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  1. And still no word from the devs on this, or at least from the QA guys... this is a major bug pretty much ruining the game for me at this point, I have stopped my playthrough completely at 50+ hours because of mainly this bug that ruins companion interactions. I was asked yesterday by someone if I could recommend PoE2 to them -- my answer, sadly, was forced to be "No, wait for a sale -- Obsidian is back to their worst days, releasing games with several major bugs in them, one of which is an almost entirely broken companion interaction/reputation system". They agreed with me that this is
  2. Being about 50 hours in, I sadly have to agree -- multiple companions/reputations are completely broken and thus love interests or negative results are impossible to achieve with those comps, some quests are impossible to turn in and should have auto-cancelled, items and skills are going missing, or didn't show up in the first place from the imported/created PoE1 states. It is a huge game and a daunting task to do proper QA and bughunting, but I agree completely with the OP... I'd rather have waited longer for release than now, in the middle of an exhaustive playthrough, to lose all motiva
  3. Title pretty much says it all... I freed the dragon during the Watershaper questline, the Queen didn't like it and publically insulted me, so I publically killed her, as befits her crime of insulting Death's Herald. Anyhow, killing the Queen apparently triggered the Prince going into exile or somesuch thing, but it didn't auto-fail the "The Last Sanctuary" quest, which I completed after killing the Queen and which now tells me to turn it in at the Palace, since that's where I would find the Prince. I've checked (and thus was forced to kill all guards at the palace, since they attacked
  4. Interesting... none of my companions have so far ever gotten past either -2 or +2, I've not seen any higher number on any of them, not even on the archer girl that wanted to start a relationship with me. Apparently this side of the companion system is pretty much completely broken... shame they released it in this state.
  5. The game doesn't explain this properly when an injury happens for the first time, so just to be sure: Did you guys remember to put all injured crew in the "Resting Crew"-slots of your ship? Only there will they receive healing! So it really doesn't matter how good your surgeon is, or if you even have a surgeon at all, if you don't allow the injured crew member to rest, they will never recover and constantly be draining morale.
  6. Thanks for your input, maybe this'll help get the devs attention... shame that such things for the main companions haven't been better QA'd before release, it is frankly putting quite a big damper on my first playthrough, as Xoti is the most intriguing new companion in my opinion... but sadly she's completely broken apparently. Ever since the Adra Pillar, and her turning to the darker side of things, her character portrait showed the "I want to talk to you"-icon a number of times, but every time that happened and I then talked to her, it was just her standard dialogue and not an actual con
  7. You are correct, this is the PoE 1 loyalty/owner bonus, i.e. it is only available to accounts that have both PoE 1 and 2 registered to them. It's shown as installed for me, btw.
  8. Update: I have now deliberately tried dialogues again several times that would either irk or please Xoti in different ways, i.e. via being antireligious or by making a joke, etc pp -- none of those actions, none of my story decisions, nothing so far has led to any change to that "0" reputation level. This is a major bug for me personally, as I was looking forward to a) romancing Xoti, but more importantly b) bringing her quest chain to its final (dark) end, and I'm quite worried that this won't work without the proper reputation/affection levels. So this is potentially a plot-stopping
  9. Were they in the crate you saved, or did you save the crate, and then it appeared in the same place as the Pieces of Yenwood? I'm also experiencing this issue. I just can't seem to find the sword. A friend told me they used a save import and managed to get both of them. Only 'fix' for this I'm afraid for the rest of us is that you have to use a console command to gain the pieces. I had only the pieces of the sword in the crate that I saved, the one with "my" banner/colors on it, i.e. Caed Nua livery. No bow parts, no entire bow, just the sword in pieces, which I then had reforge
  10. I've pushed Xoti towards darkness, I forced her to suffer at the Adra pillar for the maximum amount of time, I did not take her side in her conflict with Pallegina, and on Tikawara Island, in that scene with the Koiki Thief being tied to a pillar, when Xoti said "Do something or I might...", I told her to pipe down. All in all, I have not been nice to her, yet her reputation towards me is at an even 0 and so far has never once changed... all other companions are at varying levels, it's just Xoti that doesn't change from that 0... dialogue-wise, she just recently during resting stood above
  11. Thank you, exactly what I was looking for -- well, at least one more surprise and option coming up then. =) Main story quest, or side quest though, i.e. potentially missable?
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