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  1. Also, if you're fortunate enough, entering combat will stop it and then you can turn it off.
  2. Just to add to it. I tried to create a party in the method described, by hiring a seventh adventurer. I made a rogue, dismissed BB Rogue, left and when I went back into the inn, it brought up the party management UI without my requesting it. BB Rogue was waiting in the wings, and everything looked fine. I saved and loaded after that, while still in the inn. When I loaded, my new rogue was in the inn but not in the party, and BB Rogue was back in the party. When I went to manage the party (by pressing "P"), I saw a white box in the "waiting" section that when I hovered over it, said "BB
  3. It seems that if you have the dragon's rest buff active, then eat some food, you can turn the dragon's rest buff into a permanent buff, sometimes? Alternatively, if you eat and then sleep for the dragon's rest, you get the food buffs permanently. I don't fully understand how I did it, but BB Fighter currently has base stats of: 26 str, 37 con, 10 dex, 25 per, 13 int, 11 res Also, the Ixamitl Ricepan provides +50 to con and per... pretty sure that's not right.
  4. I found the Girdle of Driving Wave, which gives me three knockdowns per rest. After several loads, I currently have the knockdown button six times. I unequipped the belt, and used the skill on three of the buttons. It still worked, but it then "greyed out" the button, and even with the belt back on it remains grey.
  5. I had this issue on a quicksave, and found my way around it, but failed to keep that save game. Sorry. Anyways... Fought the ogre, and half my party was maimed from the fight. Ran into the bug where I couldn't loot, so I quicksaved/quick loaded very quickly. I am not sure if I let my party finish their out-of-combat regen. When I loaded, my BB Wizard had 0 endurance, my other maimed companions were at full endurance. I don't remember what his health bar was. I then got the message that my party was dead, about 5 seconds after the load completed, forcing me to reload. Since I had 5 seco
  6. I was hit three times in one fight for over 100 damage each. They were crits, but that still seems excessive since my crits rarely top 40.
  7. This happens to me as well. I get the dragon egg, rest, enter the cave, kill the ogre, rest, and when I try to leave it will stop loading (but not freeze and crash) after the loading screen.
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