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  1. There is a medium shield that has bashing on it as well. I don't remember where I found it, but it has Bash 1 while Larder Door has Bash 2. Also worth noting is that carnage works with bashing too.
  2. This happened to me. I noticed it on a character I sent to launch an attack. She was trying to cast a spell from stealth, but was detected before the spell completed casting, and combat began. She was rushed, but managed to complete her spell and somehow not die. I play in Fast Mode, I was in scout mode, I ambushed a group of enemies by casting a long spell, was detected half-way through the cast. Did not die in the fight. Only that character is experiencing this delay.
  3. Yeah. I just got stuck in the catacombs on trial of iron. And now we wait.
  4. With the change on launch to stalkers' link, it's not longer capable of turning the ranger tank into a decent DPS too. I did end up completeing the game on hard difficulty with a ranger using a 2H weapon (thus taking an off-tank role), but my pet was dying all the time because the AI targets the weakest opponent, which will always be the pet. Still, topped the damage chart, rarely went down, and highest crit rate too. It would likely work equally well with dual wield, possibly better.
  5. I uh... I used scrolls of paralyze and maelstrom. Paralyze -> Maelstrom (since it knocks the dragons' reflexes down to 17), thus all crits from maelstrom. Really, this combination is the ultimate cheese. Scrolls of paralyze are obscenely op.
  6. I hope that the first patch includes a nerf to scrolls of paralysis. They have a ridiculously large range, hit very frequently (I've only found two specific creatures that can resist it reliably), and has a very long duration. It's effect vs it's cost is ridiculously out of balance. My chanter can throw out screen covering paralysis fields that are superior in every way to class abilities of any kind.
  7. Haha. "Arbitrary." Yeah, like HP limits, or finite weapon damage, or Quick Item slots, etc. Why game have limits?! *puppy head-tilt* I was going to say something here too. With the health/endurance mechanic, being able to rest unrestricted completely negates any and all risk of playing the game.
  8. And have your ranged units target the one unit that you currently have engaged (you can tell by the blue/red arrows where engagement is).
  9. If you think the lion adds CC by applying fear, you're mistaken. Fear is a debuff. I don't recall off the top of my head what it debuffs, but it doesn't provide any kind of CC.
  10. I really like the idea of a tank ranger - I've long been a big fan of melee classes with pets, much more interesting fighting alongside my wolf than hiding behind him. How would I go about building one? Attributes, talents, etc. As a warning, I don't min-max, but I have experienced great success with the following build: 16 str, 8 con, 10 dex, 15 per, 14 int, 15 res. - Ranger tanks can deal damage, so they do benefit more than most tanks from str. Not only are per/int/res skills that boost defenses, but they are also conversation skills. The low con can be tricky, but with high eno
  11. It's no longer an issue. It was too complicated to make work and then balance, so it was scrapped. Now what happens is that if the pet dies, the ranger gets a combat long debuff that applies -20 accuracy, -4 resolve, and -4 something else. Might, maybe? Don't remember. And that goes visa-versa, if the ranger dies then the pet gets the debuff.
  12. Something to also note. If your chanter is tanking, then why would he be using the archery chant, as opposed to something that debuffs his foes or buffs up his own defenses? The chanter can add +10 to all defenses except deflection, heal everyone near him (like the other melee units being hit too), and can cause the enemies to do less damage, be interrupted more easily, become terrified... And there are also the level 3 chants, like the flaming weapons chant. The chanter has great value even without Ila Nocked. Paladins are good, but really passive. With a fighter and a paladi
  13. 1H style is weak overall. It MAY be awesome with certain weapons that provide on crit effects, but that's a crutch for the style as a whole, and it's not clear yet if it would be that good when compared to someone dual wielding those on crit effect weapons. But when a ranger's pet dies, they lose 20 accuracy (there are other penalties too, but the accuracy is the painful one). If they switch to a single melee weapon, they make up half of that accuracy penalty (+10 accuracy when single wielding, without requiring a talent), and then flank... they could completely negate that accuracy penalt
  14. They provide less DPS than a rogue but are sturdier. However, as a ranged unit the sturdiness isn't as valuable. They provide more ranged-only buffs than any other class, but every other class has comparable abilities that work at both range and melee. Their pet is deceptively fragile, and if it goes down the ranger's DPS plummets. Since pets have to be in melee, this is a problem that's difficult to adjust to. Rangers have a palpable lack of specialization, so even though a rogue may provide more DPS, a ranger is far sturdier. Even though the fighter is a better tank, the ranger c
  15. Just because I'm a broken record, but... Rangers also make surprisingly good tanks. Might be rough to get started as a main tank, but it is very doable. Rangers and Fighters are the only ones capable of having 4 engagement slots (pets have 2, ranger can get 2 with Hold the Line), and their defelection can easily reach 100 which is significantly high. Unlike other tanks, though, they can actually deal respectable damage compared to any other tanking class. I did a potd run with a tank ranger, and while the other tanks (both using 2H weapons) did more damage, it was only about 400-600 mo
  16. I agree with Cipher. Ciphers have damage, CC, buffs, and debuffs. And target Will (with additional +accuracy), which tends to be the weakest defense on most things. They are more specialized than wizards since wizards can switch out grimoires, but frankly the flexibility of wizard casting isn't as valuable as the reliability of cipher attacks.
  17. If ranged, you need to keep this in mind: Your pet is the window through which all your DPS will come from. If your pet dies, that window is shut, and your ranger is worthless in a DPS role. Might, Int, and Dex will be very valuable, the other stats less so. As a ranged ranger, marked prey or wounding shot depends on if you want to focus on the pet or the ranger. Focusing on the pet? Wounding shot. Wounding shot opens up hobble (allowing sneak attacks, which the pet can access) as well as applies a DoT (there is a pet talent that improves it's damage by 1.5x vs targets suffering fr
  18. Need more information. I've been one of the only advocates for the ranger, so I might be able to help you out. What's your planned role for the ranger?
  19. I am the same way, I never use consumables. I usually just sell them for money. Same with traps. But I am planning to start this game on PotD, and I really want to beat it using everything I have on hand. I am even considering iron man mode, but am really hesitant to try that before the game has been out for a few months and is then stable and more officially balanced. So, for me, that survival will likely have more use than it has in past games. I haven't used potions in the BB because I know what to expect from the BB, and plan accordingly. I never *need* consumables, or food, or any
  20. All skills, potentially. Although mechanics and stealth might be the less common two, IMO. I can see fewer situations for using those skills conversationally than compared to athletics, lore, and survival. That's pure conjecture on my part, though. Survival benefits anyone who would use a potion (and eat food? I don't recall), so it might be worth spreading around, and I doubt it would be useful at all maxed out on one character. Lore is worth being maxed out on someone for scroll purposes, but using it on your main character (unless you plan for that as being part of their combat strategy
  21. The release version will not change considerably. The best we can hope for are minor adjustments. The entire current system favours heavy specialization and greatly awards min/maxing. While I share your wishes, I say curb your enthusiasm. Nothing will change considerably in 3 days. To say that the system isn't nice to hybrid builds or utility builds is probably the understatement of the century. That being said, it's also pretty hard to fail irrevocably. Even a really bad build should be able to finish the game. I disagree. I found several stat options that I could reach in conversati
  22. It's absolutely doable. Just be aware, that if you can't rely on heals to mitigate damage, then you need to find another way to do it. Your party doesn't have a lot of CC, but you do have options for a lot of front liners. You probably want to focus less on "pile up" tactics, and more on "everyone engages someone" and then use the wizard to help your unit with the weakest defense kill their target first, and then just move down the line like that. You could also plan to utilize choke points effectively, and use wizard and druid to AoE nuke the rear. I would recommend making all
  23. There's a reason that you can't smoke e-cigs indoors in most places. People are idiots and stuck in their ways, not able to adapt easily to change. This game is leaning very heavily on IE games in design and appearance and marketing. One of the core features from that game was being able to run away. Engagement is a huge change from how IE games handled combat. Huge.
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