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  1. Look, I took down the late dragon with one empowered level 9 spell on hard and I coasted through the game after having found veteran in POE to be quite a challenge. Meanwhile in this game I only ever struggled against the damned fampyrs and their charms. If anything the weapons of POE2 are more powerful than the ones in POE were. +15% action speed, for instance, is *huge*. The game was too damn easy.
  2. You're not allowed to question the legitimacy of the trial by saying you'd intervene.
  3. For Teheku the problem was that I was already a CC/Nuke wizard, I had Pallegina as a herald for passive buffs and I had Xoti as a healer/buffer. He made a bad first impression and I just had no room for his roles anyway.
  4. When my MC was a mixed crowd controller and nuker I went Scout because the enemies were *always* under at least one negative effect so sneak attacks were the norm. Might go geomancer in a second game if I want for crowd control. Single-classed rangers just don't have enough stuff to justify it.
  5. My Death Godlike got a lot of nods in POE2, which was nice. Most positively though, a bunch of characters commented on being a drifter, noting how I must relate to the need for discovery etc.
  6. Kind of a shame there isn't some interaction between Concelhaut and Arkemyr.
  7. I seem to recall the herb shop also had a few. Makes me question how precisely she's "growing" her crop, but it's probably best I don't know.
  8. My Eder told her he doesn't want to speak to her and had a talk with me about her annoying him, but has her at +2 xD And softens up and has normal banter later. I think people read too much into dispositions though, they're really weird between companions and don't really reflect how they seem to interact with actual dialogue.
  9. I really wouldn't have minded a new main character. I feel like the Watcher had their story and that of his/her companions wrapped up nicely in POE1. The idea of essentially starting as shipwrecked 'Rekke' with a short intro indicating what the stormfolk culture was like on a ship voyage west you had joined for [custom reason]... Maybe Eothas, not the storm, was the final reason you were the sole survivor? Yeah it could've been interesting.
  10. And it's not just him approving in conversations because she triggers his "dutiful" disposition. I've been listening to the party banter on youtube, and he actually admits that he admires Xoti because she is so dedicated to her faith despite a lot of her superiors being agaisnt it. Like wut??? Aloth, buddy, last time we talked in Sun in Shadow you absolutely hated the gods and the people who would spread lies about them. I can understand having a measure of respect for someone who is firm in their beliefs even when you don't agree with the beliefs themselves. But Xoti isn't just strong in her faith, she is bordering on fanatical and trying to shove it down other people's throat on some occasions, and yet Aloth is downright praising her. I don't know, maybe it's pro-Leaden Key Aloth banter, but since he always has "dutiful" tag regardless of his situation with the Leaden Key, I'm not sure what to think. Honestly, i think Xoti is actually some sort of mind-****ing cipher a la Grieving Mother, just instead of making herself seem unnoticed, she makes everyone like her for some bloody reason. Hell, even Concelhaut and Nemnok actually like her (Concelhaut calling out how she has 'great potential' - not exactly what you want to hear a Lich say to one of your companions and Nemnok keeps complaining how Xoti deserves a better captain than the Watcher!). The more i think about it, the less i trust Xoti Concelhaut probably sense the crazy harvester possibility for her personality. That or he's being obnoxious. Quite a few characters can be quite rejecting towards Xoti and the watcher can properly tell her off for suddenly going evangelical at Pallegina.
  11. I suppose, but for instance Hylea seems... mainly bothered about rebuilding a new wheel and the consequences of there not being one more than the current one remaining in existence. If she only cared about saving her own skin, why would she mainly want the watcher to help kith build a new machine? I suppose she could be trying to deceive the Watcher by seeming more benevolent than she really is, and she always seemed to be the closest to an ally Eothas had.... But even Eothas seemed to believe that Kith souls would be trapped without the wheel and that a replacement for the wheel was necessary.
  12. Usually I don't admire piety, but in this case I'm fairly impressed at her dedication.
  13. You captured and essentially enslaved a former Lich Archmage and local deity. They're going to be annoying about it if you bring them along.
  14. Addition: Pallegina didn't have an ending slide. I'm quite sure she's bugged and probably should've left?
  15. ... If the wheel is a construct of the Engwithans, the cycle of rebirth a process engineered by them, and a process which will eventually result in the cache of souls running out with everyone "stuck" in the in-between/beyond, whichever it was... How did things work *before* the Engwithans built the wheel? Why didn't they run out of souls shortly after intelligent life appeared on Eora?
  16. Sorry, Pallegina.* I supported the RTC before reaching Ukaizo. Surprisingly, Pallegina never protested at willingly bombarding her countrymen's ships other than complaining about how the RTC do things. Then i reached Ukaizo and... I may have had decent relations (+1), but I still don't think she should be reacting like this unless I supported the Republics...
  17. We have no official map, so nah. It just seems interesting that we have no actual large continents with competing empires (again, other than the Eastern Reach, but it doesn't seem very large) as on Earth, but each faction instead controls an island nation of their own.
  18. I suppose a solution could be that the known nations actually occupy a narrower part of the planet, but we do know that they cover from the south to the north pole.
  19. Every large unified faction that we know of - (Aedyr, Old Vailia, Rauatai) as well as Deadfire, The Living Lands and even The White that Wends exist on continents of their own. It is entirely possible that nations other than these exist elsewhere on the planet, however... Compared to Earth it all seems very small, with descriptions of each faction that makes them seem like, at best, at the size of one maybe two large european states. This would also help explain how they can dominate their entire continent and why every nation seems invested in having a fleet. There is no indication that each island empire has any neighbors on land except from the Eastern Reach. Meisser-31 at some point made this attempt at a map. If the above is correct and given the apparent size of the Eastern Reach part we could once traverse in days, it seems likely that Eora is simply smaller than Earth. If the locations are overall correct and it's about as large as Earth, the continents must actually be smaller and the water:land ratio higher than on Earth.
  20. Think of stuff like Beringa It's not impossible that the islands could've been part of a land bridge connected to the far south at some point.
  21. Have you sought him out at Hasango and the Ashen Maw? Then sail around a bit and have a chit-chat with the gods. Heck, Berath took my advice on just preferring a door next time.
  22. Debatable, since the power levels of the Chromoprismatic Quarterstaff can be upped to +2 with enchantment (equal to the blade with elemental spells then but with better penetration) while also boosting action speed. Granted, there's a +action speed sword, but with it you're just back to the same level as with the staff alone. My point being that the staff is at least *just* as good as some sort of dual-wield.
  23. Your ship was *shipwrecked*. Trying to go on land on some random beach would shipwreck it again. You need to use actual ports or natural harbors marked as such. Also, you might want to learn a bit about anger management if this made you furious.
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