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  1. 8. Priest Spell Iconic Projection does 0 damage to enemies and 0 healing to allies. 9, Spells that replace your gear sometimes do not decay. I cast Kalakoth's Minor Blights, and ended up with an unlimited (as far as time goes) freeze blight attack. When I recast the spell, it was replaced, and then faded after time as it should have.
  2. I agree with Sensuki and think this isn't optimal on a game like this. We want to share items, if we didn't then we'd just select the item without using shift to split it.
  3. 6. Cautious Attack (talent) and Defender (fighter) cannot be used at the same time. If this is intended, then please include something to that effect in the description of either talent. 7. Adventurer's Hall paladins do not receive order based talents.
  4. I was in the gorge ruins, working on the soul spear quest. I killed the monster, and looted it with the stash like I do with all things. When I went to complete the spear, the soul stone was no where to be found. It wasn't anywhere in my stash, nor my inventory, nor the corpse. I do remember seeing the soulstone on the corpse before I looted it.
  5. In my opinion, the skill checks for traps/scrolls are too high, requiring someone to really focus down one path in order to deal with them. For example, the chain lightning traps in the Skaen temple require 10 mechanics to disarm. In order for me to disarm them, I had to focus ONLY on mechanics, saving every skill point on level up, in order to disarm them. Practically, what this means is that mechanics will always be a mule skill, something you would likely never take on your main character unless you don't care if you miss out on conversational uses for things like lore and survival. and it also cripples your character when it comes to athletics, which has become something very useful to take to some level on all characters. Scrolls face the same problem, as their lore requirement is so high that by the time your lore is high enough to use it, you probably already have a character that has been able to cast the spell in question for three levels. What is everyone else's opinion?
  6. I can confirm this too. This explains my immortality in long fights.
  7. Yeah. I had beloved of spirtis, too. That might be where it's coming from, since it keeps increasing in increments of 2.
  8. Has anyone noticed ancient memory doing way more than it should? As in like 15 - 50 per tick. THAT'S what it is! Yes, I've noticed it. It results in my guys become damn near immortal.
  9. This is kind of an issue with almost all talent and ability descriptions. I still don't know what to make of "Provides 10 endurance over 10 seconds" for one ability, and then "Provides 89.6 endurance over 10 seconds" for another. It's very inconsistent, as the 10/10 ability actually provides 10 endurance a second over 10 seconds, while the 89.6/10 ability provides 8.96 endurance every second over 10 seconds. I am hoping it is something that will be resolved when the game launches, as everything is still in a state of flux so filling out all of that information for abilities that will be tweaked would result in a waste of effort in the long term.
  10. 1. This demonstrates the glitch with having active modal abilities on multiple characters, and it also demonstrates a bug with items that grant abilities. All of those healing spells come from the Guildmaster staff. Every time I load a game, I get a new one, and they all work, and they all have their own cooldown timers. 2. I don't have a screen shot of this one, because it wouldn't help to take one. In one game, I managed to get two necklaces of fireball. These necklaces also suffer from the same bug as demonstrated in the first screenshot. In addition, though. I gave the first one to my Wizard (who at the time I am posting this has 3 fireball icons, one at 0, one at 7, and one at 8 charges), and the second one to my fighter. My fighter did not get the fireball icon. I don't know if it's because he's a fighter, but that wouldn't make sense to me if that was the case. 3. I also managed to get a pretty neat necklace for a Cipher. Talisman of the Unconquerable. When active, there is a necklace icon next to my characters portrait. There are multiple problems with this magic item. These images will be links instead of posted, as they are larger. http://i.imgur.com/R7lmrRy.jpg - I noticed the bug after it had already taken effect multiple times. Here you can see my Cipher has 26 int. http://i.imgur.com/1v3B8B9.jpg - Here my Cipher has 28 int. In both of these images, I was out of combat and thus at full Endurance, but what happened inbetween was that my Cipher dropped below 50% endurance and was SUPPOSED to lose the effect of the necklace. This did not happen. Which also lead to another bug with the item. Because the item also gives +1 focus gain, it actually ended up completely BREAKING my focus gain. My Cipher only regained focus outside of combat at this point. 4. I have not been able to narrow this down yet, but... my fighter took the weapon and shield talent, and did not gain the effect of the talent. See the following three images: http://i.imgur.com/UOUjD2W.jpg http://i.imgur.com/91EH6dn.jpg http://i.imgur.com/mYpWc0l.jpg 5. http://i.imgur.com/rLRD7ki.jpg - Here I ran into a weird glitch. I was fighting spiders in the ogre cave, it was a hectic fight, took on two full groups of spiders and was completely surrounded. I was trying to shapeshift my druid. It wasn't working, so I cast flameblade instead. Flameblade maybe worked, not sure, but she was fighting an ivory spinner hatchling. When the spider was killed, everything went spastic. The spider spawned about 20 webs at once, my combat log was flooded, and my druid spawned about 10 druid boars, but did not herself change. She just turned invisible. I finished the fight, the druid was still invisible, the boars were still there, everything else was dead. Before the fight ended, her boar shape modal was active. After the fight, her modal was still active. I saved the game and when I loaded it back up, all the boars were gone, but my druid was naked. Her shapeshift modal was still active. I entered a fight, and she immediately turned into a boar, and when the fight ended, her equipment was exactly as shown in the screenshot. The game had "resolved" it, but her regular gear was gone, and she had the shapeshift armor and weapon. I could be wrong, BUT, it may be that shapeshift wasn't responsive because she had no room in which to shapeshift, she was surrounded on all sides by allies and enemies, and when she killed the spider room freed up, and the game fired all of the shapeshifts I had been trying to trigger at once. __________________________________ The main take home from this is that loading breaks items that provide skills, and items that provide conditional buffs do not deactivate properly. I have not found the food/resting permanent buff issue that was in 397, so I am assuming that was fixed as well.
  11. Thrice She Was Wronged fires 3 attacks per unit in range. I actually made a chanter without it this last time. I missed it sorely. It really should be a higher tier invocation.
  12. I encountered a bug where a talent I took wasn't applied. I don't know what steps I took to make it happen, but I made a fighter with weapon and shield talent. He wasn't as durable as I was expecting and I then noticed that his reflection was very low. When I removed the shield, noticed it didn't change. In a different game, I made a barbarian with weapon and shield, and reflexes did change for him. I'll try to figure it out this weekend, but I wanted to put it out there incase someone else can figure it out.
  13. My initial impressions: I made a completely custom party. Sword and board ranger, sword and board paladin, dual wielding barbarian, hybrid melee/ranged chanter, ranged cipher (with blunderbuss), and ranged druid. Ranger - Felt weaker than in previous builds, surprisingly. I think the change to accuracy from perception really hurt that build, but he still had the most crits, and of all my single target killers racked up the most kills. Over all, I liked the playstyle, but my poor wolf died too easily which left him crippled more often than not. Cipher - As soon as I got Leadsplitter, it was ridiculous. Unlimited focus. I haven't really played with the class before now, so I made a lot of poor decisions for abilities. Still, I felt like there was something really OP about gaining full focus from a single attack. Paladin - Initially underwhelming, but he quickly proved to be pretty solid and durable. Low on the damage end, but I did make him out to be a tank. However, a huuuuuuuge negative is the combat only aura. When the fight begins, and my front line was rushing ahead, he was lagging behind because he was applying his aura. For a main tank, that meant he was at a significant disadvantage when compared to any other class. Druid - Only used a druid before while also have BB Priest in the party, so I never really looked at the druid's healing abilities. Found out quickly that their healing wasn't suited for a ranged role, so I made do without a real healer (aside from paladin's LOH and barbarian's defiance). Their spells are amazing, period. Chanter - Felt like it was nerfed, almost to DnD bard levels. If not for Thice She Was Wronged, I wouldn't want one anymore. His accuracy felt crippled, and he was way more fragile than he was prior. Too many things were nerfed at once, and the sum total left him in a very different position. I don't argue that the chanter should've been left untouched, but I do think it was just a little too severe a nerf in sum total. Barbarian - I wasn't impressed, but I could be. I think there's more potential in the class now; feels way less glass cannon than in previous builds, which is great for a melee class. I am planning to play with a few different barbarian builds and my next game has a 2h barbarian off-tank, and the game after that will have a barbarian main tank with a sword and board. Over all, this party was pretty durable. Paladin went down once, Barbarian, Ranger, and Chanter all went down twice. I took on about 20 skaenites back to back without breaking combat. My chanter's ancient memory ability was vital for healing, since I didn't have a healer. As far as bugs go, I did encounter a few instances where something felt really off, but I couldn't pin point it. For example, fighting the 20 skaenites... no one lost any endurance in that fight, it was bizarre. There were a few traps I triggered that seemed to do zero damage, too. I know I had a strong defensive group, but still. Also ran into graphical glitches with modal abilities. Paladin had defensive fighting and zealous focus active, while my ranger had savage blows active. Occasionally when switching between them, my ranger had messed up green outlines. I'll get screenshots and post them later.
  14. It's a lazy substitute for an economy. If a real economy was implemented, I could definitely see the value, though.
  15. At levels 3/6/9/12/15/18/etc., players get 1 additional talent to pick at level up. That'd be nice without being too OP, and would possibly lead to some utility talents being chosen.
  16. I found the Paladin to be, in general, just completely underwhelming. The problem with hybrid classes is when they're approached AS a hybrid class. They need to have one function in the party that they can provide and excell at, otherwise they're end up undefined and murky.
  17. Some of the Skaen cultists are chanters, but I've never seen them use an invocation, just chants.
  18. Mages should be like every other class as far as the threat they represent. As far as I can tell, they are. It is hard to make that switch in thinking, though. I'm so accustomed to prioritizing mages and archers, because they tend to be the classes you can't afford to ignore. In PE, they're more balanced, and the fights I've been in thus far have been based more on the whole encounter, and less on the individuals within the encounter.
  19. Am I the only one who DOESN'T mind it looking the way it does?
  20. I tried a melee mage once, trying for a spell-sword type character. It didn't go well. All the protection spells have too short a duration and take too long to cast, and only buff one aspect of the mages combat abilities, when they need multiple areas impacted for it to really be useful. Honestly, like everyone here, I've found mages to be really underwhelming. Most of their combat spells are Friendly Fire, and the ones that aren't are extremely weak, even if they're single target. Their defensive buff abilities are completely useless in practice, so it really just boils down to using your other party members to protect the mage as the mage cannot protect itself. Frankly, the best thing I've done with a mage is to focus heavily on the blasts and rods, and treat them as a ranged unit that sometimes casts spells when the situation is right. Tough creatures have the health to make some of their spells (like combusting wounds) worthwhile. To make enemy spell casters more threatening vs melee, they need some kind of blink/teleport abilities, to take advantage of disengagement. Really, all mages should have that as a 3x per-encounter ability. For example, what was the spell from DnD where the mage would create an illusion of itself and then turn invisible? More abilities like that. I'd also throw in some kind of deception ability that works like a charm, but themeatically makes the mage trade places with an enemy target, and the targeted enemy takes on the appearance of the mage and is charmed (and immobile) for x duration, the idea being that your sharpshooter would now be targeting a charmed friendly unit. In short, they need more ways to avoid and redirect damage.
  21. Beetles are absolutely an issue, but I think they are the exception, not the rule. They can burrow past the front line and do ridiculous damage while also being fairly durable against all damage types except crushing. Still, I can frequently clear every map area without having to rest. I would love to experiment with a new party, but the bugs with that prevent me from doing so. So, I have to work with what I have, and I really dislike most of the BB character builds. A melee chanter with a rogue using a blunderbuss is something I really want to try, since the frost chant applies hobble which enables sneak attack, and the blunderbuss gets off 6-8 attacks in a single shot. I also dream of a dual battle axe wielding rogue who pumps out ridiculous crit damage. I want the following party: Ranger (M), Rogue ®, Paladin (M), Druid ®, Chanter (M), Priest (M/R).
  22. As far as the accuracy issues go, it tends to be a non-issue for me. I don't look at my tanks as sources of damage, I look at them as tanks, who never get damaged while my more DPS-centric characters can take advantage of not being hit to clear the room. Everyone has a ranged weapon, so if the fighter has everyone locked down in a choke point and no one can get past him, then everyone just pew-pews away, it is still effective and the fighter does not suffer any damage. I like to minimize my time spent resting, so I rely heavily on per-encounter abilities, which means that fights tend to drag on for longer, but my time is a resource that is not limited by the game in any way.
  23. I find myself crippled whenever I don't use shields. My fighter goes down and then everyone tumbles along right after them. Utilizing the damage increase from using 2h weapons is a lot more proactive, while my play-style is more reactive. My typical setup for beta: Fighter with sword and large shield from priest, benefits from the knight weapon spec for increased accuracy and damage, and the two damage types helps in most situations (if I could re-pick talents, then he would use a mace instead). Priest uses blunderbuss and pike, and tends to be mid-range, and I often take the gunner talent. Rogue dual wields daggers (not stilettos), and goes all out offense, reckless assault, and the talent... bloody mess? I forget what it's called, it increases crit range vs low endurance target and crit multiplier. Wizard uses rod, and dangerous implements. They tend to keep these roles throughout the play through.My rogue frequently is the weak point in my party, though, and is often the only one suffering from health issues. When her health gets to the red, I switch her to the hunting bow, but it's not long after that that the rest of the party starts to suffer because she's not going around eliminating targets. If chanter: My chanter will support the rogue at range, and the adventurer I create tends to be a more dedicated off-tank, like a paladin. When rogue gets damaged and I switch her to a primarily ranged role, then chanter takes on a more melee focused one. If ranger: My ranger is the primary off-tank, and focuses on grabbing it all. Fighter and Ranger are able to lock down 6 targets, rogue can lock down 1, and priest and lock down 1 if needed. That's 8 engagement slots. My adventurer will typically be a chanter with a war bow who sits next to the wizard, using ancient memory to off-set dangerous implements. Typically, my approach to combat is to lock down engagement, and create opportunity once I see how the battle is laid out. If the rogue is engaged by more than 1, I try to free it asap, since it is not an off-tank role. When using the chanter I need a somewhat static battlefield, so the longer my people can survive the more effective the chanter will be. I like to react to the situation as opposed to meticulously plan it out and then set it into motion. It's the same results in the end, just different play styles. I don't use my fighter for DPS, that's not his role so I'm not concerned with his damage. He just has to lock down 3 targets and let me ignore him while the rest of the party cleans up.
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