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  1. Songsmith Roska. I am having the same issue getting Roska to spawm. Never had Eder in the team past level 3. Cleared that area long time ago. Looked everywhre for Roska...
  2. Yeah I think it the cases were Mrs Webb says screw the factions I will invite you myslef should be re-assessed by the devs. It is a horrible workaround but what if you kill everyone from the two factions you are allied to too ? Then for sure all will hate you and you can get a Webb invitation.
  3. Just go into the building where you first see her and do the quest(line) for the guy in there... she will reappear and become recruitable at some point in that questline.
  4. By default, there is some sort of an 'auto-attack closest hostile with equipped weapon' AI behavior. This is not triggered at start of combat, (which is good, mind you) but only if current target dies or otherwise becomes untargetable When you start running into encounters where enemies keep using confusion/charm etc... this really becomes a pain. "AI" controlled companions can just pile on poor charmed fellow companion instead of picking a proper enemy.
  5. The characters in my team pick a hostile and auto-attack it when their original target dies or whatever. It would be nice if the list of hostiles to pick a target from did not include my charmed/confused companions. I would rather the AI controlled companion stayed idle if the only targets it could pick were temporarily hostile friendlies (or neutrals ?) I don't mind the micro-managing but preventing this is an added hassle,.. beside it is immersion breaking when the enemies are dead and 5 of the team pile one the poor companion who is temporarily hostile.
  6. I don't know if this has been answered above but you can get rid of companions thus: 1/ You can talk to them (select the speech bubble icon, in their active ability) and tell them to bugger off. You should be able to rehire them at a later stage at stronghold or the first tavern you encounter 2/ In the stronghold, once acquired, either through the stronghold interface ('H') or when leaving the stronghold map. 3/ If you hire a new companion when your party is full.
  7. After trying different things and approches to avoid the first floor getting hostile what ended up working for me was simply leaving Azo alive by chosing the "We'll see option"
  8. Here is another thread discussing same bug: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72139-possible-bug-in-sanitarium/ Consensus there is it is not supposed to happen,...
  9. Same here. Pretty bad bug I dont know if it breaks the main quest but certainly killing all those animancers and guards on the first floor that turn hostile completely screw over defiance bay rep
  10. It is all pretty much in the subject but to reporduce 1/ Place an item of food in the quickslot from the inventory menu. 2/ Exit the inventory menu and activate the food from quickslot 3/ As soon as animation starts, go back to menu, Remove food from quickslot. (You can place it in another character´s quickslot and repeat from 2/.) 4/ Any number of characters who did this will get the food buff icon but the food is still in the inventory or has passed to another character. You can literally have your cake and eat it. (I am of course aware that this was expected behaviour if one
  11. Isn't the system they have en Xenonauts equivalent to the one in PoE but less confusing. In Xenonauts, you can only heal in the field 1/2 of the damage taken, the other 1/2 damage can only be healed by resting in the base (preferably in a hospital bed). Isn't the PoE system roughly equivalent to that except with a different ratio, and unnecessarily complicating it by adding another pool ? Sorry if this has been brought up many times before, but what I am thinking about is a system with one pool only, but 20% (for example) of the damage can only be healed by resting.
  12. Well the obvious response us that not all quests are worth the same amount of xp. Some quests may only give a very small amount of XP, while others will give a lot. 1. Well I haven't seen any MMO-type quests by which you just go talk to someone in the Inn 50 feet away to finish a 'quest', or to kill 5 spiders. 2. It will all even out, even if some quests are faster than others eventually one will eventually end up doing them all. 3. Some particularly long quests can just be worth 2x or even 3x I am still not convinced we need a almost continuum of quest XP reward as it stands now
  13. Chanter Druid Priest Cipher Paladin Wizard Synergies and buffs oriented. Alternatively 6 Rangers with different pets.
  14. If it is just XP per quests why have XP at all ? Might as well get a level every N quests. Say I am level 5and I need 6 quests to get to level 6. I have done 3, I am now at 3/6. Much clearer than an obscure 5(?) digit number that just jumps ahead by 4 digit numbers increments for every quest.
  15. The 8 companions for 11 classes has been bothering me too. I was thinking keeping the 8 companions, with background etc... but maybe the player could pick between two classes when they join. Like one can be Paladin or Priest, one could be Fighter or Barbarian, Ranger or Druid and so on. I obviously don't know anything about the background stories, quests etc... but if close to 100% of it is independent of the class choice, it could be doable.
  16. Initialize engine version: 4.5.1f3 (73cd57f80e3e) GfxDevice: creating device client; threaded=1 Direct3D: Version: Direct3D 9.0c [nvd3dum.dll] Renderer: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570 Vendor: NVIDIA VRAM: 1233 MB (via DXGI) Caps: Shader=30 DepthRT=1 NativeDepth=1 NativeShadow=1 DF16=0 INTZ=1 RAWZ=0 NULL=1 RESZ=0 SlowINTZ=0 Begin MonoManager ReloadAssembly Platform assembly: D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Pillars of Eternity - Public Beta\PillarsOfEternity_Data\Managed\UnityEngine.dll (this message is harmless) Loading D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Pillars o
  17. See screenshot for respective issues. I have not looked through all the forum for these issues but I did not see them in the "known issue" thread. 1/ The circles are offset See screenshot *00001,jpg Notice that the characters are not standing inside their circles, especially noticable with the leftmost character, BB Wizard is a few feet from his. When targeting enemies, the circles are misleading, to target the enemy one needs to target their "sprite" not the circle. Also same offset is noticed with interactable objects (doors, crates) when highlighted with tab. The outli
  18. What I planned was at the first playthrough stick with an Adventurer party (custom made characters, IWD style) and leave Companions, including interactions and their side quests (?), to a second playthrough. Assuming of course, the game gets to a stage where I'd want to play through it at all
  19. Nope, you're still a big old drama queen. As is the OP in this case. Here's from another drama queen then: Between now and December they can fix bugs,.. but I doubt they can patch some fun into the combat experience. It was a tedious, frustrating clickfest and this is from someone who played the hell out of IWD2 and Fallout tactics.
  20. I am quite disppointed by the combat, this from someone who played the heck out of the Icewind Dales and Fallout:Tactics, so this should be right up my alley. Pages upon pages have been written about it, I wont rehash it here, but the bottom line is it is unfun. This masks whaterver other impressions I have.
  21. I think it is one of the best suggestions I have seen on the forum so far!
  22. Might be adding to the confusion more than anything else but what I did is hire a sixth member to the party right off the bat, before leaving the village, a "BB Chanter". Sure he is under-levelled compared to the other BBs, but that's a 20% increase in the team size.
  23. I like the PoE attribute concept, the implementation on the other hand does need tweaking and balancing... but Obsidian were the first to say that.
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