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  1. I disagree. Action speed should speed up recovery by the same amount. If the tooltip says I move 33% faster, then I should also recover 33% faster; there is nothing in the game suggesting that recovery should be benefiting less from the bonus than anything else. The only reason is that the game has unnecessarily byzantine formulas. That makes no sense. You do recover 33% faster. Speed and time are different. A 33% increase in speed leads to a 25% reduction in time taken, that's just maths.
  2. That's perfect! Thanks. Finally Pallegina looks right again.
  3. Could anyone make some watercolour versions of these portraits for Pallegina? I don't like her default PoE2 portrait, it doesn't fit her model, but I also don't like that 4chan version because it's too blandly beautiful. Large aspect ratio: Small aspect ratio:
  4. This was happening to me when the giant News window was introduced. I'd click on the Obsidian intro screen to try to skip it, and end up clicking on the News window link and it'd open my browser to the Obsidian website.
  5. They fight if they're needed to give you extra combatants because the other ship has ludicrous numbers of enemies that exceeds you + your companions. If our entire crew was involved in every fight we'd probably steamroll everyone.
  6. Sure, here's the autosave from after I appeared in the cabin. I was wrong, I did have proficiencies, but they weren't the ones I chose (I chose Sword and Pistol). https://nofile.io/f/vSP9sfEW8kS/Aine+ix+Astraios+(d8b26c42-c1e0-4738-a77b-2c4d030ddfd1)+autosave_0.savegame
  7. This happened to me as well. I tried to create a Cipher/Rogue and when I came to in the ship, I was a single-class Fighter with no proficiencies and my only ability was Knock Down.
  8. What? Shouldn't this be the other way around? I think she wants to blow it up?
  9. This always used to happen, AFAIK. The game gives you a certain number of allies based on the size of the ships or the number of enemies or something. It prioritises companions over crew.
  10. My best guess is that before the Engwithans messed with it, there was a natural reincarnation cycle or sorts, but it was more like a single mass of Essence in the centre of the world that brand new souls were formed from and returned to. The Engwithans streamlined everything, made the same souls cycle continuously through their Wheel while siphoning small amounts of Essence each time to maintain the gods' power. In doing so they created the modern form of true reincarnation but also doomed the system to eventual entropic collapse.
  11. Well we're trusting them to make it more difficult. It'd be nice if it didn't take the form of over-nerfing. Everyone wants to feel powerful, not weak, but it's also better when you are fighting worthy opponents.
  12. The 2nd one was done in one of the previous portraits threads. I just searched the whole of those threads and couldn't find it. EDIT: Ok, it's actually at the beginning of this thread.
  13. I feel like Yngfrith shouldn't show up in Dunnage until you get to Modwyr final soulbound level.
  14. It's probably not optimal, but I'm planning a single-wielding Devoted/Soul Blade.
  15. You could do it for your own character but you couldn't respec companion's first picks, IIRC.
  16. I want to take control of the Principi myself. Is that possible? I don't mind if Pim is also in charge, he seemed fairly level-headed. And Falanroed is my buddy, she can rule with me.
  17. So crewmembers can only have 4 stars in total across all jobs? Is that intended? If so, that sucks, it means that some crewmembers who start with spread out stars are destined to be comparatively useless.
  18. You really sacrifice a ton of damage by going single-weapon with a Fighter/Rogue. Cleave stance gives you a Full Attack when you kill something, so by using one weapon you're practically halving the effect, not to mention all the Full Attack abilities that rogues get.
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