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  1. Damn ive barely lvl 5 because of work an enjoying ever minute of it..Im in the catacombs atm lvling up lol under the keep..What a month in games jees..Its been like xmas..Ive not even touched my other games that came out this month...
  2. Did you realize this was a baldurs gate type game..Its called strategy in battle my friend..Things that are done an having fun with..Sounds like you never done your homework before buying the game..
  3. Ordered the guide an guide book both on amazon both are excellent quality at least...
  4. Story is very good so far not saying spoilers but im enjoying it..Just got my keep..Its been challenging at times..Some things id change but not many..Like i said in a previous thread..Priests an druids are meant for healers..An i do miss those aspects from dnd..Some battles u can really use a healer type..Other than that 8 hours today on my day off..Im about 15 hours in..Ive yet to get to the first big city an having a ball..There is suppose to be two if i remember right..Plus ive not even gone into the big dungeon yet..Just learned about it also very interesting the dungeon how it came to be..
  5. Been playing since thursday..Ive maybe seen a few bugs here and there nothing game breaking..My dwarf was stuck in one area that was it..All i did was reload..Games fun an a masterpiece..Its one of obsidian best...Its very polished an a great system..As one poster said some players just complain to complain..Its how the game was built an the flaws your mentioning are just silly..Bashing a door is not being finished..How about putting points into mechanics to unlock the door..Its been a great game for most of us so far..
  6. Im about 10 hours in still haven't got to the main city yet lol..My party as follows Paly, ranger, monk, druid, chanter, mage..Although im hopeful to try a cleric out..Need different aoe spells for the mage..Like fireball but being im only lvl 3 atm..Its probably a higher lvl spell lol..Fights are very challenging..Very well done so far..My only gripe i miss my healer healing lol..I understand that endurance means a lot in the game though..Still healing would have been better lol..
  7. Hit the plus sign on the character on the bottom of the screen where the portrait is..
  8. Well every one who kickstarted this im sure thinks they had a say in it..It showed early on that they where listening to the community good an bad..So why yall griping we are here an are ready to go..Sit back enjoy the game today all will be forgotten once we find out, what a great game they built.. Im a part of a few kickstarter campaigns this is a good one so is star citizen..There devs talk to us on the chat forums..So its different every one..The guys over at ultima, also talk to the community..Ive seen some devs do more an some devs do less than they have here..
  9. Nicely done..Hope you guys can come up with some good paladan an fighter portraits )..Not to good at modding but im sure i can get a walk through.
  10. Obsidion thanks for bringing a great genre back from the dead..Deep in our hearts most never thought to see this day come..We shall enjoy this game for years to come..Ive no doubt that pillars will be a winner..Over the years you have brought great joy to my family an others im sure..South park had us laughing an we arent south park fans..Still it had dnd in it an we enjoyed it..Congratulation to you guys, lets rock..SIx pm cant get here soon enough for me since i have to work )..
  11. GO OBSIDIAN GO GO OBSIDIAN GO GO OBSIDIAN GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Been a long wait since the kickstarter party..Ive got to work tomorrow but its a short day around 5pm ill be home..Than off on fri..Oh the joy its like Christmas but better hehe..Pre downloaded my game np..Loving it..Reading my guide book i just got..Nicely done on the guide book guys..Well done..Its been a long time since ive had back to back great games to play..Paradox took on a winner with you guys..When we going to here about the next kickstarter so i can toss my money at yall lol..7
  12. Yup thanks devs for making another ie game..Maybe in the future they will make enough cash to start a new ip engine from scratch..Wouldnt that be awesome..It would be more ubar than biowares dragon age )..
  13. Man havent laughed so hard over a thread in a long time thanks folks lol..Hey how do we control 6 players at once..Im used to skyrim..I can only control one person at a time..
  14. Just got my book tonight the guide..Its so pretty sorry cant do picks to well lol..But also waiting since the kickstarter party lOLP
  15. Been playing elite dangerous and city skylines to pass the time..My day off this week was wed..How ever i convinced my boss to swap days an give me fri off..Ill enjoy fri playing all day..Normally ill check like people playing the game early..Im staying away from all that this time around..Godsidion is an always will be the best for rpg makers..Hopefully it will sell millions an will get a pillars 2 and 3..Right now its 2 and 3 on the top seller..Gta v is number one finally bumping off city skylines to #2 im happy for paradox as well.Proves to ea that you do things right people will buy your game..Finally we get a baldurs gate type game we all been missing for years..Thanks obsidion josh you rock de house..Go drink a few beers on thur )...
  16. What happen to the good ol days when we didnt care for such things as achievements..Enjoying a game that oblivion has made for us.Is the only joy i need this week..
  17. I know you hate rouges but whats wrong with them..Dude your missing out on there back stabbing ability..Get in the right position they get that bonus x2 that in itself is awesome..Plus they can be real good bow an arrow users..
  18. Where is the backers portal..Shouldnt it be in our email. Maybe our email on this web page??
  19. That doesnt even bother me not to take this off topic..I can ignore the reviews an the watch now things..How ever whats with the 80 dollar champion package..A bit extreme..Hope backers get what is ever in that for free..We made this happen..
  20. Thanks dude id buy two lol...Love the way it looked..Should have the group on the shirt also )
  21. When you asked this question on a pillars of eternity message board..What did u expect us to say no..Mind blowing some times hehe..Than again we are honest people right, the answer is yes if you look at angry joe an others...They give it a good call an say its worth it..The beta last update looks fantastic, thats just the beta
  22. Saw them some where think it was pax south or east..Ive ordered both books..You guys going to sell them..Got some star citizen shirts there cool..Id love a eternity tshirt..
  23. Been doing some diablo, playing cities skylines march 10th an poe march 26. also dabbling with elite dangerous for now an homeworld master edition, been also doing civ five.How ever i dabble all over i dont delete games..I keep them on a large 2 tb hard drive ive got..So i can always play any of them..Ill be sinked into poe how ever like the rest of yall..Im a old baldurs gate 2 lover of the series..Man i miss them days..
  24. Wish he would re do the movies under a different title..Such a underrated game..Still play it today some times love the game..
  25. Since i saw the part of the kickstarter campaign an the cries of green shirt girl..Ive been eagerly waiting this great game made bye my favorite devs..Why would i wait for a patch or two..Ive always been confident in obsidian the team..Even with alpha protocol, wish i wish they would revisit one day even though in my heart of hearts i know they will not..Great game with all the bugs guys, if yall havent touched it play it..Enjoyed tremendously..South park i couldnt stop laughing all the way through the end, funniest game ever i mean that with all my heart..Fallout new vegas was one of the best fallout games in a long time better than fallout 3..Now im looking forward to the return of the baldurs gate era..Ill enjoy pillars with extreme enthusiasm thank god for spell check i butchered that lol..Any how im also looking forward to that tank game there working on..Im not a big tank guy but it looks fun..Love supporting them also..WIll anticipate there next great game afterwords...Guys good job on poe so far looking forward to playing it all the way through..Love ya guys ...
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