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  1. Probably meant to say "Priests of Gaun". Don't have screenshots, but the dagger called Lovers Embrace has a few issues, including the name. It should be "Lover's Embrace". Also the enchantments for the dagger are currently confusing. There are two for Male/Female and in the Ability text, they each mention one gender, then in the description below, they mention the opposite gender. I'll post more later, my master list of bugs is on the other computer. EDIT: Lover's Embrace enchantments Male, https://i.imgur.com/Cdqdrfg.png Female, https://i.imgur.com/EUWoUKE.png
  2. Hopefully they make some changes to this, as it's currently quite misleading. It'd be nice if the crew number listed was the number of people who spawned. Especially as only our party + 3-4 of our crew spawn (not even the whole crew). Then it would be easier to selectively pick off easy ships for loot
  3. If you screw up your game data, without backups, both Steam and GoG can repair it and download any modified or missing files.
  4. 1.9GB was likely DLC for the Critical Role. There hasn't been a major patch yet, so no patch notes. And feel free to play if you want. Just because some people have issues, doesn't mean you will. You can always use it as a chance to test out a few classes, while you're waiting for that first patch
  5. fyi neither of those links work You need an invite to the server, that's how discord works. It'll be a link like https://discord.gg/<6letter code> which allows people to join the server.
  6. Such as? Not denying it, just havent played enough to see any, only trying it this morning before heading to work. Two known ones - there's an issue with the stolen baby not transferring if you stole it but didn't finish the quest in PoE1 & Eder seems to always end up Eothasian even if he became mayor instead. https://www.reddit.com/r/projecteternity/comments/8hjtcm/anyone_else_accidentally_bring_the_baby_in_im/dylxow5/
  7. It's been known for a while now, that the savegame import would only be importing decisions you've made in the game. As a bonus, this means you can use the same savegame for multiple playthroughs with different classes
  8. Play around on easy difficulty levels, enjoy the story and have fun Don't bother reading up on builds, unless you want to play Veteran/Path of the Damned. Pick a class that interests you and just muck about with the skills.
  9. I linked and quoted the announcement whereby Obsidian says which backer tiers got the DLC for free, as opposed to having to buy the $20 extra. See my post above.
  10. Wouldn't be surprised if it isn't available for purchase from the backer portal, after release (or within a few days). At which point it'll be likely be available on Steam or GOG for purchase, instead.
  11. Keys have been available from here https://eternity.obsidian.net/account/products for a while now. You can generate a key for Steam OR GOG, but not both. If you have the Deadfire DLC, make sure you generate a key for the same platform as the main game.
  12. http://eternity.obsidian.net/news/pillars-of-eternity-ii-deadfire-post-launch-content-announced EDIT: The DLC key is generated in your Obsidian account page, much like the game itself.
  13. 1. Not likely to be anything like family or friend connections. More a case of your personal knowledge because of a Deadfire origin, may give you an extra conversation option at one point (and it may only be one option, or even none, in the entire game). 2. Apologies, it's gamecomplete.savegame and it should be with your savegames. It should be generated if you've reached the end slides, though if you haven't finished the DLC first, it may not have been generated.
  14. I made a list of ones I'm definitely interested in trying and I'll slowly work my way through it. Half a dozen different builds @ 80-100 hours per game, I should be right til Christmas
  15. Think I saw mentioned elsewhere that ~99% of choices are able to be stimulated via the World State generator thingy. It might have been in the Developer playthrough, but I'm too lazy to go back and rewatch.
  16. Yes, the MC is allowed to fall unconscious (0 hp), providing they haven't reached maximum injuries and so long as the other companions win the battle, it's all good. Thanks for the correction, I thought I saw 5 quoted elsewhere, my bad.
  17. I've previously gone to sleep at 11pm, woken up at 3-4am, started the download, gone to sleep again til 6-7am, woke up and had breakfast/got ready for work while I was playing the first part of the game. Went to work fine, came back home and played for like 6-8 hours straight. Then was a bit tired the next day at work
  18. 1. May be the odd conversation option that is linked to a Deadfire origin. But it won't be extensive. You have to remake your character from scratch anyway, as part of the introduction. 2. The import uses a .endgame savefile, generated after you finish the game (and get the slides), not a normal save file.
  19. Go to https://eternity.obsidian.net/account/products Look for "Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire - Ultimate Fig Edition" (EDIT: or similar) and click on it. If you haven't already, generate key and choose Steam. Then redeem the key on Steam. Also, if you have "Pillars of Eternity II: Downloadable Content (DLC)" in your list (if you bought the Season Pass through Obsidian), generate a key for Steam and redeem it as well.
  20. Quite possibly does. Personally I wouldn't risk it and I'll be reloading to clean saves, if I need to test something, as stated above.
  21. gotta ask but by injuries do you just mean shortened HP or is it something new that if you say break all body parts you can also perma die ?, sorry the way you explain it is making me wonder. Broken arm might be -5 Dex, Concussion might be -5 Int, etc. I'm sure someone has a list (or will have a list) of the actual injuries, but that should give you an idea. think you read what i asked wrong did not ask wound descriptions asked about perma death. If you die, you gain an injury, which will affect 1 or more stats (which may or may not include max health). You can still be revived during combat, or you'll automatically revive after combat. If you gain 5 injuries, the next time you die, it's permanent. No revival and game over if it's the Main Character. To remove one or more injuries, you have to rest. Does that help?
  22. Pretty sure the achievement ban only applies to the current game though, from the point you use "iroll20s" onwards. Save (if you can) before you choose a class, then run through and use the console to gain experience and play around with the class, for upwards of an hour. Then reload and repeat with a different class, and so on. Once you have an idea of what you want to play, reload that first save and play through without using the commands. Also, do similar with the companions, if you're not sure what class to pick. Save just before you talk to them, then use the console to gain experience and go play around with their class. Reload either to try another class for them or to continue playing your clean save with whatever you choose.
  23. The Master Below if set free, I'm interested to see if we have a reappearance. Same with Llengrath, if you didn't kill her and if there is a reappearance of Concelhaut, regardless of whether you killed him or not. Pissing off the gods would be interesting, to see how forgiving they are. Differences between Eder's endings (whether he will question the gods or not), for potential differences in dialogue. Especially with certain companions being very religious Leaving undead Raedric alive, along with the Dozens running rampart, Heritage Hill full of undead and Dyrford with the cult, as well as screwing over Stalwart. Just to see if there is mention of chaos in the rest of the world. Setting up Aloth as leader of the Leaden Key, with Eder as Anti-Leaden Key and having both in the party. ... just a few notes I've made, for potential backgrounds.
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