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  1. The chasm between Japanese devs and western ones widens every day. Hideki Kamiya would've laughed and blocked this hate-mongering tranny lunatic right away. When SJW went after Hideo Kojima over Quiet he responded with a frankly chilling remark about how they would be ashamed of themselves by the time MGSV came out and said nothing else on the matter. Why do western devs always capitulate right away whenever a professional victim comes screeching to their door?
  2. They're in the main hall, they don't actually have anything to do or say beyond one line of dialogue
  3. I thought that was it at first, but it still wouldn't show up no matter which way I left the village. It seems to have righted itself after I loaded a save from Dyrford Crossing with another character. Just really bizarre.
  4. It's definitely 435. Out of curiosity I verified the integrity of the game cache and it always comes up missing one file that will need to be reacquired, I even uninstalled and reinstalled and the problem persists. I actually did manage to get Dyrford Crossing to reappear on the map ONLY after speaking to Hendyna and getting the quest for the drake eggs. It will not appear for any other quest. I'm running on Win 7 64 bit. Output log http://www.upload.ee/files/4508084/output_log.txt.html
  5. The entire area is just completly gone from the travel map. This began to happen after I simply made a new character. Additionally, when I travelled to Stormwell Gorge I was stuck out in the middle of the water and couldn't leave. The game has also been crashing during loading screens.
  6. The same thing happened to me, but in addition, THIS happened
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