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  1. Could I bother you to detail exactly the steps needed to get the staff with minimal effort? I have no idea who Bipara is, where the Drowned Barrows are, who Nemnok is, what the wardstone from Dorudugan's island does, what the grimoire quest is, etc
  2. If action speed determined the number of actions per turn, almost every character would require max Dexterity and as much Action Speed as possible. In other words, exactly like the RTWP system. It's boring. At least this system does something to upset the 'Action Speed Is King' dynamic.
  3. Exactly. Dex and Action Speed are almost worthless in this mode. With a caster, it can be of some value to go earlier and be able to throw out spells earlier in the turn. But, I don't think it's worth it, compared to being really tanky. All my characters are wearing high armor (mostly plate) and have low-ish dexterity. I'm having tons of fun.
  4. If it provides any insight, I think pretty much the two main differences are that 1) attack speed becomes almost worthless, because you can only attack once per round no matter what, and 2) dual wielding is quite strong because any basic attack action you perform attacks with both weapons. I suspect this means that dual-wielding is quite strong in this mode, but I'm not sure.
  5. I wasn't referring to immunes, but relatively high armor creatures mixed in with other types But with this food buff I think it's not so big an issue (although the food is quite expensive when you start dishing it out to every party member and using it every rest)
  6. For ****'s sake. So much math and mechanics that is hidden from the player. Thanks for explaining, guys.
  7. I don't care at all about recovery malus because I'm playing on turn-based, my character already has low dex and wears plate armour
  8. I'm on turn-based, though Also, Battle Axes only do Slashing damage, right? So, they'll be rendered weak (higher armor) or useless (immunity) much more often. So, I don't see them as a comparable choice to Chromoprismatic Quarterstaff, which has a much less resist/immune damage type. Am I wrong here? Chromoprismatic Quarterstaff: - increased reach - not commonly resisted damage type - 12% multi-lash - raw damage AOE every 5 hits - X% increased damage (metaphysics scaling) - +20 Deflection modal (initiative penalty does not matter)
  9. Ok but for AOE we better hope that there isn't a mix of weaknesses in a given group otherwise why bother using AOE at all.
  10. Otto grants +1 Fire Power Level, I believe. which is about +0.25 penetration. PL 7 is near max level for a multiclass character. +4 PL from weapons is only during the day. Not everyone wants to cheese the game by only fighting during the day (ugh). Ring of FF by itself isn't going to suddenly make crits a reliable occurrence. My single-class evoker has max Perception, and that item, and doesn't see crits that reliably when casting Fireball, mainly because many targets have very high saves. Tenacious on a caster? Ok, that requires multiclass, or very specific characters.
  11. I don't think it is sufficient compensation, actually. For example, my Druid that I'm using right now has a massive +3 Power Level bonus to his Storm-keyworded spells. You know how much penetration that adds? 0.8. Not even +1 penetration. So Power Level is really bad at adding penetration. Even Meteor Shower only has a penetration of 7, for ****'s sake, and that's a level NINE spell! Minoletta's Missile Salvo, another level 9 spell, only has penetration of 6... yet that spell has a reputation of being completely overpowered? I don't get it.
  12. Penetration is a massive issue for these spells on POTD. Fireball, for example, has a penetration of 7. That's awful. That means in most cases, you're going to under-penetrate, which massively reduces your damage. Yeah, Fireball does decent damage, but in practical terms, it'll do almost nothing, because it'll underpenetrate. And that's IF you can even hit targets reliably with it. Example:
  13. You're arguing about how the weapon 'feels', rather than which is mathematically superior. Which is fine, but you should realise that's what you're doing. Dunehunter is absolutely correct, mathematically speaking, there is no difference between a proc chance vs a percentage lash, all other things being equal. However, that's not to say that your point is weak in any way - how a weapon feels is often a large part of why people choose to use weapons!
  14. I don't want to rely on a conjured weapon lategame. I like the feel of 'I have this legendary weapon!'. The itemization appeals to me. Parasitic Staff is fine for early game, though. I'm not interested in range for this character. I want to be a melee attacker. Battle Axes seem interesting, though I'm not sure which combination could really rival a fully-Metaphysic'd Chromoprismatic Quarterstaff! The character is somewhat repetitive, but I derive sufficient satisfaction from watching things get destroyed by high damage Wizard vs other classes: I am unsure. I came to the c
  15. Thanks for the comments guys. I'm leaning towards Elemental Bolts, I think. @dunehunter My mistake, I should have specified that this is for turn-based mode. I'm still curious about that Blightheart lash though. If it affects spells, that would be pretty powerful. My character has 18 MIG, so not sure what you mean by low base damage.
  16. Specifically what DW setup (with Devoted in mind) could produce a higher DPS? Asking for turn-based mode btw
  17. As per the wiki here: https://pillarsofeternity2.wiki.fextralife.com/Spearcaster Question: I'd really like to get people's opinions on which of these upgrades is optimal. The character I'm considering this for is a single-class Evoker, so primarily a caster, using Spearcaster as a back-up weapon. He's got 18 MIG base. He's using Ring of the Marksman (+4 acc and +1 PEN with Ranged weapons). He's also probably going to get some of the elemental talents (Scion of Flame, Secrets of Rime, and Heart of the Storm). Thanks for reading!
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