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  1. I'm using a Chanter as MC (if this is relevant) and this bug has appeared since the latest patch, for me. It's making it incredibly frustrating to move around.
  2. ... and you are encouraged to have your main character on drugs, for a certain class Yet accidental nudity should be patched out asap?
  3. If you don't like it, play a different way. If you want to use guns, switch to pistols and dual-wield Scordeo's Trophy and Eccea's Arcane Blaster or Thundercrack Pistol. EDIT: Likely not many people playing Rogues, turned off by the dearth of skills at P8/P9. But that's a separate discussion
  4. Personally I just took the whole bunch of them on. More fun that way EDIT: And had a few NPCs help out, which was amusing. Unfortunately they survived, so I couldn't loot them
  5. I'm abusing the bow while I can, with Driving Flight and Precog. I might setup her alternate as a pistol or two though, on reading this.
  6. As someone mentioned these back on the 2nd page, I figured I'd post a screenshot of the stats. Unfortunately you don't seem to be able to acquire them for yourself!
  7. It's great for dealing with those curse pillars, as she casts it from outside the range. Since it's not technically in combat either, you can chaincast them (as 0 Zeal is used for casting outside of combat).
  8. Personally, I found it fun. Been quite a few times I've just sat in that screen and blown up a ship (even if I get less loot). Do that a few times and your crew gains massive amounts of experience. Higher ranks improve things like travel speed on the world map, as well as higher chance with cannons, healing speed of injured crewmen, etc. First off, equip 4 of the basic cannons on your ship. Then in a ship battle, close to ~250m (Full speed ahead). Turn to port or starboard, doesn't matter which. Fire grape shot. This injures crew and ends up taking out sails as well. Injured crew means le
  9. Just had the game crash, exiting the Boars Area in Tikiwara. I'll try again later to see if it crashes again, I was planning on stopping afterwards for the day, anyway. Figured I'd upload the crash log in the meantime and it might help solve any issues.
  10. Update: - Can still acquire the Cornett of the Waves from Takano (yay something right) and you can even show him the Cornett of the Depths if you want. - Once you talk to Dereo after finding the mosaic, there's nothing about showing him either of the Cornetts, just reporting the mosaic. At which point, the quest is done and dusted. - You seem to be automatically flagged as friendly with the Undercroft peeps, once you pickup Cornett of the Depths. This also impacts the following quests (to one degree or another, as once you're in the Old City, you're forced to leave via the Undercrof
  11. Personally I'm running pure Ranger, but then I tend to play her more as ranged backup for my Rogue/Monk. There is a complete dearth of skills to pick at a later Power Level though. Power Level 1 Abilities: Marked Prey, Wounding Shot Passives: Merciless Companion, Vicious Companion. Optional: Resilient Companion. Power Level 2 Abilities: Heal Companion. Passives: Gunner, Marksman. Power Level 3 Abilities: Marked for the Hunt, Hobbling Shot. Optional: Evasive Roll, Revive Companion. Passives: Predator's Sense. Power Level 4 Abilities: Concussive Shot. Passives
  12. Apologies, this was meant to go into the Deadfire Technical Support forum. Could I get it moved?
  13. If you pickup this quest initially, where you have to find the Cornett of the Waves and head down into the Old City on other quests, you can find the Cornett of the Depths. This "jumps" the quest ahead and you get quest updates about stuff you've never discussed with Dereo. Especially once you find Ondra's Temple. Quest Log: https://imgur.com/a/u8iUyZT Personally, if you have the quest and haven't picked up Cornett of the Waves, I would simply add an entry of "Dereo mentioned the Cornett of the Depths was lost, maybe I should talk to him and show it to him." or similar. Then when you
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