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  1. Any consequences to letting her reap after doing her main quest? Should the watcher be amassing souls for something else?
  2. I really don't think so. It seems to be aiming at (and not reaching entirely) the size of Athkatla from BG2. People should just take the nudge from the quests that take them out to sea (not that I managed to follow my own advice, to be honest).
  3. It seems like a long while since I had the indication that my actions affected a companion's approval. I have a few at 1 and Xoti at 2 but it seems like it's been that way for a while, even when doing things that *should* improve relations, like doing stuff the RNC approves of for Maia or the republics for Pallegina (who's still at 0 and I can't figure out what to do to raise it?) I've completed maybe 2/3 of the capital's side quests, so it's starting to bother me a little. Maybe they were just far more common on Maje Island? Is the max really 4? Everyone keeps talking how fast they raise the approval...
  4. I agree with the Priest reasoning from Gromnir and others. Regarding Paladins, I don't think single-classed Paladins are weak, however I think they benefit from many multiclasses but spending most ability points on their paladin class. For instance, I will always make Pallegina a Herald and let her have a handful of great chants. Mixtures with Cipher works well as with any other warrior class. They're not the most powerful single class, there's just nobody who thinks they're the weakest either.
  5. Your diplomatic, benevolent, honest neighbourhood death godlike wizard. I might herald death and decay, but at least I'm going to be nice about it!
  6. Except romance can be quite endearing when done right. You don't need multiple entries, or sequels, to create meaningful romance. Some of my favorite romances come from dragon age origins. It's just here, the devs didn't have the talent to make good romance. In which case, they should have instead not opted for romance. So maybe it's a bit short and not that well written for the characters. I still find it entertaining to have Hylea as a wingman
  7. In my case, after Eder rebuffed Xoti, she immediately turned her sights on me without any prompting at all. Then there's Tekehu, who tries to proposition you within seconds of meeting him. Tekehu is "I'm pretty, you're pretty, lets bang" with everyone. If you bring him to the Wild Mare, you learn he tried to kiss the owner without his consent once while drunk... As for Xoti, she is lonely and horny...the first thing she does is trying to catch Edér. She switch to your character if you tell Edér to turn her down and/or goes for Maia (or Maia goes for her, I'm not sure who start it). Deadfire is a big soap opera, really. So when I didn't tell Edér not to talk to her at all and try to accept their differences, I shut down her romance with me? Seems a little sillly... What's with the Xoti and Maia thing, though? Can anyone give a brief description? Using both, but hitting on Maia so I won't see it. Oh, by the way, I like how you expect sparks to fly between Pallegina and Maia, like in a hostile way, but they get along pretty well other than a bit of light jabbing due to being on opposite sides. Nice to have two characters respect each anothers professionalism.
  8. Wait, what? Xoti and Maia? Not gonna let Maia get all unprofessional with me in my second game then, I have to see that. I can't imagine what they have in common other than passion.
  9. Because my death godlike brings all the companions to the yard, his face is more scabrous than yours. He could teach you, but he'd have to carve.
  10. Are these all fixes or just highlights? Aloth, Pallegina and dispositions are still broken right? Anyone who cares about the narrative still can't really play. If you're talking about the Kind Wayfarer ending, it's not a bug, it's a retcon. KF ending now = soldier ending.
  11. The two major trade faction act like East Indian trade companies at times, engaging in privateering if they think they can get away with it.
  12. I wish we could click on each individual companion and see what exactly influenced their opinion and by how much. It seems like individual choices have stronger or weaker influence on companion’s opinion - which is fair, but I feel it’s comunicated poorly. I did one think Eder disliked and it immediately moved him into -1 territory. Then I did bunch of things he liked, but it took a long long time before he came around. Sadly, the little notifications we get during the conversation don’t communicate that gap. The result is that it is enough to have one interaction with someone and they throw a tantrum, fall in love with you. I feel like extreme conflicts should come into play until the bigger like/dislike is achieved (+/-2 or more opinion). Some hard coded limitations might improve the system as well - like companions won’t initiate romance until they traveled a certain time with you, and express they approval over something once or twice (if such things are in the game). That would eliminate “love/hate from first”. As Josh said a while back, the role of the system is to make interactions more natural but right now the effect is completely opposite. Characters seem to lack any logic or believable progression. And shame because individual “events” are well written. I find myself struggling to care about any of the new companions. maybe except Serafim. I know stuff about him. The rest gave me a vague elevator pitch on who they are, and thing they reveal is that they wanna bed my PC. Maybe more will be revealed later on, if that’s a case I feel like certain interaction should be gated, until later in the store (or individual character’s arc progression). I also feel like max level of relationship (and reputations) are too easy to reach. I reached max level with Xoti within first hour of the game, while playing as rather cynical and godless character. How'd you reach +4 disposition that fast?! Anyway, I agree that romance maybe should be slowed down to +2/3. The Xoti/Pallegina fight also happened to me before they'd even had a conversation and they referred one I had not heard (which could be Wad)
  13. Right? She's annoying and arrogant about her religious beliefs, but the other characters, including the Watcher pick up on it and can tell her to cool down and shut up if she goes too far. She's not somehow beloved by all despite her personality like, say, Sera from DA:I.
  14. It's not metagaming, I RP a fairly stoic, responsible Watcher, and Aloth seems to approve of that. And I think he views jokes as irresponsible. We would not be friends in real life. I suppose, but it just seems a bit excessive to be angry about every joke. Edér doesn't *mind* if you're serious and you can still have good relations with him if you're mostly stoic.
  15. I know it's just your opinion (I've actually seen some others claiming similar), but for this to actually feel more like BG2, the characters would need to have been better written, stealth needs to not be so terrible (playing a backstabber is way different in this than in the BG games), but most of all, the offensive spell casting in this game is just awful. It's no fun at all. You either exploit it via Empower > Rest shennanigans, or you may as well be shooting spitwads for the first ten levels. It doesn't help either at the glacial pace that is required to actually reach the "fun" spells either. CC spells are about as bad too. Half of them either take an eternity to cast, or they simply get resisted. All that's left are defensive spells, and none of those actually buff the player to be more offensive and seem to ONLY exist for some random Battlemage "tank" that isn't really meant to do damage other than the occasional fan of flames or damage shield (oh boy!). This game is all or nothing. You have to wear no armor, or go ultra heavy, so you're either fast and made of tissue, or tough, but slow as molassas. Spells are super weak unless exploiting, then super powerful mid to mid-late game. Most of the encounters are exactly the same too, which isn't really much like the BG games either. The only way it reminds me of those games would be the layout of the big cities, and the way they look at times, but that's about it. Did we play the same BG2? As I recall, THAC0 went so insanely low and saves too that either you went all in on AC or there was no reason to bother in the late game. CC spells were often also resisted most of the time and only buffing ever really mattered. Casting times were long too, one just didn't notice if using the robes of vecna or another item I've forgotten. Better written? Other than Irenicus being a brilliant villain, most NPCs had even less to say and were far more caricatures.
  16. I'm in the early to mid game having just arrived at the capital and already my answer is 'no'. Already, Xoti is creating incredible drama with Pallegina after I picked her up and I was able to calm the waters and later got Xoti to apologise for being an ass. Meanwhile, my main bro Edér relates to me why he's rejecting Xoti despite good relations: She's too young and naively overzealous and he's too matured to relate and she reminds him too much of his younger self. This game has as deep connections as I've seen in other games and it's far more open to exploring real, actual conflict between the characters.
  17. Playing on veteran, it feels somewhere between the mid level normal and hard difficulties of POE, depending on the individual area.
  18. Xoti lost any romantic interest from my character when she exploded in Pallegina's face (you can disagree with my friends, but you better damn show them basic respect!) Started showing interest in Maia instead - I mean, I've got a god as a wingman so that's interesting.
  19. I'm not so sure about the latter. Fighter/Monk/Paladin+Wizard seem to be all about the self-buffing that people would argue makes up for it in part. For Ciphers, multi-classing with a warrior means better damage dealt to fuel cipher powers and the passive specifically helps weapon damage. Some casters I find a bit pointless to multi with a warrior, for instance Druids and Clerics - which begs the question why I made Xoti a contemplative, to which my answer it 'it seemed more fun - and it is.'
  20. She seems to move at random to talk with companions and other crew members.
  21. I've seen that before. Did you also leave the Sky Dragon (Hylea's quest) and the dragons of the White March alone, though?
  22. The Kind Wayfarer ending has been retconned. You either helped her do her duty, or made her screw up by finishing her quest "wrong" or not at all.
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