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  1. Got to this point again. I was paying very close attention. I killed Nridek, and when I loot the soulstone with the stash, it disappears. If I loot it with a person, it goes into their inventory correctly. I have a save game sitting in front of the corpse, ready to go, but no idea where to locate my saved games on the computer.
  2. There is some discrepancy between the Nature Godlike's reported ability on character creation, and the actual ability in-game. The first screenshot is character creation, and the second is in-game.
  3. When I leveled up from 7 to 8, I also had just received a reputation bonus of 1 to Passionate. While selecting talents, I noticed that the base bonus for Faith and Conviction had gone up by +1 to Deflection and +2 to the other defenses, so it was reading +6 Deflection, and +12 Fortitude/Reflex/Will. I thought "Oh, that's cool!" However, when I completed my level up and went to check it out, I noticed that it had reverted to 5/10. As you can see, kind of, my favored disposition of Passionate is at 1, and none of the disfavored dispositions have any value.
  4. About the only issue I've encountered Lle A Rhemen has been the tipped over brazier on the otherside of the hole. It has a missing string. As far as the Skaen temple goes... only issue I have is that it's less beneficial to get the keys, because you don't get experience for unlocking the doors with keys. If you have the mechanics, it's more power-gamey to just ignore keys throughout. Other than that, it's been a very smooth experience for me.
  5. I've noticed several examples of non-damaging spells that cause an interrupt as well. I'm not too familiar with the names, but I believe the level 1 mage spell, Arkham's Dancing Lights or something, has an interrupt effect. Infact, I think Barbaric Yell has an interrupt as well. I don't think it's a bug, though.
  6. About all I would request as far as "respec" goes is an option in the menu where I can toggle it so that all new characters join the party at level 1, with enough experience to match the Watcher's level. Let me level them up, please. Maybe I want to turn Eder into a dual wielding fighter, but if the default Eder has weapon and shield talent already picked, then he's pigeonholed into a tank role. I don't mind letting them have their own ability scores that I can't change, but talents are used to define the character's role in the party, and I want control over that. Just as an example... the wiki has the stats listed for Aloth and Eder. So, when I am making my custom parties, I use their stats from the wiki. I know it's subject to change, but I want as close to a real feel as I can get.
  7. I haven't checked, but is there an option to set it to auto-slow-mode for combat? I run through the beta in fast mode, since I've seen it all already and want to get to the next level as quickly as I can, but I would not mind an auto-slow-mode when combat begins.
  8. At level 5, fighters can select a weapon specialization ability. If you don't, then at level 7 you no longer have the option to.
  9. It's hard to know without a DPS type metric. I tend to take it in advance and roll with two gunners, but I'm stuck with only one crossbow until I kill the ogre (unless I kill the orlan in the inn). So I don't have a lot of experience using them straight. But with the rifle, anything that improves that things rate of fire is worth taking IMO. I love my priest getting those crits for 100+ damage with it. I will say this, though. I absolutely notice the ranged ROF chant, and it has the same effect value.
  10. The first one is the chanter's chant count.
  11. Scroll of Paralyze. The best thing ever. They are very powerful, but we also don't know how common they will be. If they're sufficiently rare, I see no problem with it. Either they're powerful and rare, which means they're used in "oh ****!" situations, which is great IMO. If they're powerful and common, that's when it's a problem. If they're weak, regardless of rarity, then what's the point? I'm the kind of guy who rarely relies on consumables, but if I use them then I want them to have a big impact.
  12. I'd agree with perception for spotting things outside of scouting mode, but skill based when in scouting mode.
  13. 13. http://i.imgur.com/SqknTj2.jpg Riposte doesn't seem to be working as intended. In the screenshot, the wolf is targeting Fighter. RV-Rogue2 is a sword and board rogue. Every attack he makes is prefaced with (Riposte), but that is only on his regular attacks. Before this screenshot, he was engaged with beetles. His attacks were not prefaced with Riposte. It was after one beetle targeted him, and missed, that all of his attacks became Riposte, but there never was an additional Riposte attack.
  14. You sure it's perception? I can only ever find anything when I send my trapper to hunt for hidden items. My wizard has higher perception (16), but it is inevitably my trapper (12 perception) that finds everything.
  15. She's a cipher, though, not rogue. Minor Threat says that it converts 10% of hits to crit if attacking the same target as another character.
  16. Why is that tied to mechanics? I can get it for traps, maybe, but floorboards? Loose bricks? Tapestries? I think it would make more sense for hidden objects to all be tied to a variety of skills. For example: A survivalist can spot the eggs hidden in a bird's nest, or edible plants, etc. A loremaster can identify which scrolls are actually useful in a pile of paperwork, or they can recognize that the ring on that skeleton is actually valuable. A sneak recognizes that the floorboard is loose. An athlete can spot that loose brick, because they eye the wall as someone looking for the best places for foot holds. A trapmaster can spot traps. This would give more value to all skills in finding hidden objects.
  17. I noticed something with my Leadsplitter using Wild Orlan Cipher recently. She crits an absurd number of times, considering her accuracy. At a ratio of 2:1, she crits more often than she hits. Has anyone else noticed anything similar?
  18. I'd love if she could spawn more spiders, that would be more interesting.
  19. 12. This is a show stopper. The steps to reproduce this bug: Make a chanter. Set up 3 chants. Rename one of them (click on "Chant 1" in the chant UI). Activate the named chant. Save the game. Load the save. Remove all chants from the named chant, which should remove it from your UI. Do not activate a new chant. Save the game. Load the game. When you load the game, you should still have three chant modals available, including the one that you named and removed. If you right click on the one you named, it will bring up this: http://i.imgur.com/NFJTnGk.jpg It cannot be closed. If you try to load without quitting, it will still be there. If you quit and load again, it will be gone, but you still have the broken chant available. You also now have to manually activate all of your chants every time battle starts. If you open your chant menu, you will see this: http://i.imgur.com/NxXSyHL.png You cannot remove the blank phrase. Adding to it creates more blanks. Removing the phrase with an icon works, but does not resolve anything.
  20. Yeah, that fight becomes quickly impossible if you don't kill the Preacher asap. The preacher has Beloved of Spirits, which stacks each time it goes off. I had to reload that fight 20 times trying to kill that preacher in PoD. Also not 100% certain, but I think that the ancient spirits continues to work even if the chanter is defeated in the fight. The cipher enemy in that fight kept regenerating health after I killed the chanter, but no one else seemed to.
  21. I encountered it twice at once. An Ivory Spinner and a druid shapeshift.
  22. You're accessing the world map by heading out the east side, right? If you don't go east, it won't show up.
  23. 10. Paladins Flames of Devotion only seem to enhance damage by 100%, not add 100% damage as burn damage. 11. When playing with dual monitors, every time you level up the boundaries of the game are removed (ie: I can move my mouse over to the second monitor).
  24. I would love a utility talent that provides +2 skill points per level (not retroactive). That would actually be something worth considering taking from the utility side.
  25. Just something I noticed right off the bat: It says 0.0 sec instead of damage/endurance. It's an instant spell, isn't it? Regardless, when I cast the spell it passes through everyone and I do not see any overhead numbers either.
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