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  1. I totally disagree with you. Ya we should both keep the thread on topic and hope this and many other bugs get fixed fast. Anyone having this Kana problem should try to take other party members out of the party and add in other and see what happens. My party is pretty much wrecked. I am stuck with the party I entered the stronghold dungeon with until this gets fixed.
  2. If you dont want spoilers dont beta test. This was simpy a stupid choice and now its just going to piss people off. There are bugs in the game that were resolved in the backer beta that were resolved only in that limited area but now show up in the overall game. Example the Ranger pet disapearing. This was reported by myself and others. Got resolved only to now have it show up in my current game again. In my case it was game breaking for that run through because I saved. Now this issue. Wanting to avoid people being spoiled is a rediculous arguement for the game not having a correct be
  3. Game is more than worth its current price they just should of done more Early access testing instead of trying to spare people from giving away the story. Bad choice in my opinion
  4. Actually my issue apears a bit deeper than Kana. If I pull anyone from my current party they actually disapear and I cant put anyone else into that slot. I think I am stuck with my current party until this gets fixed.
  5. Its not just the stronghold its Kana in general I had an old save with him in the party still and I went to an inn and took him out of my party and I ran into the same issue. Very sad the bugs are starting to pile up. Backer beta was a mistake they should of had full early access.
  6. I am having the same issue and I am stuck and cant get out of the area I am in as well. I find this highly frustrating and actually pisses me off because this was a very known issue in the beta and I personally reported it. This does not bode well for getting rid of the rep as releasing buggy games. I am a huge supporter and I find this very disapointing.
  7. Thanks for all your answers been truly helpful. I think I will focus onf PER,INT and RES now to find a class that will match that and take it from there.
  8. When I play these games I really like my PC to have lots of options on what to say. Any advice one what stats I should focus on? the great thing is from what I understand they have tried to make it that there is no throw away stat and I cant make a omg awful build.
  9. When there is a requirement to be able to say something in a conversation. Example someone with high intelligence can talk about something smart. Can we use our companions stats and have them step in or is it only based on the main player?
  10. Thank you so much, was starting to roll play that the InnKeeper is killing my Companions in their sleep and adding them to the stew. You guys are doing great, keep up the hard work.
  11. I have the same problem Intel I5 3.4 GHz 16 GB Ram AMD Radeon HD 7800 series
  12. I have done this over 20 time and the result is the same each time. I have tired with steam running and without. New save every time Wipe the old one. 1) Let Dev made NPC die 2) Hire level one npc at Inn(works great every time) 3) Hire second level one npc at Inn This is were I run into my problem, The second npc appears but is stuck and cant move. When you save and reload the second NPC is missing but his equipment is actually laying on the ground. Im convinced the Innkeeper is killing them and serving them in the stew. Looking for others to try to reproduce the above
  13. I have now confirmed that this bug is not just isolated to hiring multiple rangers, I have now tried hiring multiple different class types in altering combinations and every time. In every case one of my newly hired adventurers disapears. I also just noticed each time this happens thier equipment actually is laying on the ground inside the inn. I would like for a developer to at least let me know they read this and are looking into it. Thanks
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