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  1. That would be so great. I grew up on Darklands, I SOMEHOW managed to beat it as a kid. I can't even figure out how to do that now and it's more than 20 years later. Darklands is what got me into RPGs. I used to watch my dad play it and when I wanted to play it, he said "You wouldn't like it, it involes a lot of reading." I then had to prove him wrong.
  2. It's probably a relic from before they put in magic. Most "drugs" are extremely weak.
  3. Out of context, this is a funny statement.
  4. Most crafting systems end up that way, unless they actually work on developing a real crafting and gathering system, and then it gets underutilized because that crap is boring. I -like- finding loot, and I also especially like finding rare loot with awesome stats. I like buying loot, too. The closest I've come to ever being pleasantly engaged in crafting was EQ2. Everything else, I've found crafting to be an indecypherable mess (D:OS), ridiculously OP and easy (DA:I), or useful but still optional (Witcher 2). Decide what role crafting will have in your game, and since this game doesn't
  5. Yes, you can, however I have always found that a lackluster function. My own creations could never meet the awesomeness of Flail of Ages or Short Bow of Gesen for example. I know what you mean. Crafting is a lazy option for developers to use to itemize their game. DA:I had HORRIBLE itemization, there were no special rings or amulets or even weapons, everything was weaker than what you could craft, and what you could craft just ended up being boring too, and ridiculously OP compared to loot. What you could craft was significantly better than anything you could find, and there was nothin
  6. You're right. That just boosts it at the low end. 1H style, as a talent, is worthless. The base +10 accuracy is way better than the talent.
  7. Yeah, and since that's the most powerful 1H weapon that I saw, I imagine it's going to spawn in a set location. Possibly a shop, but likely in the hands of some enemy in the main plot line. Personally, I think it is in a Celestial Thunder type location. The name is too similar to be a coincidence. Either way, it will have a set location and metaknowledge will let you plan for it in future runs. Make a rogue and give them 1H style, turning grazes into hits. Give them dirty fighting, turning hits into crits. Give them vicious fighting, further turning hits into crits. Hearth Orlan, even furt
  8. The boots don't stack with the ring, so I'd be surprised.
  9. The difference between 1H and 2H is 10 Accuracy, that's a max of +10% crit chance. One-handed style (the talent) does not grant anything to crits. The status afflictions on crits are a chance, I believe - I'm not sure what the chance is, but I can check in the editor. If there are any 1H weapons that inflict those status effects, I'm going to summon one tonight and try it. Regardless of the horrible numbers, I don't think it's going to be as good as using a 2Her with the same enchantment (or two weapons). If ACC-DEF -5 or less, you are going to have 0% chance to crit, and 0% chance
  10. Really, to me, I can see a Hearth Orlan with a 1h weapon that provides an on crit effect to be deadly. Of course, right now Hearth Orlans are bugged and crit waaaaaay more than they should, so testing it wouldn't be possible right now.
  11. I flat out disagree here. The numbers alone are enough to realize that it is signficantly outclassed by 2H and Dual Wield. On top of that - Single Weapon Style is a bad talent, as it's a random chance, it does not change the graze percent to 15 from 35. It's 20% of 35, which is 7% - but it's not equal to +7 Accuracy, because it only grants +50% damage increase, and does not reduce miss chance. Not sure what the effective accuracy equivalent would be but it would be like maybe +4 or so at ACC-DEF = 0. Two Handed Style gives a +10% damage boost all the time, providing you deal damage. Two We
  12. Frankly, I feel that 1H style is fine and well balanced, it's 1H weapons that aren't. There aren't any readily accessible powerful 1H weapons in the beta, much less any that really take advantage of it's strong point: high crit chance. Only the spear can recieve an on crit effect, and that's only if you chose the right option. It's not reliable without foreknowledge. You get a singificant boost to accuracy when wielding a single weapon, and the talent further boosts your damage by reducing your grazes. I made a 1 handed fighter with a mace that was actually pretty good. It wasn't the best
  13. Noble is one of the better ones for dual wielding, IMO. Dagger, mace, and rapier. That's 3 damage types you'd have available.
  14. There is no dodgy class. Deflection is the primary defense for avoiding damage, and it's highest with a shield. Without a shield, you'd be hard pressed to get it over 60. You might consider a monk for your class. Unarmed, they attack very quickly. But their abilities are fueled by taking damage. Rogues are extremely fragile and really should not be engaged in melee at all.
  15. BTW it's amusing how Obsidian fanboys are willing to defend PoE even in a topic where OP made a positive comment on the games design. Maybe the lesson to take here is that they aren't "fanboys", so much as they are people who have their own opinions.
  16. Yup, I did kill him and loot his corpse. I think there was someting like soul vessel but now as I search through my stash (I looted all there) I cannot find it.. Weird. I got Nridek's brain though That would do it. I reported a bug where the stash eats the soulstone if you loot with the stash.
  17. Chanter, in a weird way. They're like a Dovahkiin. They have chants that either boost themselves and their party, or do harm/debuff enemies near them, which build up into invocations. Invocations can do everything traditional magic can, but have a short range and cone targeting cursor, thus being most useful for someone in close-to-mid range. They have the most powerful summons, and can summon anything from the undead to dragons. They also have abilities to provide regeneration to their party, have the highest base deflection of any class, and have a decent accuracy rate as well. More suited f
  18. Just for theory-crafting... What if you made a DPS role 1h weapon fighter (or rogue), with a focus on crits? Weapon would be a battle axe, rapier, club, dagger, or spear. Boosting accuracy to as high as you can get it would result in more crits, so all weapons that boost accuracy are beneficial. But there are few ways to boost crit damage. Battle axes do that, and so does the Bloody Slaughter talent. The language used for talents is unclear and incosistant, but if I understand correctly, bloody slaughter should improve ALL crits, and not just crits that occur when opponent is at low en
  19. I managed to complete the beta with a party that was: Wizard, Chanter, Cipher, Druid, Paladin, Barbarian. I took Lay On Hands with the paladin, the self-heal for the barbarian, and everyone else was on their own. My paladin was either using LoH on herself or the barbarian, everyone else was charming and paralyzing, it was all about the CC game, and it really worked. Regardless of party compensation, you still need ways to counter enemy damage--healing is one way, but preventing the damage from occuring at all either through extreme DPS or heavy crowd control, works just as well. My ba
  20. The use for stealth is entirely dependent on your party style and auto pause settings. My party is 2 defense, 2 hybrid, and 2 offensive. I'm covered for a lot of contingencies regardless of initial positioning, and occasionally run into those exciting moments when I am in trouble, and have to think creatively in the moment. I save frequently, so if I encounter something I can't beat the first time, I can reload it. My auto pause is set for 3 conditions. Enemy Sighted, Combat Begins, and Hidden Item Found. My initial position is exactly what it is when the fight begins, and I plan
  21. I am still trying to decide between a melee ranger (weak) or a chanter for my first character. I really, really, like the image of the ranger, but they're just so weak that I don't know if I want my hero to be the weakest member in the party. And this class pick will partially define who I take with me the first go around. My go-to character for all RPGs is an Aragorn-esque character. Someone with a bastard sword, a round shield, chainmail and leather, and a bow. Bonus points for any game that also includes a torch that is actually effective, not just in combat but in environment. I don't
  22. The beta doesn't reveal that. It may be that there will be situations where your companions will chime in, similar to how Minsc or Jan could get you into the Asylum. However, no characters have personality other than the main character in the beta. So, we don't have examples of where this is the case.
  23. Frankly, I plan to split my character's skills between Survival, Lore, and Athletics. I will have one character each dedicated to lore/mechanics/athletics. Everyone else will split survival and athletics. Even my focused characters will take some levels in athletics, and everyone will have a dusting of stealth as well. There is value in having multiple skills, especially with your main character. However, you will no doubt benefit highly from having two characters focusing in Lore (for scrolls) and Mechanics (for disarming traps/picking locks), and atheltics (a vital skill in a game like t
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