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  1. As a great admirer of Robin Hobb, i could't bring myself to kill the dragons. For better or worse, the world needs dragons. In case anyone missed that devilishly subtle hint. I urge you to read her books!
  2. I was also suprised with this outcome. I had thought i was doing a good thing. I guess if people live in ignorance, they wouldn't know any better.
  3. I told my dungeon keeper to "beat them off". After that they started escaping. I am not sure. The only thing i can think of is to increase security, and purchase all the extra buildings and or upgrades. Other than that... *shrugs* [Edit] As a second thought prestige also affects bad events. So having that high would also, i imagine, be helpful.
  4. I have yet to have a prisinor escape. I am up to 42 ish hours at the moment. I have always had higher security then prestige, with a current 44 security/38 Prestige. I did come across some text while talking to my gaoler, whom i visit from time to time. He informed me that my prisoner was being rather rowdy and what i planned to do about it. Naturally i said to "Beat / whip him" . That may have something to do with it. Or just some humorous text.Either way i havn't had any trouble with prisoners yet. In saying that, i think it could be a rather nice feature. If a prisinor escapes a new bounty quest to 'Hunt him down' might be an intresting feature.
  5. I have also got my confirmation email. To arrive 3-9 April. To all my Australian friends, i suspect they would all be shipped out at roughly that time.
  6. I hope that the stronghold will be constantly added with new content. New quests / events / builds would be a great way to spend time away from the main story. So much room for growth being in charge if a Stronghold. I even imagine venturing out into the wild, clearing it of creatures to set up steadings / mills / outposts . An Underground fissure or sinkhole opening from the caslte basement, perhaps when renovating. Would provide a perfect underground quest line. The endless possibilities.
  7. I like the idea of just adding on/tweeking content on the existing game rather than making a PoE2. Again its early days i could very well change my mind in the months/years to follow. The same can be said with the South Park game. Although i don't feel like it has good replay value ( first 2 gameplays were all i could handle ) I would love to see a patch of say... the kids become Police again, solving murders etc. Rather than a whole new game. Also any chance for Fallout 2.5? Yes?.. Thought i'd ask...once again.
  8. I dont mind that idea. Unlimited quivers/bolts/bag of gun pellets. With the stat boost/effect on the quivers rather than the arrows.
  9. He is alive and well, performing all over the world? Perhaps you are thinking of Bob Marley who died of cancer?
  10. I have only read 2 pages however... I don't believe this game will launch this year, and it really doesn't bother me.( Feb 6th i think you'll find =D ) Although i am fortunate in a way, that my job takes me away for weeks/months at a time. So waiting for the game to be released/patched/fixed is alot less painful than those that go home everyday. I basically just look at why i backed PoE. I backed for 1 reason , and thats to see PoE get released. So however long that takes i am happy to wait so long as it does eventually get released. All we can do is continue supporting Obsidian with our reports, tips, hints, suggestions and just wait it out. In saying that i am just about to leave for afew weeks ( although i might have access to the internet ) I will leave you with a saying from the great man Bobby Mcferrin ' Don't worry, be happy ' ku kuku
  11. Unless they greatly increase the stacks and low cost of arrows ( unlike BG that any arrow user had his entire inventory full of arrows at all times ) It does Not really bother me.
  12. I like the idea of helmets being rather useless by providing a constant small benifit like BG ( Crit block ) Then having nice bonuses from fewer and harder to obtain headware. Not too sure why but i have always seemed to profere it that way. Mabye something to do with having a greater sense of obtainment when getting stat boosts from rare/unique headware. At the end of the day you can't please everyone.
  13. Thank you for replying to the many questions Eric. We always appreciate when those involved in making the game can manage some time to reply on the forums. Your comments have answered a few questions i had, but never posted on. How the skill checks are applied in conversation in game etc. I do agree and have posted on this before that i find myself looking at what type of skill check are required in a conversation rather than what i am actually saying. As a passionate character i would choose that option without paying too great a time with what that option is actually saying to the npc. A removal or disable ability to hide the skill check options i think would be helpful in immersing myself in the game/ better roleplay with my character. One thing i absolutly loved about Fallout 2 was its diverse dialog options. To wait with anticipation how a particular npc would act/reply to the many and often humerious reply options. Being able to identify with the character on general conversation terms was usually more than enough to guess how a npc would react to the more exotic options which i think was a great way of immersion, creating a much stronger sense of empathy towards Npcs. So thats a +1 for Hiding skill checks whilst in dialog.
  14. I would have to agree with you. I have found i tend to look at the type of reputation a dialog option requires and not what i am actually saying. As you said it is more of a immersion thing. I feel i am just trying to get the best option to further my reward/gain/conversation rather then roleplay what i would really say/do for that particular character.
  15. I am under the impression that yes you would. Which i think is great. Possibly making future quests/enemies/allies/stronghold npcs etc However i would wait for someone who actually knows to reply. ( i don't know much )
  16. I am enjoying playing all characters so far, more or less. However as i tend to play ranged classes i do have to admit i am not a huge fan of the Ranger ( as i like to play the class ). The only reason being that i share the same hp Pool as my animal companian. I never relied on Animal companians before it was more of an aesthetic thing. Now however i have to worry alot more as i can get delt for alot damage now that my animal companian ( are all melee ) gets hurt in the thick of battle thus injuring myself far more than what i would expect for one who chooses a ranged class ( Typically to stay out of the main damage highway ) It's true i could use the bear companian for a better defence companian, however as it is normally a roleplaying option for myself i now cannot imagine I am the brave and mighty FitzChivalry fending off forged ones with my trusty Wolf companian Nighteyes. I also Highly recommend Robin Hobbs books. She is a fantastic Writer. I have pritty much decided i will forgo the Ranger class ( and its bonuses ) to make a ranged Rouge ( suffering alittle ) purely because the animal companian is forced to fight alongside me.
  17. The Guildmasters staff is the only thing i can think of at the moment . The Ogres cave i found aswell but cannot activate it. Although i have yet to try and help the ogre so that might be a possible reward.... I did manage to aquire the Stag Helm which i rather like.. Unfortunitly its boost does not add when Angios Gambeson is equiped. I still have yet to figure out how to remove the dragon egg without breaking it. I would have thought the grappling hook would come into play. So much to do, so little time.
  18. I must admit i feel/felt that the games graphics/visual are much, much better than i had anticipated. I agree that it does't seem to show PoE in the best light from teasers i have seen. For myself personally i feel that it will age aswell as fallout 2 ( Still looks great to me regardless of advances with modern graphics ) In saying that any thought of an almost copy paste Fallout 3 based on the Fallout 1/2 model Obsidian?? No....Well... Thought i would just ask....again..
  19. Afternoon guys/gals/other Enjoy your game time, i am enjoying PoE( Regardless of it shortness ). We just have to remember that it is in Backer-Beta so a decent amount of ironing out is still needed. All i suggest is Save often on your first run through to help with the glitches. Apart from that have fun, and post as many suggestions as you can think of for possible improvements/glitches. Don't forget to save your money for that perdy looking Stronghold!!
  20. I would much rather being able to label my saved games, however saved by most to least recent would be my second choice.
  21. Good to know aswell. I had tried everything i could think of for this quest. At least the quest reward will still be a mystery until the release date.
  22. Kickstarter possibility for New Fallout game based on 1 & 2 style? I would break legs for a chance for another classic Fallout game ; ) ( good clean breaks... i'm not without a heart )
  23. Very nice post Nip, certainly some points to ponder on. I had never thought of seeking to reproduce an error before reporting. So thank you for that tip.
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