entirely wrong. The mode isn't entirely balanced. There are some abilities that are way stronger than they used to be. Dexterity is now a dump stat, for example. Battles definitely require more patience, a
  9. Ah, that's interesting. I didn't know about the stacking issue. Deflection sounds straightforward, as many abilities straight up grant Deflection as a bonus. But, for Penetration, I'm struggling to think of any, outside of perhaps a Cipher spell? The PEN modals stack with Tenacious/Energized, right?
  10. Yeah I really don't think 4% stride is going to get me to put points into Dex. It might discourage me from dumping it completely. But in any case, with my latest characters I wasn't going below 7 in any attribute.
  11. In Turn-Based mode, Action Speed is far less important, because acting earlier in the turn (Initiative) is of limited benefit to most builds, and actions are limited to one per turn regardless of your Dexterity. This means that weapon modals that have Action Speed penalties are great because they essentially have no cost. So, I thought I'd list them all. Scores are just for fun and my own reference, use your own judgement. Ranged Weapons Arbalest: knocks targets prone on hit. Prone targets simply stand up on their turn, however it can still be useful because your allies
  12. I am wondering if we can get a simple dual-wielding vs two-handed analysis, now that turn-based mode is out of beta and we know it won't change any more? For those that don't know, the basic change to the question of 2H vs DW, in turn-based mode, is that both weapons strike on standard attacks now, rather than only on special abilities that use Full Attack. My immediate gut reaction on this topic is that surely DW must output a lot more damage than anything else, purely because of this change. But, I'm not a mechanics expert, at all. Thoughts?
  13. Source: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/109231-patch-notes-for-500/ Thoughts? Does this dramatically reduce the effectiveness of builds such as the Fate Testarossa in turn-based mode? Or is this spell, and builds which use it, still viable?
  14. I am currently in the middle of a turn-based playthrough and I can tell you that Dexterity is pretty much a dump stat in this mode. Going earlier in the turn order is a dubious benefit at best. It could be somewhat useful for controller characters, but personally I'm not convinced it's anywhere near as important as Perception, Might, Intelligence, etc, on 99% of builds.
  15. That's only for very short-duration abilities that last, say, 1 or 2 rounds. And even ones that last 2 rounds can quite easily reach 3 rounds if you have decent INT. Abilities that last for 5+ rounds are easily boosted dramatically by INT. I recently build a custom 5-man party and almost every single character had maxed INT because the boost in buff/debuff duration is really powerful. I can't deny that for some characters, average or only slightly above-average INT is fine, but a dump stat? No way.
  16. Everyone in 'combat' is using plate armor, got it In case you miss my point, I'm trying to say that your point about daggers is ****ing absurd because not everyone in 'combat' is using plate armor. A statement like "No one in their right mind would actually use a dagger in actual combat´╗┐" (word for word quote from what you said earlier) is completely nonsensical. If what you actually meant was 'no-one fighting someone in plate armor would use a dagger to fight them', then of course that's fine. But that's not what you said. So you should probably try and say what you actually mean
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