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  1. gotta ask but by injuries do you just mean shortened HP or is it something new that if you say break all body parts you can also perma die ?, sorry the way you explain it is making me wonder. Broken arm might be -5 Dex, Concussion might be -5 Int, etc. I'm sure someone has a list (or will have a list) of the actual injuries, but that should give you an idea.
  2. This. Beta and early access will have found some bugs, but nothing compares to having ravening hordes gaining access and trying a million combinations at once. 10am PST gives them time to get into work, have their coffee and prepare themselves for the veritable flood of bug reports that come in
  3. I suspect they will scale with character level, so they will be equally strong regardless of whether you are a single class or multiclass Ranger.
  4. 36 hours of pure torture Sometimes I wish they'd release a game 48 hours early, just for the hell of it. The last few days are always painful (yes I'm impatient!).
  5. Temporal Cocoon (Wizard, + a bunch of DoTs. That one caught my eye, looking at the classes vid, as a nice way to lock up an enemy and deal some decent damage to them.
  6. I'm torn as to what I want to play first, so many options. As I like playing Rogue, I'll probably end up multiclassing Assassin. Current candidates are Shattered Pillar, Soul Blade or Sharpshooter.
  7. Follow this topic for codes: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/95782-the-deadfire-scavenger-codes-4555-found-lets-get-cosmo/
  8. For Australian Eastern Standard Time it's 3am on Wednesday. At +10GMT there's not much ahead of us. Thanks for the correction, had a long day at work
  9. 3am AEST on Wednesday, RIP :'( EDIT: Oops, random extra day popped up there.
  10. I won't be playing on the 8th, because it'll be the 9th before it is released in this timezone EDIT: Oh and to all those who are taking a day off on the 8th of May, you should have aimed for the 11th and given yourself a 3 day weekend. Also would mean you'd have a few extra days grace, in case of game breaking bugs
  11. See this post for some information regarding party assist thresholds: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/96978-deadfire-sneak-peak-with-josh-sawyer-wed-april-25th/page-2?do=findComment&comment=2000225
  12. Wouldn't be the first time I've woken up at 2-4am and started a download for a game that just released, then gone back to sleep
  13. Spiritshift Info: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/96513-spiritshift-aggregated-info/ Ranger Classes: https://i.imgur.com/o6eC3wQ.png Druid Classes: https://i.imgur.com/haPD50g.png As mentioned above, if it's still available in Deadfire, Predator's Sense (Level 3) will be triggered by the Spiritshift Boar's attack. You also have Defensive Bond and Stalker's Link (Level 5). Given that the base duration is 22 seconds per spiritshift though, you will possibly be using 2-3 forms per fight. In Pillars I usually went for Wolf as a Ranger pet, and had them engage just after my tank had collected aggro, picking off enemies from the edges. I'll probably keep similar tactics for Deadfire, so in this case I'd probably stick with Cat/Boar forms for the damage (maybe Boar first, then Cat and trigger Flurry).
  14. Skald/Shifter: Can you still cast invocations while shifted? Or are they banned? Ranger/Rogue: Does sneak attack work from range, or is it only the light melee weapons (stiletto, dagger, sword, rapier)? Also, does sneak attack stack with Crits? Thinking about Sharpshooter/Assassin here, using the increased Pen, Acc and Crit Hit chance from Assassin with increased Hit to Crit from Sharpshooter (with attacks > 4m), to score large initial strikes.
  15. Could we possibly have an official character builder, separate from the game? I remember using Gatekeeper (though it was unofficial) ages ago, to help plan my BG/IWD characters. Still have a collection of character files around somewhere, played and unplayed. Something that we could use to build a character and see how it levels up, checking damage/survivability/etc and allowing basic items* to be equipped. * While it'd be nice to check against all items in the game, there be spoilers there. A planned character we like could then be imported into a new PoE2 (as a level 1 character).
  16. I've had NPCs target party members who were on the other side of a wall and successfully hit them with ranged attacks. Was annoying, since the party members were on the other side of the wall so they weren't attacked! Tanks were in the doorway.
  17. I'd say leave the modding until after release, for that reason. There's enough bugs in the beta, without more being introduced by mods!
  18. I have fond memories of using a Mace of Disruption in BG2, against a certain annoying Demi Lich ... So I'd be quite happy with overpowered weapons (situationally or not)
  19. After playing last night for a little bit, I agree that they should stay how they are. It makes more sense to me, to have the Stamina as the main one, displayed as blood over the portrait. But I guess you will always have people who like it one way, and others who like it the other way. The only thing that confuses me somewhat (and that I think needs changing), is the section you've marked on your image as exhaustion. If the character has 100% stamina, they should not have any blood over their profile.
  20. Being a fellow Aussie (who's also waiting), you're likely to be waiting until tomorrow (in our timezone) ... so you'll just have to be patient
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