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  1. Well that sucks. In that case I guess that means she won't join your party if you had the Kind Wayfarer ending? I know there's two variants of having her disobey. The other version being if you chose to strengthen the Dyrwood with the souls at the end. It said she was banished and then eventually pardoned in that ending, so at the very least it makes sense about her being upset about being banished but still in the brotherhood. It just seems odd to me that they would do that about the Kind Wayfarer ending. it's awful that she was banished from her brotherhood (and home I assume,) but she did what she thought was right by trying to help the people of the Dyrwood. Despite all of that, she was still able to find a home within the Kind Wayfarers, and continue to help those in need. I found that to be a noble ending for her. But to run into her now in Deadfire, and she's just this disgruntled dock guard, that's a shell of who she once was, who refuses to help the Watcher with this catastrophic event is just.. She'll still follow you, once you've met with the Queen. She just needed to vent some complicated emotions.
  2. Seems they melted the two outcomes (not finishing, letting her disobey) together as 'you made her fail, you bastard'
  3. It seems to have been retconned. Not performing her orders = rejoining in disgrace. She basically gave me the soldier backstory despite having joined the Kind wayfarers.
  4. Yeah I found this out. I'd consider it a retcon and a damn shame, but that's not a technical issue.
  5. ... Despite ending as such in my save (I did not side with Margran and she disobeyed her orders) and being referred to as having been banished until I seek her out. She always talks about her work as a soldier. Any way to fix this? I regret not just waiting for the hotfix already, the problems are really piling up :-/.
  6. Any "penalties" so to speak by rushing to Neketaka to pick up Maia and Pallegina?
  7. It's completely fine, but probably dwarfed by having the caster half be a wizard (for self buffs and summoned weapons) or cipher (due to synergy with weapon attacks).
  8. Thing is, this is "only" flags not being imported correctly and they form the major complaint (from Windows users, I feel you mac users and hope you get it fixed ASAP) dominating the negative reviews. Very few in the support forums seem to freak out about a modifier that might not work 100% as intended that'll likely require more effort to fix (I'm not a programmer, but if a non spawning character can be fixed with a single command line, I don't think it'll require so much to fix?)
  9. See here https://forums.obsidian.net/blog/7/entry-175-location-of-save-games/ C:\Users\ --> [Your personal folder] --> Saved Games --> Create "Pillars of Eternity" --> Move save here.
  10. Nevermind, all is good, I misunderstood the circles as representing 1/4 of 1 approval, not 1 each.
  11. I'm on the first island and while I've done a couple of things the game seemed to indicate that my Edér and Xoti liked, the reputation remains at 0 with no filling on the circular bar at all. Should I be worried?
  12. So I guess I'm missing out from activating Vela with commands which ruins achievements? Ah well.
  13. To be continued. Writing this took longer than playing it, so very likely the story will trail behind my game and take many months to complete. I also had to play twice because Vela wouldn't load properly the first time (a known bug when importing saves), so I "activated" her with the command console and hope the entire game won't explode in my face on account of it. Don't pay too much creed Vitus' attitude. He's mostly a decent fellow when the gods aren't destroying his home, killing his men, hanging Damocles swords over him or just in general being jerks. Well, maybe except that one time when he abducted a baby. Please feel very free to comment, it's enjoyable to discuss the game and get feedback on the let's play itself and I do welcome criticism (English is not my primary language, so some sentences may be a little artificial or grammatically incorrect). Please try to keep avoid any spoilers after the events of each update, though.
  14. Dream Captain's Log Majprima 19th, 2823 AI (Day 2, hour 20) Introduction video to Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire (first minute) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mother always said "start with the bad news, son. For instance: You face is such that it reminds all of their inherent mortality and therefore you will always be an outsider wherever you go." She meant well. I think. Now, the bad news: My castle and home has been destroyed by the reawakened God-construct of Redemption and "light", most of my guards and servants have had their souls snuffed out of them, I've become indebted to the God-construct of Death/Rebirth. Yes. Even though Berath chose to don his/her/its arguably more appealing visage for my audience, the cause for he/she/it "saving" my soul was not hidden behind much subterfuge. Berath is not the kindest at job interviews, but at least she/he/it tells you what they want. In the in-between, I was recruited to be the Herald of the God-construct with a holy mission to seek and report the actions of his errant counterpart. I care only to do so to save the souls of my men who Eothas has consumed, now trapped inside him... Although, I suppose his/her/its mortal threats, should I refuse, also ring true. I still hear the ringing faintly at times. I get it already. I suppose I should be happy that at last, my appearance has a use given my new profession as the Herald of the Wheel, but frankly I'd rather have sought out Eothas of my own accord. In other bad news, I'm having to write this journal in my lap on a godforsaken island in the middle of the Deadfire Archipelago. Sand. Sand and Salt. Sand and salt everywhere. I'm getting ahead of myself here. Some good news first. I have a ship now. Which I discovered moments after awakening from the in-between with Edér and the Stone Steward looking over me. They were quite surprised at me knowing the gist of things. I've missed you, Edér. Said ship, which I discovered had been bought for my remaining funds, used to transport myself comatose across the sea, was mine to command for all of two minutes, where after it was set upon by pirates and ran into a storm. As the ship was taken by the storm, a visage was seen by the panicked crew and myself. It was true, Eothas had headed all this way east. As we woke, the ship was not in the best condition. They keep calling it "the defiant". Do I not get to at least name my own ship? I woke once again on the shore first to see Edér, who had apparently spent his time dabbling in swashbuckling and working with a "secret" Eothesian cult who recruited people who wore eothasian religious symbols openly.. I was a little worried about this "Night Market" thing, but upon hearing of my recent Divine predicament, it became clear that he had not entirely turned zealot on me. Surveying the wreckage, I found Vela, my... adopted daughter and heir to Caed Nua with Eld Engrim, a drunken old man who seems to have been slipping my daughter alcoholic beverages. Edér. We need to talk about boundaries and who we let influence the little one. ... Chitupec, a Deadfire local who almost fell over the railing during the storm and armed with naught but wet pistol or two, but seems perhaps the most well-adjusted of the lot. ... Irrena, a fellow Vailian countryman who seems to have dodged the storm by performing a barrel roll. DISREGARD THE SHIP NAME IN THIS SCREENSHOT. ... Beodul, a crimson-maned dwarf who appreciates a good trap triggering skill when he sees it, as well as (according to Edér) calling things "scabrous". Oh, right. He was hiding inside a local cave infested with tons of skeletons, revenants, some sort of bat-creatures and metal golems. Have I mentioned that this whole near-death ordeal seems to have fried away my abilities as an archmage and left me with only the most basic of spells under the bad news? The good news is that these basic spells will still more than suffice to deal with said infestation. Speaking of the undead, as the Herald of the Wheel, is is apparently also my duty to guide the fallen towards their destination. Luckily, the first few who wanted to go were more than willing. ... Though I seem to have accidentally made a friend of one of them and now she's following me around waiting for some sort of closure. I think maybe she was just lonely and tired of working for jerks. So. In summary: It could be worse, I could be alone. I'll have to head off to what passes for civilization in these parts to see if I can have the front of The Metempsychosis repaired. There's probably a fancy nautical term for that part of the ship, but you know what?
  15. Do you know if this will merely restore her on the beach, or set the state so that she's preserved as 'normal' fr the rest of the game? (As I understand it, she's also supposed to work as a crew member, but doesn't for anyone?) This command sets her variable to what it should be when you import a save having kept her. Everything should behave exactly the same from that point forward. Also, since you're only altering this one very specific variable, it shouldn't mess with anything else in the game. That being said, it is a debug command, so there is still the risk of something going wrong somewhere unfortunately. Also I thought this was the case but I just confirmed with our design team; Vela is not intended to be a member of your crew. They didn't want her getting injuries and possibly dying during ship combats. The intended design behind the little orlan is that she hangs out inside of your ship and can be talked to, and can have banters with all the companions. Hopefully that helps, even if it's not necessarily the answer everyone wanted =( I'm entirely fine with her not being a crew member as long as it's WAD. I really wish we could have had an early quickfix specifically for importing or creating savegames since it seems "only" to be caused by flags not being marked as they should, rather than missing content, but I do understand the desire for a patch covering other stuff like the Mac users all at once. Now, I'm hoping that applying the command won't somehow cause trouble with the update. Wish me luck.
  16. Update will probably arrive in about a week: https://www.reddit.com/r/projecteternity/comments/8hjtcm/anyone_else_accidentally_bring_the_baby_in_im/dylxow5/?st=jgzcn675&sh=4ecfb8f7 ... Does anyone know if the command line stuff works alright-ish? Does Vela just appear on the beach and thereafter behave normally? Is more needed?
  17. Do you know if this will merely restore her on the beach, or set the state so that she's preserved as 'normal' fr the rest of the game? (As I understand it, she's also supposed to work as a crew member, but doesn't for anyone?)
  18. As others have stated, be prepared for randomly going "wait, what? That's not how things went down" regardless of what you do. I had to abandon the game in the first area. Vela was gone, Edér seemed bugged, had heard rumors of Aloth having weird ideas... If they didn't care to focus QA on the consequences of your actions in the first game, then why make it a sequel with the same protagonist and lots of returning NPCs? It doesn't make sense.
  19. Lucky you.Maybe they'll bloody fix the whole importing system by then, cause it's borked to hel and back right now. Yup. Eder is broken, Vela is broken and Aloth is apparantly also broken. I'm worried how much more is affected and not starting until an update or even beta addresses it :-/. How did they miss something that becomes apparant withim an hour of starting the game?
  20. Known bug, see the 'Vela doesn't spawn' topic. It affects all imported saves. Also, she.
  21. I created a history, and Vela does show up in the ship. She was below-decks as soon as I went down, chatting with Xoti.Can anyone who tries to create her by commands confirm that works as well. As I understand it, that runs the risk of other flags being affected though... Really wish there was a summary of all our decisions after importing to see if it'll work.
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