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  1. Not patriotism: they serve a family not a nation (the nation the family ruled doesn't exist anymore). Damn yeah, I confused them with the Frermàs mes Canc Suolias. To be fair, they seem to share the same general Italian city-state temperament.
  2. What *is* the theme of the Darcozzi? All I've ever gotten out of it is mangled Italian with fire shield because reasons. Patriotism, guns and huge swords.
  3. But, which came first, the egg or the chicken? The egg. At some point an animal we would agree on is a "chicken" and not its direct evolutionary ancestor would be born. Defining a single creature that fulfills this criteria is obviously near impossible, but it would exist at some specific point though we could argue as to where. This first chicken started out as an egg.
  4. So... Either every single manager and most co-workers Avellon has ever dealt with were incompetent or malignant and have held him back and it's a miracle Obsidian is even remotely operational... -or- He's often the problem himself and Obsidian has a better track record of games than most competitors. I'm sliding from "I don't know, maybe he's justified and really have have had some bad experiences, or maybe he's just venting" to "He's attacking everyone at this point. I think the problem might be mostly himself?"
  5. What would be a good (not min maxed) stat distribution? It seems like dex has increased in importance due to fewer, but not per rest, spells - meaning you also want to be churning them out at a good pace.
  6. I'm not going to watch the stream to avoid spoilers but... If it made you do such a 180, I'm pretty damn intrigued.
  7. Wait, he's talking about POE2's story? How far was he involved in that?
  8. Tried to read up on all of this, skimmed a fair bit. I don't really know what to make of it. I think I'd just prefer to judge Obsidian as it relates to what is relevant, that is: How good are their games (above par for RPGs thus far and one of the few I follow after losing interest in Bioware) and how malignant is their strategy when it comes to releasing? (Fine overall, some of the silly 'editions' nonsense but not microtransactions as with the Deus Ex Mankind Divided crap) I don't really like getting too involved in internal Obsidian stuff. Maybe CA is telling the truth, maybe he's a jaded employee - either way, what am I supposed to do with it?
  9. If you shrug at her, she disobeys her superiors. I let her make a decision, it was never something the Watcher should decide for her anyway. I wish there were more dialogue options like that and when talking to other party members and other characters 'well, what do you want to do about it / how do you feel about it / why would you choose to do that?' Mostly when people come to you in real life with a (personal) problem, they really want someone to emphasise and/or bounce their thoughts on off to see how they respond. They don't actually want you to tell them what they should do.
  10. A sage, wisely utilizing the synergy of his multiclass abilities and attributes:
  11. The only logical answer is: What do you think makes for the best narrative now. What does your character want to tell Edér and Kana and so on? I really didn't expect being quite critical of the Engwithans to send Kana into long-term melancholy, but those were the results of the actions I took, so better to stick with it and see where it goes. Creating the best POE2 narrative is for replays!
  12. Speak for yourself, my Watcher is far from boring But aside from that, how are they supposed to write a narrative that can be told without the pivotal character being present? I have most of my companion builds already planned, but still kinda on the fence about Xoti and Maia. Geomancer looks to be pretty fun but Maia just seems to be a way, way better Ranger. As for Xoti, as someone else already mentioned, I honestly doubt the multiclass is worth losing out on faster access to the high level priest spells - but I guess I'll just have to wait and see how that turns out. well a lot of rpg do that...where you play a defined character...the witcher for example...i dont see the issue Shepherd is also a middle way in that they have more inherent personality, but at the cost of eliminating more possible variations of themselves. Geralt, for instance, is never really cruel or power hungry, almost always relatively calm until the situation calls for action and even then, collected. He always cares for certain characters, though he may be annoyed with them at times (Dandelion, Zoltan, Triss, and so on) He has a set personality that just so happens could pick an array of options within a limited scope. It works. It works really well when done well as with The Witcher, but it would mean that a lot of actions we can take in POE simply wouldn't be realistic options since our character would be far more defined.
  13. Prologue - Dream log 1 The Steward suggested I write down my dreams since they've been... repetitive as of late. Her argument being that perhaps I can illuminate the cause if I go through the dream, to uncover that which will not leave my unconscious mind. I asked her if what I really needed wasn't a watcher. I don't know how a soul inside an immobile statue could possibly convey rolling its eyes, but she managed it. And so she gets her way, as she usually does when she's stubborn enough. It feels really self-conscious to write like this, but I suppose here it goes before the details slip from my mind again: I'm back again on the Burial Isle. The eternally scornful stone visage of Woedica observing us as we make our descent. I still remember Pallegin's chagrin as we descended down the well. Having abandonment issues with the deity that marked you is one thing, I can relate... ... but depending on them for your very survival? A cruel joke at her expense. Afterwards. Tense, stale air. The flow of souls that cried out at their imprisonment. Then... Iovara. Is she what binds me? She chose to remain there even after revealing the nature of the constructed gods and our shared past - and my betrayal. Why? Do the gods truly care about her eternal self-exile? Should I return to seek out her absolvement? If the wheel of souls pre-dated even Berath himself, would returning to the cycle truly be giving in to their design? Should I make more effort so spread the truth of the gods? But what would happen to the peace of this bastion that I have finally constructed after wandering aimlessly for so long and the peace that I have brought to my domain? Even if she has forgiven me and I can not save her, I must seek her out once again soon. What other reasons for the returning dream could there be in darkness of Sun in Shadow? Did I commit another fault in returning Thaos to the wheel so readily? Were his crimes so great that he did not deserve the cycle, that even the worst of tyrants would eventually meet? No. I don't think my mercy was the cause. The dream ends as I return the souls to the hollowborn and then then... Surely the restored children were enough to even out the horror of those who had ended the lives of the hollowborn by their own hand? Or should I have followed the directions of my supposed divine progenitor and returned all the the wheel equally? What of my other sins? The consequences of my actions? Kana's lost spark, Eder's renewed zeal, Pallegina's dishonouring... Falanroed... Note: Vela calls. Earth shaking? Earthquake here? Finish later.
  14. Captain's Log - A Text-Based Let's Play of POE2 Foreword I've toyed with the idea of writing a text-based let's play of POE2 for a while before finally committing. As I have no interest in writing a moderate length novel, I won't transcribe all dialogue, rather the format will be closer to what the title indicates - a log/diary (peppered with a healthy dose of screenshots and commentary). The events of POE1 will not all be laid out in detail, and much will depend on whenever or not it comes up at all. While the prologue is likely a little sober, the tone is likely to shift to include a more jovial tone as well, depending on what the game throws at me. I've no real perception of how interested this community is in reading or even participating in this thing, but if there's a decent amount of interest, I might ask you guys to vote between one or another option when the main story provides a fork. But... let's get on with it! Index Prologue - Dream log 1 Dream Captain's Log Majprima 19th, 2823 AI (Day 2, hour 20)
  15. About the same. I want to keep one full-time Wizard and (probably) one full-time priest in the form of Xoti. Managing more than two dedicated spellcasters is a bit of a chore to me, and I like keeping a strong warrior front as well as a decent ranged character. The only likely exception will be using Pallegina as a herald. I... used Kana for most of POE but to be honest I rarely got to summon anything since I specialized the party in full frontal assaults, so he never had time to charge up.
  16. 4 of the 7 companions are aligned with major factions in the game. 2 of the 7 are likely to have conflicting theological differences. Presumably not all of them are going to be happy about what are sure to be Act 2 decisions. Therefore it stands to reason that there may be “holes in the roster” at some point. Holes which some players might not be happy about having to fill with hirelings. That’s one reason.Why be happier with sidekicks than hirelings If they have no life to them?I guess I don’t understand what is meant by “no life”. We know that we will most likely encounter them via associated quests and that they will have custom voice sets. They have less reactivity than full companions, but they comparison to hirelings just comes across as pouting. I've no problems with using hirelings as an absolute fallback, but I'd rather use a companion I dislike than a much less involved sidekick or hireling. I don't think (hope?) that I'll manage to piss off 4/7 people enough that they exit stage left, mind you. I'm not outraged about how little involved sidekicks are as noted, I'm just explaining that I consider them the worst of both worlds.
  17. 4 of the 7 companions are aligned with major factions in the game. 2 of the 7 are likely to have conflicting theological differences. Presumably not all of them are going to be happy about what are sure to be Act 2 decisions. Therefore it stands to reason that there may be “holes in the roster” at some point. Holes which some players might not be happy about having to fill with hirelings. That’s one reason. Why be happier with sidekicks than hirelings If they have no life to them?
  18. I kind of like the uniqueness of it all. In Eora, being a big buff adventurer means that your spells punch extra hard.
  19. This is clearly a bug. It was certainly a very nifty spell (moderate healing and light damage to a confused mess of enemies and allies), but it was worse than a dedicated damage or healing spell.
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